Chinese Panda Reaction Images and Memes Explained

What's With Those 'Chinese Panda' Memes? China's Wojak-like 'Biaoqing' Cartoons Explained

American Twitter recently discovered Chinese memes and what might be their version of Wojak characters. What's being referred to as Chinese Panda reaction images look a lot like ancient rage comics. In fact, their history is closely related to their Western, 2000s predecessors.

Over time, these reaction images that re-edit the face of a human-like panda have seen multiple evolutions, predominantly using the faces of actors and celebrities. On WeChat, Douyin and elsewhere on the Eastern web, users are familiar with their likeness. Of course, to an outsider, they look oddly absurd.

So where did these Chinese panda memes come from? What's the proper name for them and how do they relate to modern online aesthetics in the West? Let's explain.

中国战争恶魔 @thedarkprowler 当智障白人试图在 Eminem 这样的活动中说唱时,我的表情 F 1:29 AM·Mar 20, 2023127.3K Views ...

What Is The 'Chinese Panda' Meme Called?

On Chinese social media, the panda meme is referred to in Mandarin as "熊猫人表情包," which translates into English as "Panda Head." Therefore, "Panda Head" is what people over there call the meme.

Also, the meme is referred to as a "表情," which phonetically reads "biǎo qíng," but is often simplified to just one-word, "biaoqing." In English, "biaoqing" roughly translates to "facial expression." The "Panda Head" meme therefore falls under the "biaoqing" meme category in China.

The American equivalents of the "biaoqing" genre are reaction images, which are most often some kind of facial expression, ranging from crying to laughing and beyond.

Where Did The Original 'Chinese Panda' Meme Come From?

In the West, Chinese social media is almost impossible to properly navigate due to restriction firewalls that prevent outsiders from getting in. Therefore, an exact date of origin for the creation of the original "Panda Head" meme is currently unknown.

With this being said, a likely origin for the "Panda Head" meme is the Chinese website Baozou Manhua, which in English literally translates to "rage comics." Baozou Manhua was created in 2008 and (you guessed it) was inspired by American rage comics.

What the-k什么情况 老板给他来碗屎冷静- 下 反了你敢跟爸爸斗图? 开 啦! 包! 你们整天装逼 都不用干活的吗? 劳资跳起来就是一个么么哒

It's estimated that the original "Panda Head" meme was created sometime in the year 2010. This is because the panda cartoon that the meme uses is based on a television ad campaign that aired in 2010.

Oddly, the ads were not aired in China, but rather, in Egypt, made for the Egpytian cheese company Panda Cheese. In the commercials, a panda mascot would interrupt everyday happenings, and in one ad featuring a chef in a kitchen, the panda stared blankly at him, which eventually inspired the panda cartoon.

The first face that was inserted into the panda cartoon was the face of Korean movie actor Choi Sung-kook from a scene in the 2007 film Three Kims where his character was playing a young boy in Mortal Kombat.

+ 知乎 @那你撒个娇呀

Going into the 2010s and 2020s, multiple faces were added to the Panda Head meme, including American professional wrestler Elijah Samuel Burke.

eat shit 食屎啦你 (Jacky Cheung biaoqingbaos) 这肯定不是我的问题 This is definitely not my problem 0 I's not OK 我觉得不行 祝你单身 Wishing you a Be Single Get lost this way 这边滚 cry 哭 No need 不需要 10 我没事啊 I'm fine (Elijah Samuel Burke biaoqingbaos) 别看我表面害羞 脑子里想法多着呢 Don't look at my outward shyness, My head is full of plenty of thoughts I'm crying 我哭了 I'm pretending 我装的 快乐 Happy 哦?是吗?所以呢? 然后呢?后来怎么了? Oh? Is that so? So what? And then? What then? Come in and hit me, stupid 进来打我啊笨蛋

How Are 'Chinese Panda' Reaction Images Similar To 'Wojaks'?

On the Western internet, meme creators have moved away from Rage Comics and opted for the new Wojak format which started with the "I know that feel bro" meme and the "They don't know" meme.

Going into the 2020s, the Wojak cartoons became so commonplace that they became increasingly abstract, straying from their original meaning in an ironic manner. On websites like, odd Wojak cartoons were shared that felt alien to an onlooker.

Formerly Cringe @transferpeak. Jan 7 Replying to @Al_experience >You definitely need to try Al relationship! It's unforgettable experience JL 2.4M 86 harry ford enthusiast @RogerSZMODIS 1,125 10.4K 소 Replying to @transferpeak and @Al_experience bro dropped a mesopotamian old god wojak like we werent gonna notice 2:59 AM Jan 11, 2023. 75.8K Views ... Derrier expensive water

The Panda Head meme (and other Chinese biaoqing) followed a similarly abstract evolution to their American counterparts. Eventually, their abstract nature landed on U.S. Twitter earlier this month, specifically centered on one Panda Head that looks deathly similar to Copium.

صمونننن @HumbuggHere Chinese reaction images are insane like what context do you even use this in FH 6:54 AM - Mar 19, 2023 2.9M Views : COPIUM

Going forward, the concept that Chinese biaoqing are probably "funny asl" if one could speak Mandarin trended as a meme concept. In the same vein, Chinese Twitter users then made fun of Americans for their equally dumb-looking Wojaks. All in all, the discourse led to some viral and light-hearted international banter.

P*vel @arthoefootjob chinese people slap their knees laughing at shit like this 让你跟卖!死了吧 刚才火葬场的老王打电话给 我,问你妈要几成熟 日元 2:09 PM·Mar 14, 2023-1.5M Views : 那天阳光正好,风很大。 跟卖的走的很安详, 骨灰很烫,家属很坚强, 都在打麻将! naomi @diyorchiectomy 美国人看到类似的图片会拍膝盖大笑 Translated from Chinese by Google Americans slap their knees and laugh when they see similar pictures GPED SOY BOY SOY BOY 4:55 PM Mar 19, 2023 1.2M Views 1) P*vel @arthoefootjob Mar 14 chinese people slap their knees laughing at shit like this Show this thread ●●●

For the full history of Chinese panda reaction images, be sure to check out our entry on the meme here for even more information.

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