A team trees and team seas meme, left, and a GOT trash final season halloween costume, right.

Weekend Meme Roundup: Halloween Costumes, #TeamSeas, 'Roblox' Outage

Welcome to the Weekend Meme Roundup, where all the biggest memes of the past weekend are rounded up and examined more closely. This past weekend was one filled with concern, though not for oneself.

There was concern for the oceans, seen through #TeamSeas, concern for Roblox, which experienced a massive outage that was blamed on Chipotle, and concern for others and what they were wearing on Halloween.

Lief ... @liefnielson oh hey I love gus johnson wonder why he's trendi-

October 2021 Roblox Outage

October 2021 Roblox Outage refers to a sitewide outage of the video game platform Roblox. Due to the game's recent partnership with Mexican food chain Chipotle, many joked or assumed the outage had to do with Chipotle, though Roblox stated it was not the true reason. The site was out for over 60 hours before it was able to finally get back online. Many memes were made about Chipotle crashing Roblox, or what life without the game was like.

WHO WOULD WIN? CAN GRILK Chipotle giving out The Roblox Website | free burritos for an event imgflip.com MEXIC

CHIP ima shut your game down HEHEHÈH >:)

We're making things more awesome. Be back soon. ROBLOX

Roblox @Roblox There's something for everyone this Halloween on Roblox! Celebrate with frightful experiences, dress up in your favorite costume from the Avatar Shop, and prepare for the @ChipotleTweets Boorito Maze opening on Oct 28. €CHIPOTLE lox


As is usual on Halloween, there were a bunch of people dressing up as memes for their costumes or becoming memes because of their costumes. This is especially evident when it comes to celebrities, as sometimes Halloween is one of the only ways for them to show the fans something different that they don't typically see through interviews and other mediums. The big winner of Halloween 2021 was Steve Buscemi, who dressed up as his How Do You Do, Fellow Kids? meme.

Wu-Tang Is For The Children @W... · 2h Steve Buscemi wins Halloween giving out candy in Brooklyn dressed as his epic GIF."How do you do, fellow kids" by @mikeshza

Girls looking Boys realizing what comes forward to halloween after halloween




#TeamSeas refers to the new environmentalism campaign launched by YouTuber MrBeast in which for every dollar donated, a pound of trash will be removed from the ocean. The intent is to get 30 million pounds of trash removed, which is $10 million more donated than the #TeamTrees campaign two years prior. Already, the campaign has seen massive success with two months left to go.

Phew, that's one. What are you guys doing? Come, save the seas! #TeamSeas

MrBeast ( @MrBeast Two years ago we planted 20,000,000 trees and now we want to remove 30,000,000 pounds of trash from the ocean with #TeamSeas! $1 = 1 less pound of trash in the ocean! teamseas.org

MrBeast O @MrBeastYT 20 million subscribers = TeamTrees 30 million subscribers = TeamSeas? MrBeast 30,007,240 Subscribers Oceans SUPER 1S

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