ai will smith eating spaghetti

What's Up With AI Will Smith Eating Spaghetti, And How Was It Made?

For all the talk of AI progressing too fast and potentially ruining art forever, it's important to remember AI is not "there." At least, not yet.

Case in point: this video of Will Smith eating spaghetti, generated by AI.

What Is The "AI Will Smith Eating Spaghetti" Video?

AI Will Smith eating spaghetti was created by Redditor /u/chaindrop and posted to /r/stablediffusion on March 23rd, 2023. It was created using ModelScope text2video, a program where people can feed an artificial intelligence written prompts and the AI will generate a video based on the prompt.

The Redditor behind the clip fed the AI "Will Smith eating spaghetti" and got this monstrosity wherein an ever-shifting approximation of Will Smith sort of mushes a wad of spaghetti-like gloop into his face for a minute. Four days later, the video hit Twitter thanks to @MagusWazir, and thus, a viral video was born.

How Did The Video Become A Meme?

Thanks to ModelScope's AI program being not quite "there" yet, its version of "Will Smith eating spaghetti" shot straight into the uncanny valley. With its globulous Smith huffing down wads of yellow mush, it may well be one of the most horrifying artistic depictions of "eating" every created, right up there with Saturn devouring his son.

This, of course, makes it hilarious, and people were all too eager to see how they could up the "creepy" factor. Some added music to the prompt, while others inverted it, such as one user who asked Modelscope to make "Spaghetti eating Will Smith."

How To Use Modelscope Text2Video

If you're inclined to make horrifying videos or just want to check out the AI program in its infancy, you can visit Modelscope's Text2Video page on Hugging Face. From there, it's a matter of typing in your prompt and waiting a minute to see what it is able to churn out.

Currently, the AI isn't exactly refined, which makes for extremely entertaining results, but if the speed of AI development thus far is any indication, it will get better very quickly. Maybe it will never quite reach a point where its videos are indistinguishable from actual videos humans created, but for now, its at least an AI program that is simply entertaining and not an existential threat.

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For more information, check out the Know Your Meme entry on AI Will Smith eating spaghetti.

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