I Put The New Forgis on the Jeep meme.

What's That 'I Put The New Forgis On The Jeep' Meme Called? Here's Why This Seemingly Random Rap Lyric Has Had A Sudden Resurgence Online

Ever since the start of the year, one meme has dominated. It goes a little something like, "I Put The New Forgis on the Jeep." Don't know it? Well, the hip-hop melody is embedded into (almost) every internet enjoyers brain at this point, leading to a mass awareness of the meme it's associated with, known colloquially as Animan Studios.

The Axel in Harlem cartoon is obviously the most famous one out of the Animan lore and the Roddy Rich song that plays over it has garnered notoriety as a hood irony earworm.

"Forgis" is, of course, its own slang term. But what does it mean? And how did Mustard's song "Ballin'" become the meme anthem of early 2023? Let's explain.


Where Does 'I Put The New Forgis On The Jeep' Come From?

For those who don't know, these lyrics are from the song "Ballin'" by Mustard and Roddy Rich, who back in 2019, dropped this banger and received critical acclaim. Of course, the song's most famous lyrics nowadays are:

I put the new forgis on the Jeep.
I trap until the bloody bottoms is underneath
'Cause all my n***** got it out the streets
I keep a hundred racks inside my jeans
I remember hittin' the mall with the whole team
Now a n**** can't answer calls 'cause I'm ballin'
I was wakin' up, gettin' racks in the morning
I was broke, now I'm rich, these n***** salty

What Does 'Forgis' Mean?

The word "forgis" is an African-American Vernacular English slang term that has something to do with a Jeep, given the song's context clues. Its exact definition is an abbreviation for Forgiato Wheels — a custom wheel manufacturer based out of Los Angeles, California. The popular rim company is seen by many as a designer good and status symbol. Therefore, many rappers like to flex them.

What Is 'Animan Studios' And 'Axel In Harlem?'

This year, Roddy Rich and Mustard probably got millions of Spotify streams once their song "Ballin'" was mixed with the Animan Studios trend, which was (and still is) prevalent on TikTok, among other places where s***posters reside.

Animan Studios is an explicit cartoon studio that hood irony meme creators discovered at the end of last year. Similar to memes like Ambatukam, the gay nature of "Axel in Harlem" led to ironic exploitation.

@idc.ballss #animan #fyp #viral ♬ Animan Studio – ︎︎

For the full history of I Put The New Forgis On The Jeep, be sure to check out our entry on the meme here for even more information.

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