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What Is Clean Blueberry?

For many online, reality moves too slow, and so do television and games. In order to peacefully watch an episode of Family Guy or South Park without the mind wandering and worrying, it's necessary to pull out your phone and go Subway Surfing.

On TikTok, this kind of overstimulation content has taken off recently, and one odd, surrealist mascot has emerged: the shiny bottle for Clean Drink Blueberry, a Swedish carbonated energy beverage.

What Is Clean Drink?

Clean Drink is a Swedish company producing healthy vegan energy drinks. From the beginning, Clean Drink's marketing has centered around social media: the creators were online marketers, and the company has invested heavily in esports and sponsorships of Swedish streamers. Clean Drink's presence on TikTok may be a new marketing campaign to make meme consumers aware of their brand and product. But ultimately, nobody knows. It's a mystery.

Clean Drink started appearing as an image copy-and-pasted into overstimulation memes in late January and early February of 2023. In contrast to the frenetic, constantly moving video elements of these TikTok memes, the can of Clean Drink stands still, solid, and frozen like an anchor for the viewer's eye to latch onto.

How Is It Used In Memes?

Clean Drink is sort of a random non-sequitur in these memes, but every part of these memes is a random non-sequitur. There's something bizarre and surreal about putting this energy drink that nobody's ever heard of front and center. The internet has also long been fascinated with energy drinks like Bang! and Monster, so Clean might fit into a larger tradition there.

It's also begun to be used in non-overstimulation videos, just as a sort of random sticker on the screen.

Why Do People Post Clean Drink?

People post Clean Drink because it adds something to overstimulation memes, which rapidly seem to be evolving into a whole genre that will stick around. While it may have begun simply enough with Family Guy bits and pipeline incidents, the technique of stitching together two different kinds of juxtaposed footage is now being applied to many new contexts. Clean Drink adds a third element: a static, random image.

The inclusion of Clean Drink in these overstimulation videos might also serve as a kind of ironic joke or critique of advertising. Paired with this meme, for example, where the mobile gameplay element has gaining and losing dollars as its main mechanic, the very-branded can of Clean Drink might be part of a broader critique of late capitalism.

Where Can I Buy Some Clean Drink?

Clean Drink appears to only be available in a few European countries: Sweden, Finland, and possibly Czechia. But it can also be bought online, if you're willing to pay shipping costs to transport it to wherever in the world you are.

For the full details on Clean Blueberry, be sure to check out our entry on the meme here for even more information.

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