Cat Distribution System meaning and explainer

What's The 'Cat Distribution System?' The TikTok Theory About How Cats Choose Their Owners, Explained

Maybe unsurprisingly, cat owners are all over the internet, fostering viral cat memes and images since the dawn of the web. These chronically online cat owners have started to spread a theory, mostly on TikTok, called the Cat Distribution System, which many seem to believe in.

As stated, the theory has gone mega-viral, inspiring countless videos and internet discourse across Twitter, Reddit and elsewhere.

Curious about what the phrase means and who came up with it? Let's explain.

What Is The 'Cat Distribution System?'

The Cat Distribution System is a phrase used to describe the seemingly common occurrence of cats entering people's homes and lives unannounced and inadvertently. The concept revolves around the idea that owners do not choose their cats — instead, cats choose their owners.

This happens when a stray cat or kitten is friendly and walks up to a person outside in the real world. Thus, at that moment, the spiritual-like Cat Distribution System has come to fruition.

Who Came Up With The 'Cat Distribution System?'

The phrase seems to have been coined by a TikToker named @hermes.the.cynic in a November 2022 video. In the video, he described the process through which the "Universe" delivers kittens to you unasked.

@hermes.the.cynic Checkmate atheists #atheism #spirituality #kittensoftiktok #kitty #cats ♬ original sound – Hermes

How Has The 'Cat Distribution System' Gone Viral?

Since @hermes.the.cynic's now-famous video, people across TikTok and the rest of social media have been posting videos that seemingly prove the Cat Distribution System's validity. Most of the "evidence" is videos of stray cats and kittens approaching strangers who then post an update claiming that they fully adopted the cat after it approached them.

@janaeandjohn #7 has arrived #catdistributionsystem ♬ original sound – Janae & John

@laurensteffl Thanking the universal kitten distribution system #kittens #fyp ♬ original sound – Lauren Steffl

The spiritual nature of the system and the frequency of its occurrences has ultimately proven itself as a viable content machine. In turn, this viral buzz has made the Cat Distribution System somewhat of an urban legend, making people lean in, watch and hope that they too will one day find a cat with the help of the universe.

For the full history of the Cat Distribution System, be sure to check out Know Your Meme's encyclopedia entry for even more information.

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