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Black Wojaks

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Black Wojaks refers to a series of Black Wojak memes that gained popularity in Wojak Comics on Black Twitter in late 2020, also spreading to Instagram and TikTok.


On November 15th, 2020, Twitter[1] user @PryPriestess posted a Wojak Comic which used a Black Girl Wojak created by artist and Twitter[2] user @AfroAmi (shown below). The tweet received over 350 retweets and 1,200 likes in one month and was widely circulated in the following days; for example, on November 21st Twitter[3] user @SHYESPICE used the meme as a reply, with the tweet gaining over 800 retweets and 5,800 likes in one month.

Oh OK You are biracial. It's not racist to call you that, it's the truth. It is important not to erase white people. No I am black just like you. White people see me as black because they defined my blackness and not black people. What you're doing is dividing us and You are biracial. It's not racist to call you that, it's the truth. It is important not to erase black people. that's c--- behavior. Black men that like me see me as black so why can't you? It's probably because your jealous of my curly hair and things you'll never have being mixed like me.

On November 22nd, 2020, @AfroAmi[2] made a tweet in which she revealed that she was the creator of the Black Girl Wojak, with the tweet gaining over 1,100 retweets and 6,400 likes (shown below, left). In the thread, @AfroAmi[4][5] posted several more Black female Wojak variations (shown below, center and right).


Prior to @AfroAmi's Black Wojaks, a number of Black Wojak characters were posted by users on 4chan, Twitter, Facebook and other social media without a defined trend.[6]


The meme did not see viral spread until on December 19th, 2020, Instagram[7] account bramidos posted a 100 Gecs Wojak Comic that went viral prior to being removed on December 21st, 2020 (shown below, left). On December 20th, @AftoAmi[8] tweeted screenshots of the Instagram post, writing, "People are simping over that black girl wojak meme I made." The post received over 150 retweets and 1,400 likes in two days (shown below, right). Later on the same day, Twitter[9] user @InternetCommas reposted the 100 Gecs post, with the tweet gaining over 4,700 retweets and 85,000 likes in two days.

do u like 100gecs? no cracker Ami-Amii 000 @AfroAmi People are simping over that black girl wojak meme I nofauckingway- madeAKSKDKEKEKGKGLGLLF mrs.cnampagnemamnany gou 17m 19 likes Reply Photo uhcoolusernamehere OKAY BUT SHES SO PRETTY THo IK ITS A DRAWING BUT bramidos АНН 15m 63 likes Reply do u like 100gecs? no cra vvvvvulnii PUNTO.. as simpol as that 15m 13 likes Reply simping for a fictional character againe 7m 3 likes Reply galamore_dg Ok but like, WHY IS SHE SO PRETTY?!?!? 8m 4 likes Reply chelseardrgz 13m Reply 1:04 AM Dec 20, 2020 · Twitter for iPhone

Following the viral spread of the meme, Black Wojaks gained significant popularity in Wojak Comics, particularly on Twitter, Instagram and TikTok. For example, on December 20th Twitter[10] user @HeavC4 posted a meme that received over 15,500 retweets and 122,800 likes (shown below, left). Additionally, more users submitted their variations of Black Wojaks, including male versions (examples shown below, center and left). For example, a Black Doomer Boy posted by Twitter[11] user @bskulldragon1 on December 21st received over 4,600 retweets and 72,300 likes in one day.

Us girls have to stick together You called me sassy and aggressive last week Yessir.

Various Examples

"yassss miss mama gurl purrrr chilly work hunty period sis" 63 swag i'm a glo girl i luv sosa!!! Swag i'm so swag swag w-- swag Sure! wanna be sad together?
do you like yes deftones? XX I spent an hour on my hair today! It took forever! My arms hurt so bad from the brushing. Omg that must've been so annoying! Idk if I could have the patience for that. 000 I spent 8 hours braiding my hair. I know. We may have our roots in the original wojak design, but all our components are new. I bear a clear resemblance to the original 2010 "feels guy," but we lack any actual parts in common. Are we a variation on the What do Are we wojaks? you mean? original wojak the same way as, say, the doomer, or are we our own thing entirely? I would argue that we are, yes. It's effectively a Ship of Theseus problem - if you change out all the parts to a ship, is it the same ship or a different one. I follow the same conclusion as John Locke- we are linked to our past selves through memory, not body, which is constantly changing. Our memory and mental lives our what make us what we are, and what we are is wojaks. Dalidy I disagree, in terms of the Ship of Theseus model. As parts are switched out, they lose their identity. The ship is defined by its physical connection to and contact with Theseus, and when you swap out parts it ceases to become Theseus's ship in the same way you wouldn't call a bed Theseus's bed simply because it was in his room, had he never slept in it. Wojaks are defined by their connection to the original feels guy, one that we lack any sign of. The doomer is just a wojak with a hat, for example- I'm not even based off the original design! While we have a sort of connection by proxy, we're too distinct from wojaks to be one of them.


yes. Yessir.

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