Why Do Girls Keep Asking For Soda At Sporting Events? The Question Explained

All over sports pages online, videos have started to emerge of girlfriends asking their spouse to go get them a soda, usually a coke, when the game is in the final minutes of the match. Though this seems to be random, it's actually a reference to a Kate Hudson movie from 2003.

@sophiacuerquis I guess this is How to Lose a Guy in 10 days 🫣 iykyk #finalfour #marchmadness ♬ original sound – Pia

What's Going On Here?

Back in 2003, a romantic comedy movie called How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days was released, in which Kate Hudson's character has to try and make Matthew McConaughey break up with her after 10 days. One of the ways she tries to attempt this is by ruining his fun at the NBA Finals, which is accomplished by asking him to go get her a soda in the final minute of a close game.

During the NCAA March Madness Final Four match, and then again during the Phoenix Suns NBA Playoff game a month later, two different women went viral for posting them making the movie reference by asking the question, leading to millions of views for each of them and spreading the prank around to other women attending sporting events.


The excited jump in the beginning

♬ theyd be bens partner – bells

How Do You Do The Prank?

The way to initiate the prank is just like within the movie, by waiting until it's the last minute of a game in which the scores are very close to each other. After those two requirements have been met, simply ask the person if they can get you a soda, and plead your case as hard as you can until they relent and get you one, or get annoyed at the inconvenient timing and deny the request.

For the full details on the Can You Get Me A Coke meme, be sure to check out our entry on the meme for even more information.

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