What Does 'STFUATTDLAGG' Mean And Why Did Your Friend Text It To Your Mom?

Since before the internet, acronyms have existed to help explain bigger ideas, or real-world units, with a smaller, easier to understand name. Online, this saw the creation of acronyms like LOL, as well as the long for its time OMGWTFBBQ among others. However, slang has since taken a sharp turn, thanks in part to the shortening of language to get messages across tight word counts and screen space, hence the newest phrase "STFUATTDLAGG" taking TikTok by storm.

@stephaniesolloso Santa baby slower #stfuattdlagg #valid? #simm #fypcringe #teeheehee ♬ Mission Impossible Theme (Movie Trailer Mix) – Dominik Hauser

What Does "STFUATTDLAGG" Mean?

Put simply, STFUATTDLAGG is another in a long list of dirty acronyms, like LMSYCUYCDMT, LMSYDTYNIMM and DYWMTCOAEYPTYCOMF, meant for usage in Thirst Traps videos or self-reporting on Thottery. The phrase stands for "Shut The F**k Up And Take This D**k Like A Good Girl," as in it's meant to be said in full out loud towards someone you are romantically involved in, but in an aggressive context, despite its first usage coming from a female.

Zeke @ChunLiBree Sometimes I just be needing to be told STFUATTDLAGG!! *add a choke in for a little razzle dazzle 4:52 PM Jan 5, 2023 425 Views

How Is It Used?

Generally, online, the acronym is used in place of saying the whole phrase, being seen mostly as a caption on a video in which someone is either thirst trapping others by pretending to like the phrase and talking about it to be suggestive, or by someone attempting to have Rizz and talking up their game and how they are in bed.

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For more information, check out the Know Your Meme entry for STFUATTDLAGG.

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