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What Is The Bing Image Creator, And How Can You Use It? The DALL-E3 Powered AI Image Creator Explained

Microsoft's Bing was a hot topic of discussion among AI enthusiasts when they dropped their seemingly unstable AI chatbot "Sydney" earlier this year. But Bing has reentered the AI race by focussing on AI art, recently releasing one of the first AI image generation software that is free to use and doesn't require waitlists or a paid membership.

Here's everything you need to know about how to sign up for Bing Image Creator, which is powered by DALL-E 3 and has rapidly become a powerhouse for meme generation across social media.

When Was Bing Image Creator First Announced?

Microsoft first floated the idea of the Bing assistant making images based on prompts back in March 2023, but the software was only released on September 29th, 2023. The software was powered by DALL-E3 and was not only free to use without a waitlist but was also capable of putting words into the image. These facets made the program so far unique in the AI image generation sphere.

X user @AImojopro posted one of the earliest looks into how the program worked, showing how it integrates into Bing and Edge.

What Were Some Of The First Viral Images Made By Bing?

Bing Image Creator reportedly could generate images unlike any other software at the time, with X user @itsPaulAI showing two sample photos that show the program's unique abilities. One image showed Spider-Man in comic book style, while another showed the Pokรฉmon Charmander in the style of an anatomy chart.

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Users continued to experiment with the new tool, with X user @Xploshi discovering another notable quality about Bing's AI Image generation tool; the program was very efficient in making letters, logos and pop culture visuals, hinting that the program was likely taking existing photos and integrates them into its images.

Xploshi @Xploshi Bing's image generation Al is creepily good at logos and branding and I'm trying to figure out what's involved in getting it to take straight up existing imagery from somewhere else and insert it into a new context Doritos 09ESE GERTTIO Doritos HETE CRE

How Can I Access Bing Image Creator?

The Bing Image Creator can be accessed for free at The software just needs a prompt from you to begin generating an image. Given the sudden rise in popularity of Bing's AI image creator, the website needs time to generate images depending on the traffic it receives.

What Are Some More Images Made Using Bing Image Creator?

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KAZ Wha Afr

For the full history of Bing Image Creator, be sure to check out Know Your Meme's encyclopedia entry for more information.

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