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What Happened To 'I Ain't Fresh?' Unc? Memes Inspired By The Man Being Fit Checked At A Whataburger Explained

Kids joking about reaching Unc Status have nothing on the "I ain't fresh" Unc who became the subject of much internet chatter this past week. A group of women posted a TikTok video of them making fun of a rather snazzily dressed man in a Whataburger parking lot, and mocking him for his blue and white striped polo, starched jeans, and matching kicks to boot.

The video seemingly both enraged and amused internet users who not only saw the video as petty hating but also genuinely appreciated Unc for his fit. There's no doubt that the man now identified as Derrick Lambert did indeed have that ish on; and here's all the chatter that backed him up.

What Is The 'I Ain't Fresh?' Whataburger Unc Video?

On March 15th, TikToker @quiicb17 posted a video of a man at Whataburger who asked a group of women off-camera, "I ain't fresh?" One woman is heard replying, "At all" before she bursts into laughter.

Here's a breakdown of the man's outfit; a blue-and-white Polo Ralph Lauren shirt, extremely ironed and starched jeans, and clean blue-and-white New Balance sneakers. In his hands were two large Whataburger sodas, rounding off the casual fit.

The video showing "I ain't fresh" Unc gathered over a million plays in a week, and set of debates across TikTok and X / Twitter.

@quiicb17 🤣🤣 is bro fresh ? #dallastx #outside #fyp ♬ original sound – Quiicb

@quiicb17 Replying to @user2887894596867 ♬ original sound – Quiicb

How Did 'I Ain't Fresh? Unc Go Viral?

Various TikTokers jumped to Whataburger Unc's defense soon after the video was posted, saying that he is indeed fresh and that his outfit really was well put together. There's no doubt that Unc's sheepish "I ain't fresh" played a role in curbing favour toward him, but his great dressing sense definitely helped recruit people to his cause.

@chinaadoll8.8 #stitch with @Quiicb #outside #fyp #dallastx #polo #viralvideo #skool #unk #fresh #pimp 💯💯💯❤️❤️❤️😘😘 that man fresh #viral ♬ original sound – Chinaadoll

@anamolykb This man is fresh. Period! #fresh #poloshirt #newbalance574 #newbalance574 #whataburger #iaintfresh #sofreshandsoclean #creasedjeans #freshhaircut ♬ So Fresh, So Clean (Instrumental) – Outkast

Some internet users even tried to copy Unc's swag, but found themselves lacking. X user @SkinBonethereal's attempt to recreate the video fell flat, with others asking, "How you got on the same outfit but look worse."

How Did 'I Ain't Fresh?' Unc React To Him Going Viral?

Some people eventually found Whataburger Unc's Facebook and identified him as Derrick Lambert. The compliments began to roll in, as did more questions about how Unc found himself in a situation where he had to defend his outfit. A Twitter user shared a conversation they supposedly had with Lambert, where he describes the events that led to him being videotaped.

3:20 Instagram 8 Derrick Lambert 3:04 PM You was clean! What they look like while they were talking about you? 3:19 PM It started on the inside. Two studs and a fem girl. The one stud I got into it with for not minding her business had on some dusty a pants that was to big. No belt with her hands grabbing her crouch like she had one. She was sagging with some rainbow looking drawls on. Her her was a dirty blonde greenish looking color with a tank top on. Them fem girl stocking cap was showing with glue in her head with a South Pole look jacket on. The one recording had some Jordans on but they look kinda old and it was the same color of her jacket burgundy color. I ate the a up in the inside. I caught myself and told them they were some kids. They followed me outside still talking about my clothes so I was like I ain't fresh. They made it look like I was trying to get validation when we was going back and forth in the inside. They cut the video short to they liking Aa

For the full history of "I Ain't Fresh?" Whataburger Unc, be sure to check out Know Your Meme's encyclopedia entry for more information.

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