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Corridor Digital "Rock, Paper Scissors" AI Anime Controversy

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Corridor Digital "Rock, Paper Scissors" AI Anime Controversy refers to the backlash and discussion of a video created by production company Corridor Digital that used AI art tools to make an animated short in the style of anime. The video went viral as some praised it for showing the potential of AI generator tools in the animation industry, but also led to notable pushback and criticism from artists and animation fans who felt it was not only low-quality but posed a threat to the livelihoods of future aspiring animators. It also renewed viral debates around whether AI-generated content was stealing or plagiarising the artwork of others through its method of training the AI with scenes from Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust.


On February 26th, 2023, the YouTube channel for Corridor Digital posted a seven-minute animated short film called "Anime Rock, Paper, Scissors" in which two characters play a comedically melodramatic game of Rock, Paper, Scissors, poking fun at tropes employed in epic anime battles. The video gained over 2.2 million views in eight days (shown below).

On their website, Corridor revealed in a making-of video that they had used AI art tools including Stable Diffusion, Dreambooth and Davinci Resolve to create the final product. The characters in the short were played by real humans and footage of their acting was then animated over using the AI in a technique similar to rotoscoping. Backgrounds were created in Unreal Engine. The AI was notably trained on the anime Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust[1] to craft the short's style.


On February 27th, 2023, Twitter user @ammaar[2] tweeted a clip from the video, praising Corridor's work. The tweet gained over 2,000 retweets, 6,000 quote-tweets and 14,000 likes in one week and led to widespread discussion of Corridor's video on the app.

Some praised what the video could mean for the potential future of animation. For example, on February 27th, Twitter user @karbon1111[3] wrote, "This is just absolutely game changing. Can produce an entire series with 1/10 the budget now. Majority entertainment decentralization coming," gaining over 16 retweets, 89 quote-tweets and 760 likes in one week (shown below, top). On March 5th, user @denteb01[4] said it could help small creators who couldn't afford large animation teams (shown below, bottom).

Karbon @karbon1111 Replying to @ammaar and @CorridorDigital This is just absolutely game changing. Can produce an entire series with 1/10 the budget now. Majority entertainment decentralization coming 10:36 AM. Feb 27, 2023 394.7K Views

brian johnson_game dev @denteb01 : Replying to @ammaar and @CorridorDigital Its not perfect but This is some incredible progress on the program, this will definitely help small creators like myself and other small indie studios who can't afford hand drawn expensive animation this is a game changer congratulations guys 12:08 AM. Mar 5, 2023 122 Views

Many criticized Corridor's video from multiple angles. Some of them felt the video itself looked low-quality, pointing out inconsistencies with lighting, color and character. For example, on March 1st, 2023, Twitter user @_emma__marie_ pointed out a scene in which a character's eye color kept changing over mere seconds (shown below, top). In a lengthy thread criticizing the work on March 2nd, user @TinyDragon_Art[5] pointed out multiple instances in which the AI had made basic animation mistakes (example shown below, bottom).

Shoulder Mounted Idiot @TinyDragon_Art : "How does using Al make it lose artistic sense or taste?" It can't even draw a fist or an eye right except on accident. You expect us to believe it can tackle themes, easter eggs, meaningful composition, what fans are and how to service them? 12:42 PM. Mar 2, 2023 2,169 Views

On March 3rd, YouTuber Geoff Thew posted a video criticizing Corridor's animation and the implications surrounding it, gaining over 412,000 views in three days (shown below). Among the many criticisms, Thew noted that if AI tools were adopted by major animation studios looking to cut corners, it would stifle the careers of future aspiring animators and threaten the jobs of already existing animators, all while putting together a perceivably soulless, unoriginal product, as AI creates from pre-existing data rather than new ideas.

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Ten Shadows
Ten Shadows

This is not going to lead to "decentralization" or "democratization" of anything. It's just going to lead to big corpos getting to spend even less on their products. And the products will look uglier.

Same thing as with CGI and bean-mouths. Only instead of paying less to artists, now you won't be needing artists at all.

Great job, science.


While not the most offensive use of AI i've seen, corridor digital is not a small company. Did they get permission from Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust's studio to do this? If not, there's a stronge case for copywrite infringement. I'm pro-small scale AI for uses like "Make D&D NPCs" or "Concept an OC" or "Make a reference image for a drawing" but this shit's fucking way too far out of that.

This is a big company, using another companies work, for profit.

It doesn't even look that good.


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