A cropped version of a Plapjak meme and Wojak comic.

What's The 'Plapjak' Meme? The Wojak Comic Of Feels Guy And An Overweight Doomer Girl Explained

A new Wojak meme called Plapjak is flooding Twitter / X right now.

The unsavory Wojak comic series shows a male Feels guy having intercourse from behind with an overweight Doomer Girl in her room, including a wall tapestry and a pile of dirty laundry. The scene is supposed to embody a dark moment of realization, akin to the original memes that surfaced on 4chan last month.

However, where did the original Plapjak meme come from? Who coined "Plapjak" and why is the meme resonating with Twitter / X users? Let's explain.

Where Did 'Plapjak' Come From?

Last month, a slew of Wojak comics showing Feels guy having intimate relations with the pink-haired Daddy's Girl Wojak started appearing on 4chan's /r9k/ and /fit/ boards.

For instance, on /fit/ (4chan's "fitness" board) anons posted the comics in threads that started with a photo of a woman, leading with a question resembling, "Would you?" Anons posted the Feels and Daddy's Girl comics to illustrate the feeling of settling for a "mid" girl, including the wall tapestry in the background because, in memes, it's often called a "mid girl pride flag."

On /fit/, the joke usually centered on the idea that no matter how much an anon works out and looksmaxxes, they're still going to end up in a room with a wall tapestry, proving all of their hard work futile.

The abovementioned comics predate the most well-known and notorious Plapjak comic showing Feels Guy in bed with an overweight woman. The comic relies on the same premise, taking it a step further by changing the woman to be visibly overweight. The first known upload of the meme was shared on /fit/ last month.

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Who Coined 'Plapjak?'

After the abovementioned comic started circulating 4chan's imageboards, a user on /fit/ coined the term "Plapjak."

The term uses the "-jak" suffix (as in, Wojak and Soyjak), as well as the prefix "plap-" (as in, the onomatopoeia for intercourse, taken from the "Plap Plap Plap" meme and copypasta).

View Same Google ImgOps iqdb SauceNAO IMG_20240420_015711.jpg, 104KiB, 954x1092 Report Anonymous Sat 20 Apr 2024 23:47:10 No.74096144 >>74095275 THAT PPL STARE kek plapjak

All of the Plapjak memes made on 4chan have spread en masse to Twitter / X over the past month. Some X users seemingly think they're really edgy, using the crude and lewd nature of the Plapjak memes to shock their followers.

Portrayed in viral posts, X users appear to enjoy the surprisingly involved lore of the Plapjak multiverse. Plus, Wojak comics have been around for a long time, and over time, they've become increasingly absurd. The almost cryptic nature of modern, late-wave Wojaks has been a point of reference over the past year.

So, Plapjak fits perfectly into that conversation because why are they having sex now? These famously unsexy characters making unsexy love is what's driving this meme. It's burning the retinas of viewers and fueling their belief that society is collapsing.

Plus, maybe it's true that many men have been in this situation before. There's got to be some truth in this joke, or else, it wouldn't be resonating with the mainstream.

VONESSA CHOSE @VanessaChaseOG I'm told that most men have experienced this at least once. • 2:31 PM May 7, 2024 17.7M Views ...

For the full history of Plapjak, be sure to check out Know Your Meme's entry for even more information.

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