Gas Station Pump Guy viral video and meme.

Gas Station Pump Guy

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Gas Station Pump Guy, also known as Man Sticking Gas Pump Up Butt or simply The Gas Station Video, is a viral video of a man in Italy sticking the nozzle end of a gas pump into his anus at an IP gas station. The shock media quickly went viral after appearing on social media in mid-May 2024, with many people disgusted at the act as his pants were pulled down and he was masturbating at the same time. As more people watched the clip, reactions and memes to it began to spread similarly to The Horse Video, with each new meme reacting to it and thus helping it spread.


On May 12th, 2024, Italian X user @cambiacasacca[1] posted a video of a man attempting to pleasure himself while having the nozzle of a gas station pump inserted into his rear end with his left hand on the pump and his right hand touching himself. After the person recording begins to chide the old man, he can be seen quickly looking over shocked, before putting the pump back on its holder and the video ending.

X user @cambiacasacca's[1] video received an unknown amount of likes because it was later deleted by the author. However, quote retweets [2] of the video and viral replies[3][4] (example shown below) are still accessible on the platform, showing that the video was posted sometime on or before the morning of May 12th.

Bio Nature @BioNature267094 Follow .....e io che da anni mi chiedo chi รจ quel cretino che ha messo un avvertimento del genere.. Translated from Italian by Google .....and I've been wondering for years who that idiot is who put up such a warning.. Was this translation accurate? Give us feedback so we can improve: Bลซ ANOL STARE DISCOVER INSTRUCTIONS Remove Nozzle Select Fuel To Left CAUTION DO NOT INSERT IN MOUTH OR RECTUM I have no words... 1:32 PM May 12, 2024 3,402 Views



On May 13th, 2024, X user @BGateIsaPyscho[5] reposted the video, receiving over 11,000 likes in two days. The video was later QRTed by X user @hodgetwins,[6] where it quickly received over 9.3 million views in one day (censored screenshot shown below).

Hodgetwins @hodgetwins Biden supporter spotted at local gas station From Concerned Citizen 3:42 PM - May 13, 2024 9.3M Views Subscribe ...

Throughout the day and into May 14th, 2024, more users became aware of the video, with them posting their own memes and reactions to it.

For example, on May 14th, X user @grandoldmemes[7] QRTed the @Hodgetwins post with their own. In the image, a puppet of Kermit The Frog doing the Goatse pose from over a decade ago has a gas pump added to the image, mimicking the man (shown below). The meme received over 155,000 views and 3,300 likes in less than a day.


Later that same day, X user @MostlyPeacefulMemes[8] uploaded a three-panel Vince McMahon Reaction meme with different methods of insertion being shown on the left, from two and three fingers up to the gas pump nozzle, and Vince's reaction on the right, with a caption challenging the viewer to explain the meme to their normie friends (shown below). The post received over 4.4 million views and 52,000 likes in nine hours.


The video also went viral on /r/WTF when posted by Redditor[9] iron_mike_ on May 13th, 2024, gaining over 5,700 upvotes before being removed by the subreddit's moderators.

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