Metro Boomin's picture and some of his questionable tweets.

What's The 'Metro Groomin' Nickname About? Metro Boomin Grooming Allegations Explained

The Kendrick Lamar vs. Drake Feud keeps developing to new stages on the internet. In a backlash to Kendrick Lamar and Metro's diss "Like That" track accusing Drake of being a pedophile, Twitter (X) users decided to dig into old tweets between 2010 and 2014 from Metro Boomin's account in which he allegedly referenced being with underage girls and referred to himself as a "pedophile" at a grocery store.

The exposed tweets sparked the hashtag #MetroGroomin on X, leading to a series of jokes, memes putting the hip-hop producer as a groomer and turning the tides on the ongoing rappers beef.

Here's everything about the Metro Groomin nickname and the disturbing tweets posted by American hip-hop producer Metro Boomin.

What Is The Metro Groomin Hashtag About?

The hashtag #MetroGroomin was created on X shortly after producer Metro Boomin released the diss track "BBL Drizzy" on May 5th. The nickname "Metro Groomin" was coined in response to allegedly old tweets posted by Boomin between 2010 and 2014 in which he references being with underage girls, calling himself a "pedophile" at a grocery store and that he is "tweeting via web like a fucking child molester." (shown below)

← Metro Boomin @MetroBoomin Post She might be young but she ready. Follow 12:57 PM 5/31/14 From Earth 588 Reposts 908 Quotes 1.5K Likes 531 Bookmarks 27 This post has been deleted. ↑ Metro Boomin ❀ @Metro Boomin Post Walking through the grocery store with both hands in my khakis like a true p-------- tho. #NoPedo. 10:22 PM 27/10/2011 β€’ 79 Reposts 142 Quotes 145 Likes 27 ☐ This post has been deleted.

← Metro Boomin @Metro Boomin Post Follow And I'm tweeting via web like a f------ child molester <<<<< 2:52 AM 6/13/12 β€’ 54 Reposts 47 Quotes 92 Likes 24 Bookmarks 27 ↑ <] This post has been deleted.

How Are People Reacting To The Metro Boomin Grooming Allegations?

Boomin's effort to delete the old tweets late at night on May 5th only solidified the veracity of the tweets and instigated other users to spread the screenshots under the #metrogroomin hashtag. For instance, on May 7th, 2024, X user @PhxIvy posted a reaction video of a man saying "There's no was out of this one" paired with the caption "Future realizing he can’t trust Metro Boomin anymore after seeing his old tweets" (shown below).

What Was Metro Boomin's Response To The Grooming Allegations?

Although Metro Boomin has yet to officially comment on the veracity of his questionable tweets, he did tweet (since deleted) about the chatter on May 6th, explaining he was only a teenager at the time of the tweets and that's why he can't be accused of grooming young women (shown below).

Metro Boomin @MetroBoomin lol I can't be a p-------- @ 15 na #nopedo 11:04 PM - 5/6/24 From Earth 5.8K Views 8 Reposts 16 Quotes 255 Likes 5 Bookmarks 23

For the full history of Metro Boomin grooming allegations, be sure to check out Know Your Meme's encyclopedia entry for more information.

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