Joe Biden's Evil Smirk

What Is Joe Biden's Evil Smirk? The President's Mischievous Smile, Explained

You might not think Joe Biden (or any President) has a lot to smile about lately, but at the end of a press conference a week ago Biden threw out a perfectly timed evil smirk that has since resounded across the internet. For some, it was evidence that Biden is some form of cartoon villain. For others, it's evidence that despite all the murmurings otherwise, the old man has still got the sauce.

ettingermentum @ettingermentum • May 31 I kinda love how much they hate each other like it's not fake at all Deus + @Dead MansRequiem May 31 LMFAAAAAAAAOOOOO000 0:13 ... 103 2.9K 91K ılı 3.1M ↑

What Is Joe Biden's Smile All About?

After Biden delivered some remarks in front of reporters about a possible peace deal between Israel and Hamas on May 31st, he turned to exit the stage. A question was shouted after him: "Donald Trump refers to himself as a 'political prisoner' and blames you directly, what's your response to that, sir?"

Biden stopped walking, turned his head deliberately to cameras, grinned broadly, and then, without a word, continued walking offstage.

How Did The Right Interpret Joe Biden's Smile?

Rightwing commentators dubbed Biden's facial expression an "evil smirk" and likened him to an evil mastermind or villain in a movie. Many conservatives have argued that Biden, or perhaps his alternative persona Dark Brandon, is behind Donald Trump's various ongoing criminal and civil trials.

Benny Johnson @bennyjohnson May 31 REPORTER: "Mr. President, can you tell us, sir, Donald Trump refers to himself as a political prisoner and blames you directly? What's your response to that sir?” BIDEN: *Evil Smirk* THE WHITE HOUSE LIVE 1:42 PM ET FOX NEWS channel 3.3K 8.1K FOX NEWS ALERT 33K ılı 3.9M

Possibly to muffle these allegations, the President has been careful not to make many public statements or comments about Trump's legal troubles. The wordless smile fits into this pattern of not saying anything and letting the trials unfold without presidential interference or commentary.

burga burganonics burgaology burgamatics @C_hoffmanni Me taking one last look at the party before leaving the gas stove on and leaving 0:01 • 3:22 PM ⚫ May 31, 2024 869.6K Views ...

How Did Biden's Own Side Interpret His Smirk?

Democrats supporting Joe Biden found his smirk hilarious, commenting on it as another example of the President's specific kind of comedic skill. Biden in the past has proven quite open to a laugh.

B.W. Carlin @BaileyCarlin ⚫ Jun 1 Joe Biden doesn't get nearly enough credit for how funny he is. That turnaround smile video is killing me 12 176 112 ill 8.7K

For the full history of Joe Biden's evil smirk, be sure to check out Know Your Meme's entry for even more information.

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