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Where To Find The Hidden Crutch In The Viral 'Find The 4th Object' Meme Explained

A new game is going viral across social media and it's driving players crazy. The find the 4th object game has players look at an image and try to find the 4th listed hidden object, a crutch. But many can't find the crutch, with some believing it's not in the image at all! Here's what you need to know.

I'm sure you can't find the 4th object. & egg glove envelope crutch

What Is The "Find The Fourth Object" Meme?

In 2019, a series of bad mobile game ads started going viral on Reddit. The ads are for a hidden object game and display an image asking viewers to find the fourth object specifically, which is listed on the right-hand side.

Examples of the ad kept on going viral on social media over the following years, with numerous examples. Then, in 2021, an image from one of the ads that allegedly contains a hidden cup went viral. The only problem is, nobody can find the cup and it seemingly does not exist in the image, likely as a way of keeping eyes on the ad for as long as possible as they search for the object.

This version of the meme went viral and was followed by others where the fourth image seemingly isn't present in the image. Some future examples seem to use this trend as an excuse to make dirty jokes about the objects being hidden in inappropriate places.

I'm sure you can't find the 4th object O egg pillow book cup

Where Is The Hidden Crutch In The Viral "Find The 4th Object" Meme?

One of the most popular examples of the meme shows three people in a restroom, a man and a woman standing and another woman sitting on a toilet. The image, which has been going around since 2020, claims there is a hidden crutch in the image. The image has recently gone viral on TikTok, particularly on TikTok Live, where users are streaming with the image juxtaposed over their heads and asking viewers to find the object.

Nobody can seem to find the hidden crutch in the image and it doesn't seem to exist. Likely, TikTok Live users are showing this version of the image to keep viewers on their stream in the hopes of getting followers, donations and likes. It's been hypothesized that the image is making a dirty joke about the woman at the urinal hiding the crutch out of view in front of her dress, explaining why she's standing to go number one.

@e.ugh Let me know when you see it 😈#greenscreensticker ♬ JOVYNN Suave sound edit – jovynn

For the full details on the "I'm sure you can't find the 4th object" meme, be sure to check out our entry on the meme here for even more information.

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