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Why Did Lil House Phone Throw His Drink At Adam22 On The No Jumper Podcast?

Whether you're a fan of the No Jumper podcast or not, you might have seen a clip going viral online of the podcast's co-host Lil House Phone throwing a drink in host Adam22's face. The viral moment comes after weeks of drama between the two friends / co-hosts and stems from a transgender model exposing Lil House Phone on a podcast two weeks ago. Here's what you need to know.

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Why Are Lil House Phone And Adam22 Arguing?

Earlier this month, Adam22 had transgender model and artist Gracie Jane on his No Jumper spinoff podcast SledgeLords, which he hosts with YouTuber Danny Mullen. During the episode, Jane talks about hooking up with someone close to Adam22 whose name has been edited out to keep their privacy… mostly.

Besides the name "House Phone" being relatively easy to read on Jane's lips, it turns out the editors missed a moment where House Phone's name is spoken. Shortly after the episode went up, viewers realized that Jane was talking about House Phone. They started discussing House Phone hooking up with Jane online, including the comments section, the /r/NoJumper subreddit and Twitter.

Lil House Phone responded to the situation in a podcast episode, admitting that he hooked up with Jane and saying that isn't the problem. Instead, he was angry that Adam22 uploaded the episode and left his name in, suggesting that Adam22 did it on purpose or didn't try hard enough to censor his name to drive views to SledgeLords.

Adam22 denied doing it on purpose in his response, showing texts to his editors about how he wanted it edited out. He also mentioned that House Phone has been "going through it" after the passing of his mother and wouldn't want to hurt him further. Unfortunately, the damage was already done. Some viewers turned against Adam and started accusing him of being a bad friend and using the situation for views.

Why Did Lil House Phone Throw His Drink In Adam22's Face?

On January 31st, the No Jumper podcast went live with Adam22 and Lil House Phone. Right away things got heated as the two argued about the situation. Lil House Phone accused Adam22 of not being careful enough with the editing, using the drama for views and ultimately not caring about their friendship enough to ensure that the information didn't come out.

Near the end of the brief first part of the episode, Adam22 claims that he paid for Lil House Phone's mom's funeral. Lil House Phone loses it at the mention of his mother, gets up, then throws his drink on Adam22 before being held back. The two walked off the podcast set and seemingly ended the episode early.

Are Adam22 And Lil House Phone Still Friends And Co-Hosts?

About an hour after the incident, No Jumper went live again. Surprisingly to many, House Phone and Adam were both there and seemed to be in a much lighter mood after talking off-camera.

The two apologized to each other for some of their transgressions, House Phone cleared up the fact that Adam22 didn't pay for his mom's funeral but admitted he did help him through it and Adam apologized for making the claim. For the time being, it seems that Adam22 and Lil House Phone are on good terms.

For the full details on the Adam22 Lil House Phone transgender hookup drama, be sure to check out our entry on the meme here for even more information.

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