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What Is The 'Mori Calliope Horse Audio' And Is It Real Explained

Word of a lewd audio file featuring VTuber Mori Calliope is spreading online and people are thirsting for the link. We're here to tell you that the rumored Mori Calliope horse audio file exists and it's one of the most decidedly NSFW clips you could imagine. Here's why Mori Calliope fans across social media are talking (and memeing) about it.

howdy, deadbeats! i know there's been a thing going around lately about me and horses, but to that I say: don't believe everything you hear on the internet! be responsible, now! yeehaw! DAD New Win @TEMPURA PERSON

What Is The 'Mori Calliope Horse Audio?'

At the end of January 2023, a user of 4chan's /vt/ board dropped a collection of links to deepfake audio files of several famous VTubers. All of the audio files feature the VTubers performing specific adult acts on horses. One of those deepfaked VTubers is Mori Calliope.

The audio files gained viral spread on 4chan and inspired a second deepfake audio clip of Calliope with a horse, where she announces she's leaving streaming to pursue further actions with horses. From there, the audio has only continued to spread past 4chan to social media at large, inspiring everything from memes to fan art referencing the audio file.


How Is The 'Mori Calliope Horse Audio' Used In Memes?

The audio file has had a big boost in popularity throughout February and March thanks largely to memes referencing it. The majority of the memes simply reference that the audio exists and Photoshop or draw Calliope into situations with horses. One popular example takes the Peter the horse is here meme and applies it to Calliope.

Others are making fan art, both SFW and rule 34, featuring Calliope with horses. None of these memes tend to include sauce for the audio files, making them very iykyk.

Today on "things I didn't know I could draw but somehow surprised myself": Blur Blend er tip tamp 2.5 JOVE DE ca. ooo 220 c Nyantcha @ThiccWithaQ 2004 Calle horsed Restore) (1771x 1806px 300dpi 198.5%) Ironmouse 600 Jees 720 11:55 AM - Mar 16, 2023 727.3K Views 00 1200 1300 1320 ***


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reel @higashikataboys FREE LINKS TO THE AI MORI CALLIOPE SUCKING HORSE COCK AUDIO FILE 10:43 PM. Mar 3, 2023 105.1K Views 100 D-LI . il FR TH Iak AUT DS ALLE rr

For the full details on the Mori Calliope horse audio, be sure to check out our entry on the meme here for even more information.

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