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Who Is Karl Havoc? The Deformed Face Saying 'I Don't Even Want To Be Around Anymore' Explained

Tim Robinson's I Think You Should Leave has been responsible for some of the more bizarre and hilarious out-of-context images that get shared around online, but no still from his show is as horrifying and hilarious as the "I don't even want to be around anymore" meme. Here's all you need to know about Karl Havoc.


Who Is Karl Havoc, And Why Does He Look Like That?

Karl Havoc is the name given to a character portrayed by Tim Robinson in a sketch from his show I Think You Should Leave. In the summer of 2021, Robinson parodied the archetypical prank-show comedian host by creating Karl Havoc's character and making him wear a very uncomfortable-looking suit.

How Did Karl Havoc Saying "I Don't Even Want To Be Around Anymore" Become A Meme?

People began posting images of Robinson wearing the grotesque mask and acting miserable not long after the episode premiered, often to showcase a truly miserable and helpless attitude. Others simply used the meme in a meta, self-referential way, riding on the coattails of the show's popularity.

rob trench ... @robtrench seeing a dumb tweet you made at the top of a subreddit with over 2 million subscribers I don't even want to be around anymore. I hope this is hellfire... ... @sablaah penny right before it goes through the souvenir machine at a museum I don't even want to be round anymore.

How Else Is The Image Of Karl Havoc Used?

Karl Havoc's strange-looking mask has inspired a great deal of original meme-making, with various creators drawing and redrawing the character in their own styles.

%3B my HHH11111 HTTTTT I don't even want to be around anymore di houk 7/21
I'm not the man you think I am... I'm not the man you think I am. And sorrow is nature's son, he will not smile for anyone.

For the full history of Karl Havoc, be sure to check out our entry on the meme here for even more information.

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