E-girl GG tiktok trend examples.

What Is The 'E-girl GG' Meme And Why Its Trending? Here's Why Streamers And TikTokers Are Parodying Gamers

The grip some video games might have on us can leave our whole body shaking, especially in competitive games, which can cause huge amounts of adrenaline and anxiety. If you never experienced the feeling of winning a difficult match with friends, you probably know there's a slang expression for summarizing this situation — GG.

More recently, however, some e-girls online (especially TikTok) are exploiting this feeling by posting reenactments on social media of the moment they experience a big win in a player vs. player match, known as the "E-Girl GG" trend.

If you've heard or seen this trend while browsing TikTok but are still confused, here's exactly what's going on and what this whole thing is all about.

I say go but agit was bg

What Is the E-girl GG Trend?

The E-girl GG trend consists of creators (typically e-girls) posting videos mashing buttons on a controller, mimicking facial expressions as if they're playing a challenging video game, saying the common gaming slang "GG" into a headset and then picking up a glass of water with shaky hands as if to show the adrenaline rush effect after narrowly winning the match.

Initially kicking off the whole thing, Korean TikToker @kageihina was one of the first people to post this trend back in December 2020. Curiously, it only semi-recently really went viral and picked up significant attention.



♬ オリジナル楽曲 – 景井 ひな

What Does "GG" Mean?

GG is a gaming slang term that dates back many years and simply means "Good Game," most commonly being used in competitive multiplayer games. The slang is considered a standard practice amongst some players, similar to a handshake or hug at the end of a live sporting event. It can, however, also be used more sarcastically or maliciously.

E-girls are often assimilated into the gaming community, hence the prominent increase in creators of the segment using "relatable" content and trends to engage with their audience. Thanks to some of these influencers with large followings participating in the e-girl GG trend lately, it's picked up a lot of attention, as well as people parodying it.

Popular E-girls like WaifuMia have posted videos saying "GG" alongside the trend, gaining millions of views in the process. Her post in November last year received a whopping 15.8 million plays and 577,400 likes in just a few months. Another popular TikToker by the username @sweetieline__ joined the trend around the same time, garnering 28.3 million plays and 1.9 million likes over the last few months as well.


hands shaky from carrying the team 🥱

♬ オリジナル楽曲 – 景井 ひな

@sweetieline__ Ser supp no es facil u.u) GG 🐦Tw: sweetieline__ #gamergirl #gamer #uwu #kawai ♬ オリジナル楽曲 – 景井 ひな

When some of the videos in the e-girl GG trend escaped the "audience bubble" of these creators, thousands of people unfamiliar with e-girl mannerisms described the content as "cringe" and subsequently began mocking it in humorous spoofs.

For instance, TikToker @high4fayth tried to replicate the trend in an ironic video, which garnered over 14 million plays and 2 million likes in the last two months. Another user by the handle @umbralghost_ also mocked the trend earlier this year, mimicking the earlier e-girl GG videos and racking up tens of thousands of views and likes as well.


the cringe took 20 yrs off my life. make it worth it pls

♬ original sound – High4faith

@umbralghost_ OH BROTHER!!!!!!!! #fyp #gg #meme #foryou #gamergirl #cringe #k18results ♬ original sound – Ghost

For the full details on E-Girl GG, be sure to check out our entry here for even more information.

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