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What Is 'Skibidi Toilet' And What Song Is Used In The Videos? The Viral YouTube Shorts Series Explained

There's a new Source Filmmaker video series going viral on YouTube right now and it's pretty weird. The series, titled Skibidi Toilet, tells the story of an army of sentient toilets with men's heads coming out of them fighting for dominance against a bunch of men in suits with cameras for heads, and each video is gaining tens of millions of views. Here's what you need to know.

What Is 'Skibidi Toilet?'

Skibidi Toilet is a series of YouTube Shorts videos by YouTuber DaFuq!?Boom!. The series started in February 2023 and has since resulted in around 30 one-minute episodes making up nine "seasons," each consisting of three uploads. Each episode has been very successful, boasting tens of millions of views, some reaching hundreds of millions.

Each video depicts a race known as Skibidi Toilets waging war against people in suits with cameras for heads, known colloquially as the Camera Men. A typical episode tends to show the toilets dancing to a song and fighting against the Camera Men. Other episodes focus on the Camera Men's attempts at thwarting the toilets, sometimes staving them off for a moment but never quite stopping the hoard.

What Song Is Used In 'Skibidi Toilet?'

The Skibidi Toilet series tends to use the same song in each episode. Sometimes the song is distorted in a specific way and on the rare occasion, another song is used.

Typically, though, each episode of the series uses a remix of the songs "Dom Dom Yes Yes," which became popular as a meme on TikTok throughout 2022, and "Promiscuous" by Nelly Furtado.

How Is 'Skibidi Toilet' Used In Memes?

The popularity of Skibidi Toilet has resulted in a lot of fan content surrounding it. These include fan animations on YouTube and fan art elsewhere online, often depicting the toilets or the toilets fighting the Camera Men.

The series has also inspired mods on Garry's Mod and other games and applications featuring the toilets, including a toilet character in Garry's Mod that chases the player.


For the full history of Skibidi Toilet, be sure to check out Know Your Meme's encyclopedia entry for more information.

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