Hannah Walter Teacher Video Explained

Why Is Hannah Mad At Walter? The Viral 'Teacher Holding Door' Video Explained

An intense viral video is making the rounds on social media right now that shows a student named Hannah desperately trying to get into a classroom to another student named Walter. The teacher won't let that happen, though, as he holds onto the door with all his strength, only narrowly keeping Hannah at bay, leaving many wondering, "Why is Hannah so mad at Walter?" Here's what we know about the Hannah, Walter, Teacher video.

What Is The 'Hannah, Walter, Teacher' Viral Video?

In late January, TikToker @the_frugal_adventurer posted a video showing a teacher trying to hold a classroom door closed as a student named Hannah pounds and pulls at it, trying to get in. Hannah seemingly has so much strength that the teacher asks a student to come help him.

The video gained millions of views, but didn't go viral until the same TikToker uploaded a longer version of the video in February. This version shows footage from the other side of the door as well, where we can hear another teacher trying to stop Hannah yell for "Walter" to go to her room. Seemingly, Hannah was after Walter, inspiring everyone who saw the video to wonder what exactly Walter did to incite such rage.

Why Is Hannah So Mad At Walter?

Unfortunately, we don't have any solid answer as to why Hannah is so mad at Walter. Some rumors are floating around online claiming that Walter cheated on Hannah, but these are unfounded speculation. The short answer is, we might never know what happened between the two.

Since blowing up on TikTok, the video has gone viral on pretty much every social media platform from Twitter to YouTube. It's inspiring a lot of speculation, but that's all it is unfortunately: speculation. Maybe one day someone close to the scene will let us in on the details, but until then, all we can do is imagine all the wild things that could have caused this scene.

For the full details on the Hannah, Walter, Teacher video, be sure to check out our entry on the meme here for even more information.

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