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"I Ain't Fresh?" Whataburger Unc

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"I Ain't Fresh?" Whataburger Unc refers to a viral video of an older Black man at a Whataburger being roasted by a group of women off-camera who are calling him "not fresh" to which he asks, "I ain't fresh?" The man, referred to online as Unc, is seen wearing a blue-and-white striped Polo Ralph Lauren shirt, blue jeans and blue-and-white New Balance sneakers while holding two large sodas. The video went viral on Twitter / X and TikTok in March 2024. Many people humorously defended the man and said that he was fresh while the women were just "hating." The man's name and identity were later revealed to be Derrick Lambert, and he responded positively to the people defending him on Facebook.


On March 15th, 2024, TikToker[1] @quiicb17 posted a video of a man at Whataburger who asked a group of women off-camera, "I ain't fresh?" One woman is heard replying, "At all." The man is seen wearing a blue-and-white striped Polo Ralph Lauren shirt, blue jeans and blue-and-white New Balance sneakers while holding two large sodas. Over six days, the video received roughly 1.1 million plays and 102,700 likes (shown below, left).

On March 16th, TikToker[2] posted an extended part two of the interaction, receiving roughly 466,300 plays and 10,400 likes in five days (shown below, right).

@quiicb17 🤣🤣 is bro fresh ? #dallastx #outside #fyp ♬ original sound – Quiicb

@quiicb17 Replying to @user2887894596867 ♬ original sound – Quiicb
I ain't fresh? I ain't fresh?
You not fresh, no.
At all. No, sir.
Sometimes you just gotta take your L, bro.


On March 19th, 2024, TikToker[3] @chinaadoll8.8 posted a stitch with the video, defending the man's attire by calling him "clean," receiving over 414,500 plays and 47,200 likes in two days (shown below, left).

On March 20th, TikToker[4] @anamolykb posted a similar video defending the man's attire, writing in her caption, "This man is fresh. Period!" gaining over 2.2 million plays and 289,900 likes in one day (shown below, right).

@chinaadoll8.8 #stitch with @Quiicb #outside #fyp #dallastx #polo #viralvideo #skool #unk #fresh #pimp 💯💯💯❤️❤️❤️😘😘 that man fresh #viral ♬ original sound – Chinaadoll

@anamolykb This man is fresh. Period! #fresh #poloshirt #newbalance574 #newbalance574 #whataburger #iaintfresh #sofreshandsoclean #creasedjeans #freshhaircut ♬ So Fresh, So Clean (Instrumental) – Outkast

On March 19th, 2024, X[5] user @JoshyBeSloshy tweeted the original video, captioning it, "Unc is fresh why they hating 🤣," receiving roughly 39 million views and 64,000 likes in two days (shown below).

Viral quotes of the video then surfaced, like one shared by X[6] user @Atom_Kane_ on March 19th who said, "kids got no respect for foundational drip," earning over 18,000 likes in two days (shown below, left).

On March 21st, 2024, X[7] user @TASH__P tweeted photos of each piece of clothing worn by the man, writing, "How I’m pulling up this summer," receiving over 48,000 likes in less than a day (shown below, right).

ANW Dr. Rizzmor SMD @Atom_Kane_ kids got no respect for foundational drip O Champagne Sloshy Unc is fresh why they hating @JoshyBeSloshy • Mar 19 0:06 9:05 PM Mar 19, 2024 676.7K Views ... TASH @TASH_P How I'm pulling up this summer • 1:20 PM Mar 21, 2024 847.8K Views N ...

The video also went viral on Instagram[8] when user @keep6ixsolid posted it as a Reel on March 20th, 2024, gaining over 20,200 likes in a day.

Derrick Lambert's Reaction

On March 20th, 2024, X[9] user @alexissTyler posted a series of screenshots from Facebook that showed a woman named Chelsea Graham and others telling Facebook[10] user Derrick Lambert that he looked fresh. X[9] user @alexissTyler captioned the screenshots, "The positive side of the internet >>>>>," receiving over 43,000 likes in a day (shown below).

lex in tx @alexissTyler The positive side of the internet >>>>> Like Comment Send Share Caylen Ransom Derrick Lambert 3h t fresh asfckkkk Like Comment Send Share TikTok dxndi Introvért Janay Derrick Lambert 4h- and yes you had that drip on 8:33 PM Mar 20, 2024 1.6M Views Like Comment ... Send Share Corrine Black ➤ Derrick Lambert 7h- ya outfit was fresh fuugg the haters you looked clean keen doing your thing

Then, later on March 20th, X[11] user @Jenlashawun tweeted a screenshot of purported messages between her and Derrick Lambert in which he described what happened before the women started recording (shown below). He described the women's clothes. In one day, the tweet received over 1,900 likes.

3:20 Instagram 8 Derrick Lambert 3:04 PM You was clean! What they look like while they were talking about you? 3:19 PM It started on the inside. Two studs and a fem girl. The one stud I got into it with for not minding her business had on some dusty ass pants that was to big. No belt with her hands grabbing her crouch like she had one. She was sagging with some rainbow looking drawls on. Her her was a dirty blonde greenish looking color with a tank top on. Them fem girl stocking cap was showing with glue in her head with a South Pole look jacket on. The one recording had some Jordans on but they look kinda old and it was the same color of her jacket burgundy color. I ate the ass up in the inside. I caught myself and told them they were some kids. They followed me outside still talking about my clothes so I was like I ain't fresh. They made it look like I was trying to get validation when we was going back and forth in the inside. They cut the video short to they liking + O Aa

Various Examples

LEH @BarackOsamaJr What size is these drinks O Champagne Sloshy Unc is fresh why they hating @JoshyBeSloshy · Mar 19 0:07 12:47 PM · Mar 20, 2024 2M Views ... BornFronto DieGrabba @throwawaypt2 Clean stripe Ralph polo, nice color way on the nb 574 and not half bad Jean stacking. He got that s--- on in a 40 year old type of way O Champagne Sloshy Unc is fresh why they hating @JoshyBeSloshy • Mar 19 0:04 1:28 PM Mar 20, 2024 317.6K Views Arlong @ramseyboltin OG said follow him on TikTok too !! 2 Derrick Lambert Follow Derrick Lambert View profile 11:59 AM Yo s--- was fresh as f--- unc f--- them weird bitches !! Where you get the baby blue new balance tho You can now message and call each other and see info like Active Status and when you've read messages. Thanks bro. A store call jd. It's a shoe store that be in the mall. @derricklambert375 on tic toc 12:16 PM Mar 20, 2024 157.4K Views Sesame Chiccen @Loccdawggg It's an age appropriate fit. He clean they just hating Champagne Sloshy Unc is fresh why they hating @JoshyBeSloshy • Mar 19 0:07 8:35 PM Mar 19, 2024 2.2M Views Corn ✩* @upblissed Subscribe ... cant even rock a causal polo wit some jeans no more its really over O Champagne Sloshy Unc is fresh why they hating @JoshyBeSloshy • Mar 19 0:07 3:04 PM Mar 21, 2024 608.9K Views -rosey ruffin. @TheDJRosey Follow Anyone who thinks the Polo Ralph Lauren brand Is not high end clothing is MENTALLY POOR.... a brand so iconic made popular to stand the test of times. In GQ fashion yet also casual and urban styles.... You n----- just wanna dress like lil yachty and gunna. S--- weird. O Champagne Sloshy Unc is fresh why they hating @JoshyBeSloshy • Mar 19 0:06 5:35 AM Mar 20, 2024 235.4K Views

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