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Who Is 'Mimi-Sentry?' The Viral 'Team Fortress 2' Waifu Explained

Team Fortress 2 fans are simping over a very unexpected waifu right now. Her name is Mimi-Sentry and in a short few months, she's become a massive subject of Source Filmmaker (SFM) projects and fan art. Here's why.

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Who Is 'Mimi-Sentry And Where Did She Come From?

Mimi-Sentry is an anthropomorphic version of the mini-sentry turret, a weapon deployable by the engineer class in Team Fortress 2. The Mimi-Sentry player model, which is mostly meant for use in programs like Garry's Mod and Source Filmmaker, depicts the turret as a female robot.

The character was first drawn by her creator Mochi in 2021, but didn't go viral until February 2023 when Mochi uploaded a playermodel of the character to the Steam workshop. Word of the new model quickly spread as SFM creators started using it in their amateur edits. She soon spread to Reddit and Twitter through fan art and discussion, solidifying her spot as one of the top Team Fortress 2 waifus.

How Is 'Mimi-Sentry' Used In Memes?

Mimi-Sentry mostly appears in fan SFM and Garry's Mod animations on YouTube. These depict the character in a variety of ways, often comedically, with the other members of the TF2 cast.

Mimi-Sentry has also become the subject of memes and fan art elsewhere online, like the /r/TF2 subreddit and Twitter. This is where people can really be seen simping and confessing their attraction to Mimi-Sentry, as well as simply expressing their love of her design.


For the full details on Mimi-Sentry, be sure to check out our entry on the meme here for even more information.

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