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Adam22 Lil House Phone Transgender Hookup Drama

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Adam22 Lil House Phone Transgender Hookup Drama refers to a situation on the No Jumper spinoff podcast SledgeLords where transgender model and artist Gracie Jane reveals to the host, Adam22, that she purportedly hooked up with Lil House Phone, the co-host of the No Jumper podcast. The situation, which occurred in January 2023, resulted in a brief falling out between Adam and House Phone, who purportedly wanted to keep the hookup private. It also inspired online criticism toward Adam for not making sure all mentions of House Phone's name were edited out of the podcast and "backstabbing" his friend for views. Later that month, House Phone and Adam got into an argument over the drama on their podcast and House Phone threw his drink at Adam. The two made up after the incident and finished the podcast. In February 2023, streamer Destiny weighed in on the situation, eliciting threats from House Phone.


On January 18th, 2023, YouTuber[1] and podcast host Adam22 posted an episode of his podcast SledgeLords featuring Gracie Jane, a transgender model and artist, as a guest. During the podcast, Jane suggests to Adam22 and his co-host Danny Mullen that she hooked up with Lil House Phone, the co-host of the No Jumper podcast and a good friend of Adam22. The clips have been edited to remove House Phone's name, however, one instance of his name was left unedited and it was assumed she was talking about House Phone due to the way her mouth moves. At the end of the podcast, Adam22 says he's worried people will think of him as a "bad friend" if he puts out the podcast and doesn't edit out the reveal. Jane accuses House Phone of acting "shady" and acting like he didn't "do some shit he did do."

That day, YouTuber[2] No Jumpa Clips uploaded a clip from a podcast episode hosted by House Phone in which he talks about the situation, saying it bothers him being exposed by his co-workers and friends. In the clip, he confirms the hookup but says, "I ain't never touched a dick, I ain't never sucked no dick, I ain't never got fucked in the ass and I'll leave it there," saying he's gotten "a little experimental in life." He continues to criticize Adam22 indirectly for leaving the clip in, calling it "detrimental" to his life and career. House Phone reiterates that he is not offended about being "outed" for hooking up with Jane, but about the perceived betrayal by Adam22.

After the podcast was posted, Adam22 started to receive criticism from some viewers for being a bad friend and exposing House Phone. On January 20th, 2023, Adam22 responded to the accusations in an episode of the podcast. The clip was uploaded to the No Jumper Clips YouTube[3] channel on January 20th, garnering over 173,000 views in two weeks. In the response, Adam22 claims he told his editors to cut the clips rather than just "bleep" the names.

During the podcast, the editor admits to accidentally failing to edit out one of the mentions of House Phone's name. Adam22 shows text message receipts between himself and the editors as proof that he wanted the mentions edited out. Adam also says that House Phone is the last person he'd want to expose, saying he's going through the "mom shit," referring to the death of his mother.


Lil House Phone Throws Drink At Adam22

On January 31st, 2023, the No Jumper podcast went live on YouTube[4] with Adam22 and House Phone. At the start of the episode the two get into an argument about the situation. House Phone accuses Adam22 of being unbothered by the situation, accuses him of only caring because he's getting criticized and of trying to turn himself into the victim. House Phone suggests that Adam22 doctored the texts to cover for himself. At the 18:15 mark, House Phone accuses Adam22 of disrespecting his mother. Adam lashes back, claiming he paid for House Phone's mom's funeral. House Phone throws his drink in Adam's face and the episode ends (shown below, left). The video gained over 125,000 views in a day.

The podcast resumed on YouTube[5] around an hour later with part two. At the start of the episode, Adam and House Phone apologize to each other. House Phone says it wasn't true that Adam paid for the funeral, but acknowledges that he did help deal with it. They also discuss how they had a conversation off-camera about the situation (shown below, right).

Online Reactions

After the original SledgeLords episode went out in January 2023, Adam22 received significant backlash online, including on the /r/NoJumper[6] subreddit, for being a bad friend and using the situation for views. The clip of House Phone throwing the drink at Adam went viral following the January 31st episode, including a January 31st post by TikToker[7] 2016soundcloudfiles that garnered over 2.4 million views in under 24 hours (seen below) and a post by Twitter[8] user @STRAPPEDUS the same day that gained over 5,400 likes in roughly the same span of time.

@2016soundcloudfiles #nojumper #adam22 #lilhousephone #soundcloud #podcast ♬ Tell Me Why I'm Waiting – Timmies/Shiloh

Destiny's Reaction

Around February 3rd, 2023, streamer Destiny reacted to the drama, specifically the clip where Adam22 gets a drink thrown at him on-stream (shown below).[9] During the stream Destiny defends Adam22, saying it's "conspiratorial" to suggest he let the editor leave mentions of House Phone's name in the podcast. He also calls the drama "dumb" and tells House Phone to solve his own homophobia, suggesting House Phone should be more open about hooking up with Jane if he's truly okay with it.

On February 5th, the No Jumper Clips YouTube[10] channel uploaded a clip of Lil House Phone saying he's going to "slide on" Destiny if he sees him, threatening him (shown below, left). The next day, the YouTube[11] channel posted a clip of Potlord reacting to Destiny, defending House Phone, garnering over 16,000 views in a day (shown below, right).

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