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What Is The 'Pigtail Theory' And Is It Real? TikTok's Viral Hair Theory Explained

There's a new theory about hair going viral on TikTok and it's got some users very disturbed. It's called the Pigtail Theory, and it hypothesizes that wearing your hair in pigtails while at work as a server, waitress or stripper leads to much bigger tips. Here's why that might be and why some people find this theory so creepy.

@wdistmwtsmbtah ignore how the work air affected me #pigtailtheory #m #fyp #men ♬ original sound – meepcitygirl13

What Is The 'Pigtail Theory?'

The pigtail theory started to go viral on TikTok back in September 2021, when user @aliveandwellandsexy posted a video claiming she makes double her usual tips when she wears pigtails to work. The video is set to the song "Put Me in a Movie" by Lana Del Rey, specifically the lyrics "Come on, you know you like little girls."

The lyrics are fitting, as viewers flocked to the comment section claiming they've noticed the same phenomenon when they wear pigtails on the job and hypothesized that it works because pigtails make girls look younger, suggesting creepy older men tip them better because they're attracted to them.

sarah dillon = i do it because it's such an easy hairstyle when i forgot to put up my hair but i'm always getting hit on by older men and now it makes sense 2021-9-28 35.4K View more replies (6) ✓ Reply Taylor They told us to do this in Girl Scouts to sell more cookies 2021-9-27 49.7K Reply View more replies (192) ✓ this week for the first time in my life i wore pigtails and i promise you i got 10x the attention i used to.. what's wrong with this world 2021-10-5 310 View more replies (4) ✓ Reply c.herrelle NO I GET SM MORE TIPS WHEN I WEAR NO MAKEUP AND PIGTAILS BUT WHEN I WEAR MAKEUP AND MY HAIR DOWN ITS CRICKETS 2021-9-27 174 View more replies (1) Reply

How Is The 'Pigtail Theory' Used Online?

Ever since the first video about the pigtail theory went viral, TikTokers have been posting videos testing the theory for themselves. In the videos, they usually describe the theory, show themselves putting their hair in pigtails and then share the results.

Many of the videos claim that the girls did, in fact, get more tips when their hair was in pigtails. Some also claim that older men were more polite to them and "creeped on them" with the pigtails in, suggesting a disturbing trend. Now, all that's left to decide is if it's worth getting creeped on and enabling potentially predatory men in order to get more money.

@lils_yi Testing the pigtail theory #pigtailtheory #pigtailsforhyunjin #pigtails #serverlife ♬ original sound – lily

@melll_.x Gotta love old men 👎 #fyp #foryou #foryoupage #viral #pigtailtheory ♬ original sound – meepcitygirl13

@wdistmwtsmbtah ignore how the work air affected me #pigtailtheory #m #fyp #men ♬ original sound – meepcitygirl13

@just_dandyyy It does infact work #pigtailtheory #servers #trending #worklife #foryou #foryoupage #fyp #viral ♬ original sound – Michelle Hawkins

For the full details on the Pigtail Theory, be sure to check out our entry on the meme here for even more information.

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