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Why Are 'Destiel' And 'SuleMio' Shippers Fighting On Tumblr? The 'Supernatural vs. Gundam' Ship Wars Explained

There's a brutal ship war happening on Tumblr right now that has the Supernatural fandom fighting for their lives against the Gundam: The Witch from Mercury fandom. Before the war, the Destiel ship pairing ruled over all other ships on the site, but now, it's looking like the SuleMio ship might take the crown. So what is the Destiel vs. SuleMio Tumblr drama exactly and why is it so controversial? Here's what you need to know

DESTIEL FANS You took everything from me SULEMIO FANS I don't even know who you are

Why Are 'SuleMio' and 'Destiel' Shippers At War?

For those who don't know, "Destiel" is a very popular slash pairing between Supernatural protagonists Dean and Castiel. It's arguably the most popular ship on Tumblr and has been for years. SuleMio, on the other hand, is a newer ship pairing between Gundam: The Witch from Mercury characters Suletta Mercury and Miorine Rembran.

Despite the SuleMio ship only beginning in 2022, the year Witch from Mercury started, it recently beat the Destiel ship pairing in a "Tumblr Top Ships Bracket" by user ao3topshipsbracket. The poll garnered over 60,000 votes in four days, with over 65% of those votes going towards SuleMio. This left Destiel fans, who mainly conglomerate on Tumblr and have since the early 2010s, a little bit shocked.

tao3topshipsbracket Follow Tumblr Top Ships Bracket - FINALS Castiel/Dean Winchester (Supernatural) vs Suletta Mercury/Mirorine Rembran (Mobile Suit Gundam: The Witch from Mercury) Castiel/Dean Suletta/Mirione 34.8% 65.2% 60,708 votes. Remaining time: 4 days 11 hours This poll is a celebration of fandom and fandom history; we're aware that there are certain issues with many of the listed pairings and sources, but they are a part of that history. Please do not take this as an endorsement, and refrain from harassment. #polls #destiel #sulemio #supernatural #gundam witch from mercury #castiel #dean winchester #suletta mercury #miorine rembran

How Are People Reacting To The SuleMio vs. Destiel Ship Wars?

As members of each respective fandom became aware of the shocking poll results, supporters of each ship pairing began warring with one another. Some are taking this incredibly seriously and claiming that Destiel was robbed, claiming it should win for its legacy and impact on Tumblr alone.

SuleMio fans are defending their ship as deserving of the crown, claiming the ship has flown under the radar historically and is overall more wholesome and endearing than the Destiel ship. The war has led to a lot of memes on both Tumblr and X celebrating SuleMio as the new "ultimate ship" on Tumblr, along with long-form text posts by users passionately arguing for their side of the war.

“this is the destiel website! this is the destiel website!” meduka meguca Anonymous 02/06/11( File 1297013139.jpg-(43 KB, 170x156, kya our website now Sulemio is beating Destiel in the Tumblr Ship poll by over 11,500 votes sad boi era @MOLENAIDE Heard Sulemio is ushering in a new age on Tumblr by defeating Destiel and I think that's beautiful 1:47 PM May 14, 2024 43K Views ... girlhusband miorine @lesbianmiorine this is the ship destiel fans on tumblr are seething over btw 11:21 PM May 13, 2024 122.7K Views . ... ultrawomanisa Those who are taking this poll to seriously have forgotten that this is for fun. I love the passion form both sides but we must agree to be kind. What destiel did for the LGBTQ community helped laid the groundwork for shows like "the Witch from Mercury" to have openly gay characters and the fact that Destiel made it to the finals shows how popular Destiel still is, So let's put any nastiness behind us and let's have some fun. So come on Supernatural community give us a go fight that will become a legend that the tumblr bards will sing for all eternity! #cannons sink ships 19,498 notes May 14th, 2024 ... yakapin Follow why should i give destiel credit for "laying groundwork for shows like the witch from mercury to have openly gay characters" when gundam preceded destiel and spn by years and the creator of gundam is grateful for the fujoshis for keeping it alive during it's heydays. why exactly should i do that when witch from mercury and sulemio's history isn't destiel or anything from spn but can be traced to media like. revolutionary girl utena which, again surprise surprise, preceded destiel and spn by years. can you explain to me the logic here?

For the full history of Destiel vs. SuleMio Tumblr Top Ships Bracket, be sure to check out Know Your Meme's encyclopedia entry for more information.

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