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Why You Shouldn't Google 'Donald Trump Rule 34' Despite What Twitter Tells You

Donald Trump's indictment on 34 counts of falsifying business records has quickly become the biggest news online. It's also inspired a lot of memes, including a particularly sneaky prank where people inform others to Google "Trump rule 34" to learn more. Here's why you should do the exact opposite.


What Is 'Trump Rule 34' And Why Shouldn't You Google It?

On March 30th, 2023, reports that former president Donald Trump was indicted on 34 counts of falsifying business records started going viral online. That same day, a particularly trollish Twitter user retweeted one of these reports and instructed users to Google "Trump rule 34" to learn more about the rules he broke.

Although they weren't the first to make the joke, their post went viral, garnering over 58,000 likes and 6,300 retweets in a day. The most internet-pilled users would recognize this as a prank.

If you Google "Trump rule 34," or anything "rule 34," you will only find adult artwork relating to the subject. Rule 34 is a decades-old online adage that states, "if something exists, there is adult content of it," and yes, it applies to Trump, too.

Schaffrillas @Schaffrillas If you want to learn more about the 34 rules he broke, google "Trump rule 34" Ryan Shead @RyanShead 14h - BREAKING NEWS: Former President Donald Trump indicted on 34 counts of business fraud. Show this thread ●●● 10:17 PM Mar 30, 2023 1.3M Views

How Is 'Google Trump Rule 34' Used In Memes?

Since the post went viral, users across Twitter are encouraging others to Google "Trump rule 34." The idea is to get people who don't know what rule 34 is to Google it and have their eyes seared by adult artwork of Donald Trump. Consider this your warning to stay far away from Googling the term.

Mini Modu @MinModulation ... Apparently Trump got indicted for up to 34 counts of illegal activity, which means they'll have to invoke a new legal rule for his trial. For more information google "Trump Rule 34" 11:47 PM - Mar 30, 2023-3,619 Views

TheSpryte @the_spryte i told sanz about the 34 rules that trump got arrested for and so i told him if he wants to know more, "look up Donald trump rule 34" and the b actually did it 34-Go X + le donald trump rule 34 Images BA News About 14,900,000 results (0.26 secon Rule 34 Vide 2:19 AM - Mar 31, 2023 2,619 Views 111 ...

i bless the rains down in castamere @Chinchillazllla - 20h how is it 34 counts Imao 36 128 jhey @mxjhey 1,092 il 61.5K Replying to @Chinchillazilla It's it's true! Google "trump rule 34" to find out more!! 7:26 PM - Mar 30, 2023-7,268 Views

For the full details on Donald Trump's indictment, be sure to check out our entry here for even more information.

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