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What Is The 'Grapefruit Technique' And Why Shouldn't You Try Auntie Angel's Viral 'Method'?

There are lots of secret, viral sex techniques that have come and gone over the years — The Shocker comes to mind — but perhaps none have been so audibly memorable as Angel's Grapefruit Technique. The technique and the viral video associated with it is practically geriatric in online years, but it still continues to be referenced to this day, because anyone who knows about the grapefruit technique can tell you it's permanently taking up vital brain RAM that once held the name of their first-grade teacher.

Over the years, it's become more difficult to find videos and context for the grapefruit technique, which is where we come in.

What Is 'The Grapefruit Technique?'

As explained by "Auntie Angel," aka Denise Walker, the Grapefruit Technique is a sexual favor performed on a man. The gimmick is to tie and blindfold a man to a bed, then sneak in a slice of grapefruit. His penis goes through the grapefruit slice and can act as an extension of his partner's lips. According to Angel, this is a mindblowing experience for the guy.

In May of 2014, Walker uploaded her technique to YouTube where it gained millions of views, but it's since been deleted. Luckily, the following year, YouTuber Myem posted the clip, where it's gained over 7 million views in nearly eight years (note: all these videos are NSFW, so you'll have to skedaddle over to YouTube to watch them).

Why Did The Grapefruit Technique Go Viral?

Bizarre sex techniques go viral all the time — just look at some of the trends TikTok has popularized in recent years. What makes the grapefruit technique legendary isn't so much the act itself, it's Angel's demonstration. Take a look at the key moment of the video — or rather, take a listen — and you'll probably get an idea of what cemented the grapefruit technique as a legendary internet video.

If you clicked over to YouTube to see the key moment of the video, you'll recognize that Auntie Angel's demonstration of the grapefruit technique sounds like nothing humanity has ever produced. It's like the inside of a jet engine mixed with one of those instruments a dentist uses when they're cleaning your teeth.

The moment turned an already surreal video into comedy gold, and from there, the meme spread widely.

How Has The Grapefruit Technique Been Memed?

The primary media that spawned from Angel's grapefruit technique was reaction clips, as many YouTubers jumped to record their shocked laughter when Angel really goes for it in her demonstration.

The technique was even referenced in the 2017 film Girls Trip.

Though the Grapefruit Technique isn't a popular meme nowadays, rest assured there are millions of people who will know exactly what you're talking about if you bring it up. It's an "if you know, you know" meme, even if you don't want to know.

Why Is The Grapefruit Method Resurfacing After All These Years?

As mentioned earlier, while the video is quite old by now, it's recently seen a large resurgence online as new YouTube users learn about, just as they have with similar videos and classic memes like the return of Tubgirl in recent years. In particular, TikTok users have been referencing it in droves since 2022, especially in reaction videos as people watch the clip for the first time.

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Is The Grapefruit Technique Safe?

Health experts advise against doing the grapefruit technique. For starters, if your partner is allergic to citrus, it could trigger a fatal reaction. Even without an allergy, introducing fruit into bed play could induce burning, swelling, or itching on a partner's genitalia. Also, if there's a break in the skin, getting citrus juice in there could sting like hell.

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For more information, check out the Know Your Meme entry on the grapefruit technique.

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