Image of a man peering under a bathroom stall from the alleged McGrady Tape

What Is The 'McGrady Tape' And Is It Real? The Blockbuster Creepypasta Explained

TikTokers love a good creepypasta, and the latest terrifying story to go around the app is called the "McGrady Tape." The story details the unsettling footage on a creepy videotape left outside of a Blockbuster back in 2001, but is there any truth to it? Here's what we know.

What Is The McGrady Tape?

At the end of March 2023, TikToker @creeptime posted a video where he shares the details of a supposedly unsolved case dating back to 2001. The story goes that in 2001, a blank VHS tape was left outside of a Blockbuster in McGrady, North Carolina. When the staff watched the tape, they found that all it contained was silent footage of someone peering under a bathroom stall for 40 minutes.

The tape was allegedly given to the police. Their dogs sniffed it and found traces of human decomposition on it. It has purportedly never been discovered who dropped off the tape. Creeptime even shows an image of the person staring up from the stall in the video, which is admittedly pretty creepy given the supposed context.

@creeptime The tape still remains in evidence all these decades later but as to who might be behind it, police have never uncovered. Whether the tape was a harmless prank or there was something more sinister going on, it’s possible we’ll never know. Stay tuned for more originals to come! ##creepy##creeptime##creepypasta##scarystory##sylasdean##foryoupage##fyp##eerie##unexplained ♬ Creepy sound and bell sound(855646) – みみさらい

Is The McGrady Tape Real?

The story of the tape has started to spread across social media since Creeptime released his video, but is it real? The probable answer is: No.

Creeptime is seemingly the first person to ever tell the story of the "McGrady Tape," meaning he probably made it up. Further, the shown image of the person staring up from under the bathroom stall is actually a screenshot from a YouTube prank video by PrankCity uploaded in 2016, where they placed a mannequin under and around bathroom stalls. At the end of the day, it's probably better that this one is fake.

For the full details on the "McGrady Tape," be sure to check out our entry on the meme here for even more information.

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