The "Gas Station Pump Guy" from the "Gas Station Pump" viral video.

What's The Gas Station Pump Video? The 'Gas Station Pump Guy' And Memes Explained

A "Biden supporter" was seen sticking a gas station pump in himself this week in what's being called the Gas Station Pump video.

The shocking viral video of the man wearing an orange baseball cap is spreading on Twitter / X, Reddit and elsewhere, turning into a piece of "Don't Google" bait. Basically, internet users are seeing gas pump memes and wondering what the reference is.

Curious about where this video came from and who is the infamous Gas Station Pump Guy? Let's explain.

Where Did The 'Gas Station Pump' Video Come From?

The original video was taken somewhere in Italy. It was first posted to X, formerly Twitter, on Sunday. Unfortunately (or maybe thankfully), the original post was deleted by the author. However, memes and quotes were posted by Italian internet users before anyone else.

Bio Nature @BioNature267094 Follow .....e io che da anni mi chiedo chi è quel cretino che ha messo un avvertimento del genere.. Translated from Italian by Google .....and I've been wondering for years who that idiot is who put up such a warning.. Was this translation accurate? Give us feedback so we can improve: Bū ANOL STARE DISCOVER INSTRUCTIONS Remove Nozzle Select Fuel To Left CAUTION DO NOT INSERT IN MOUTH OR RECTUM I have no words... 1:32 PM May 12, 2024 3,402 Views

Without being too explicit, the video shows a man who, for some reason, felt the need to insert a gas pump into his rear orifice. Notably, he was enjoying this way too much. In the clip, he is called out by the person recording the video, and then puts the pump back.

What Do The 'Gas Station Pump' Memes Mean?

Since the video went viral on the American web, meme creators have been inserting gas station pumps into exploitable meme templates. For people who haven't seen the shock video, the gas station pump makes no sense.

So, from now on, when you see a picture of a gas station pump in a meme, assume that the creator is referencing this viral video.


Why Are People Calling The Gas Station Pump Guy A 'Liberal?'

A lot of American internet users who are reposting the Gas Station Pump video are calling the mystery man a "liberal." The idea that the guy is a "Biden supporter" is a trending topic.

Why? It probably has to do with the high gas prices experienced thus far during Biden's presidency. Conservatives and right-leaning pundits like to harp on the gas price statistics in their news coverage and memes.

The idea kind of falls apart, however, considering that the man is Italian where the conservative Giorgia Meloni holds office. Regardless, the American right can have this meme because, well, the video is objectively funny, as well as objectively disgusting; sometimes those traits go hand in hand.

EMOTIONS AND FEELINGS >> HAPPINESS How Liberal Men can find Happiness. @rickinbad 3,1

For the full history of the Gas Station Pump Guy, be sure to check out Know Your Meme's entry for even more information.

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