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What Was The 'It Is Wednesday My Dudes' Meme Trend? The Weekly Budgett's Frog Meme Explained

It is Wednesday my dudes was a meme impossible to avoid in the mid-2010s. The meme, which featured a sandy-colored frog accompanied by text that announced the arrival of hump day, became a weekly posting tradition with kids online. Here's the history of the iconic image and how it entered the meme hall of fame, from Tumblr to Vine to YouTube.

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Where Did The 'It Is Wednesday My Dudes' Meme Come From?

Sometime in late December 2014, a Tumblr user by the name @kidpix2 posted an image of a frog alongside the text "It is Wednesday my dudes," and gathered over 60,000 notes. The frog was later identified to be a Budgett's frog, which is indigenous to parts of South America. Budgett's frogs are known to make good pets due to their comical appearance and intelligent behavior, and the message posted alongside the frog's image surely helped buttress the popularity of the post.

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People began posting edits of the meme to websites like iFunny soon after the popularity of the initial Tumblr post, but the piece of media that arguably further propelled the meme's virality was a Vine video from January 2015.

Viner Jimmy Here posted a video saying the iconic phrase and mimicking the Budgett's frog's scream, gathering over 15 million loops.

What Are Some Memes That Use The 'It Is Wednesday My Dudes' Image?

Memes riffing on the original "It is Wednesday my dudes" meme often rely on subverting the original joke, conducting humorous wordplay, or remixing the image with another popular meme. Some early examples of "It is Wednesday my dudes" memes include jokes about Loss, or jokes using an entirely different frog and day of the week.

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What Was The 'It Is Wednesday My Dudes' YouTube Trend?

On August 30th, 2017, YouTuber ZimoNitrome began posting videos using the Budgett's frog image and the iconic meme phrase. The channel's tradition of posting a "Wednesday My Dudes" video every Wednesday lasted for five whole years before ZimoNitrome called it quits, and resulted in some of the meme's most creative variations.

For the full history of "It is Wednesday my dudes," be sure to check out our entry on the meme here for even more information.

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