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Who Is 'Gorlock The Destroyer?' The Viral 'Whatever Podcast' Guest Explained

Following in the footsteps of guests like Bangs and Noelani, a blogger who has earned the unflattering nickname Gorlock the Destroyer is the latest guest-turned-meme to come out of the Whatever Podcast.

The woman's real name is Ali C. Lopez, a blogger who has become the subject of mockery for her weight and appearance since she was featured on the show in late April. Here's what you need to know.

Who Is 'Gorlock The Destroyer' From The 'Whatever Podcast?'

On April 25th, the Whatever Podcast, a weekly show where host Brian Atlas sits down with an ever-changing panel of Gen-Z women to discuss often controversial topics on dating and relationships, aired its 69th episode.

One of the guests on the episode is Ali C. Lopez, a blogger with over 200,000 followers on TikTok. Lopez stood out to some viewers for being notably larger than the other guests on the panel, inspiring one Twitter user to post a screenshot of her, nicknaming her "Gorlock the Destroyer" in the post-text. The tweet gained over 150,000 likes in a week and the unfortunate nickname stuck.

Richard RatBoy @Richard RatBoy1 Been enjoying this podcast. Great takes from: -Ashley -Rachel -Gorlock the Destroyer -Tiffany r @what @whatever @whatever @whate hat @at N W 2:25 PM. Apr 26, 2023 @wha @wover @y er er Y er @w @whatever @whatever @whatever @v : r er er

The nickname is possibly a reference to the Elder Scrolls monster Glorgoloch the Destroyer. It's also not the first time that an overweight woman in a group of lighter women has been singled out online. For example, this name my band meme from 2011, where the majority of commenters name their fictional bands after references to fat jokes about an overweight woman shown in a photo.

How Is 'Gorlock The Destroyer' Used In Memes?

Since appearing on the podcast, clips of Lopez have been going viral online, with many uploaders referring to her by the nickname. Others have made memes out of her clips, like a Twitter user who made an edit replacing her voice with that of Jabba the Hutt, a large, slug-like alien from Star Wars.

Basically, people are making a lot of jokes about her physical appearance and using the nickname to portray her as some sort of beast rather than a human. Real high-value man stuff that would make any Andrew Tate fan proud.

@tookafoopa Gorlock The Destroyer. . . . . . . ReFXXKINGlax Its Just A Meme i Stole 🥷 #cringetok #cringe #Fyp #ForYou #ParaTi #ForYouPage #Comedy #VoiceOver #Duet #Love ♬ City – lofi'chield


♬ original sound – hardpillnetwork

For the full details on the Gorlock the Destroyer meme, be sure to check out our entry on the meme here for even more information.

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