Two meme-themed costumes and cosplay ideas for halloween 2021.

The Best New Meme-Themed Costume Ideas For Halloween 2021

Halloween is here, and coming up with a costume that’s funny and doable isn’t always easy. But whether you can commit to hours of work or you just don’t care enough to wear more than a colorful T-shirt, there’s a meme themed costume out there for you, and we’re here to walk you through some of the best ideas referencing 2021’s online humor. Take a look at 10 of our favorites below.

Trade Offer

! TRADE OFFER ! I RECEIVE YOU RECEIVE Golden Another constellation shrimp balls spook from the 50/50

This is the easy Halloween costume you’ve been searching for. All you need is a suit, or maybe just something purple to match the iconic background. It’s simple, comfortable, fairly recognizable, and doesn’t involve wearing anything completely ridiculous that you bought for an unreasonable amount of money on


..... ****...

You can buy a name tag and a pool noodle for like $1. There’s really no excuse not to do this one. After the Josh Fight, the name Josh has a whole new meaning, and dressing up as a Josh for Halloween will be a throwback to one of the best parts of this year.

The WandaVision Costumes

So WandaVision aired this year, and Wanda and Vision wear their respective costumes from the original Marvel comics. Vision looks laughably awkward, and Wanda posing in her costume became a meme. Depending on which one you choose (or if you’re one of the few lucky internet users who isn’t single and can do a couple’s costume), this could be a pretty basic DIY project you can finish by the weekend.

Saddam Hussein’s Hiding Place

Full Saddam Hussein Cosplay/Costume Man ***** * 1,383 ratings | 54 answered questions #1 Best Seller Price: $25.99 Details O Sales taxes may apply at checkout Fit: True to size. Order usual size. Size: Small v Roll over image to zoom in

Saddam Hussein’s hiding place was a great meme this year, but I definitely don’t recommend dressing up as the former dictator himself. There’s basically no way to do that without being horribly offensive. For example, you shouldn’t attempt this if you’re white. If you’re actually of Iraqi descent, it’s even worse. But if you commit to the meme all the way with a red Morphsuit, you may be able to pull it off. I still advise against it, though.

Think, Mark


Think, Mark is one of this year’s most popular memes, and it’s easy to see why this makes a great halloween costume too. A blood-soaked Omni-Man costume works on its own, and it also works as a great pair costume, particularly for fathers and sons who are willing to dress up as the exact opposite of parenting goals. And with the popularity of Invincible, a lot more people are going to understand your costume than if you dressed as Saddam Hussein’s hiding place.

"Yes" Chad


You have to be feeling really good about yourself to try this one. But if you think you have the confidence and the facial hair to pull off this Chad costume, consider us impressed. All you need is a really dense mustache, and everyone who’s seen these memes in the past year will recognize you as a fellow Chad.


I think we’d all roll our eyes if a kid showed up at our door in an unironic Among Us costume. But if you do the lowest effort Among Us costume of all time, that’s a different story entirely. You really have to master the art of low-effort to make it work well, though. The worse, the better. Wear a red t-shirt and glasses, then yell "sus" at everything until you get kicked out of the party.

Dune Sandworm

A bit more complex than the other costumes here, but if you’re creative enough, you can make yourself a costume based on the worms in Dune, the most memed new movie. Then, you can slink back into the tube whenever someone tries to drag you into social interaction, and it’s not considered rude, it’s considered commitment to the costume.

Samsung Sam


Here’s another easy one. All you need is a black shirt and some makeup. But be warned, so many people simped for Samsung Sam that it’s probably going to lead to some very strange comments that you’d rather not hear. But at least you’ll have a unique and recognizable costume no one else thought of.


This Shroomjak costume’s a unique one. You can try as hard as you want, or you could simply wear a weird-shaped hat. It’s up to you, but you’ll be embodying one of the internet’s best memes from this year. You’ll probably have to explain you’re not Toad, though.

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