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What Is The 'Madison Beer BeReal' Meme? The Viral Redraw Meme Explained

Pop star Madison Beer has become the unsuspecting subject of a redraw meme thanks to a viral BeReal. The post, which shows a fan screaming at a Madison Beer performance, has been reimagined in countless ways since dropping in April and the memes are only getting more popular. Here's why.


What Is The 'Madison Beer Fan Screaming On BeReal' Meme?

At the end of April 2024, and X / Twitter user shared a screenshot from the BeReal app that shows Madison Beer performing at a concert. In the lefthand corner of the screenshot there's a blurry selfie of the BeReal user's reaction at that moment, showing them screaming with what's presumably joy over Beer's performance.

The post went viral and was reposted by numerous X users, including one who wrote, "New draw your ship prompt just dropped." Essentially, they were asking users to redraw their own interpretations of the image, replacing Beer and the fan with their beloved ship pairings.


How Is The Fan Screaming at Madison Beer Performance BeReal Used In Memes?

Just like the X user requested, the quote-reposts of the original post filled with redraws of the BeReal screenshot throughout early May. These redraws depict characters from a variety of fandoms in place of Beer and the fan. While many of the redraws feature ship pairings, others simply depict popular characters.

The memes aren't only popular on X, but they've also spread to sites like Reddit and Tumblr, becoming one of the biggest redraw formats of 2024 so far.

eal. YeeReal. D BeReal. MILU BeReal. sk

For the full history of the fan screaming at Madison Beer performance meme, be sure to check out Know Your Meme's encyclopedia entry for more information.

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