The Body without organs meme

What Is The 'Body Without Organs?' The Ominous-Sounding Postmodern Deleuzean Meme Explained

Philosophy memes on the internet have come a long way since Philosoraptor; the latest philosophy meme is about the body without organs. Whether it's the anarcho-primitivist musings of Ted Kaczynski or the general tilt towards nihilism, kids on the internet are now obsessed with niche postmodern philosophy a la French philosopher Gilles Deleuze.

What Is The 'Body Without Organs?'

The "body without organs," as discussed by philosopher Gilles Deleuze in The Logic of Sense (1969) and alongside Félix Guattari in Capitalism and Schizophrenia (1972), is a concept that describes the unbridled potentialities of a body that is not structured by its constitutional parts (i.e. "organs"). It's a complicated concept used to address a variety of things, from personal selfhood to concepts like money and capital.

The complexity of the concept beguiled philosophy students for decades and made the topic prime for memetic use. Most memes about the "body without organs" aren't even about what that phrase means — the jokes are about how hard it is to parse the concept's meaning.

>> Anonymous Wed Mar 22 19:12:50 2017 No.9278917 Quoted by: >>9278938 >>9279138 >>9279267 >>9280877 >>9280899 EXPLAIN DELEUZE TO ME OR I'LL F ING K LL YOU! DON'T DUMB IT DOWN INTO SOME VAGUE S ! EXPLAIN DELEUZE TO ME RIGHT NOW OR I'LL LITERALLY ING KL YOU! F WHAT THE F CK IS A BODY WITHOUT ORGANS? WHAT THE F CK ARE RHIZOMES? DON'T DUMB IT DOWN OR I'LL FI NG K.LL YOU This is how it should be done: Lodge yourself on a stratum...find an advantageous place on it, find potential movements of deterritorialization, possible lines of flight, experience them, produce flow conjugations here and there, try out continuums of intensities segment by segment... freeing the lines of flight.. bringing forth continuous intensities for a BwO (Body without Organs) * BWO*

X Usage In Memes

Memes about Deleuze-posting first gained traction on Facebook before migrating to other platforms, but they mostly remained true to the tradition of not knowing what Deleuze means.

I'd love to go back in time and blow people's minds with my incredible philosophy knowledge But what exactly is a body without organs? I don't know BER Hey fellas, I just picked up a copy of Anti-Oedipus. Can you help me understand what a "body without organs" is?

Other memes played on visual representations of the concepts, drawing on pop culture symbols like Mr. Potatohead and SpongeBob SquarePants.

Deleuzians Mr. Potato Head, who is both a potato and a body without organs Lacan -goodmin Deleuze

For the full history of the "Body Without Organs," be sure to check out Know Your Meme's encyclopedia entry for more information.

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