A picture of Mr. Beast and Mark Rober for the #TeamSeas campaign to clean trash from the ocean.


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#TeamSeas is an environmental awareness and activism campaign spearheaded by YouTuber Mr. Beast and Mark Rober, who previously had success with a similar campaign called #TeamTrees two years prior. The goal of this new activist push is that for every dollar donated, one pound of trash will be removed from beaches and seas.


On October 29th, 2021, Mr. Beast uploaded a video on his channel titled "I Cleaned The World's Dirtiest Beach #TeamSeas," which was the official kickstart of the campaign. The video[1] obtained over 1.4 million views in under 12 hours (shown below).

Within the video, Mr. Beast has a volunteer help in cleaning two separate beaches, cleaning over 60,000 pounds of trash combined, and announced the initiative to clean millions more. This endeavor is also a partnership with various other YouTube channels such as Azzyland, The Infographics Show, Linus Tech Tips, TierZoo, LEMMiNo, TommyInnit, Dan TDM and more joining as the process continues. The expected goal is to clean up as much as possible, but they hope to get near the number of trees planted two years ago.


The website hosting the charity, teamseas.org[2] has a live update counter showing how many pounds of trash have been removed from the ocean, which directly correlates to how many dollars have been donated. Within 12 hours the website shows that over $700,000 have been donated, equaling 700,000 pounds of trash removed from the ocean (shown below). $400,000 of that, however, was part of a YouTube Originals corporate match offer, in which for every dollar donated they would donate an additional dollar up to the first $400,000.

#TEAMSEAS. Help us remove 30 million pounds of trash by January 1st, 2022. 714,004 POUNDS REMOVED

On Twitter, the campaign trended in the U.S. the day of its premiere Just past 4 p.m. EST that day, Mr. Beast tweeted[3] out the website and its direct succession of the #TeamTrees ideology, gaining over 100k likes in one hour, as well as getting the hashtag trending and its own unique icon (shown below).

MrBeast ( @MrBeast Two years ago we planted 20,000,000 trees and now we want to remove 30,000,000 pounds of trash from the ocean with #TeamSeas! $1 = 1 less pound of trash in the ocean! teamseas.org

Various others joined in with the content creation, as noted by Mr. Beast.[4] Because of how planned out the event was this time around, there were over 50 videos ready to be watched right away from different creators, hoping to spread the reach of the event to every audience possible (shown below).

CallMeCarson, who is continuing to be on hiatus from making videos, instead contributed a fanfiction he wrote[5] (below in examples).

Various Examples

Mr. Beast (Jimmy) comes walking up the beach from the ocean, shirtless. You can see Mark Rober with him, not shirtless but still imposing. They are carrying 30,000,000 pounds of trash out of the ocean. Just the two of them. You're impressed by their gumption, their drive, and their Beast muscles (not for sale) "How can I do what you do? How can I save the ocean.the seas? Is there a way? Some kind of Team? Like. a Team Seas?" You ask them. "Join us, brother" Mr. Beast says in a gruff tone, as he greets you into his Big Cult. You are pleased. Maybe you will learn how to surf. And maybe recycle too. "The ocean is..dirty" Mark Rober says as he shoots lasers out from his eyes and parts the seas so that you may go take a can out. It feels good to save the ocean. It feels good. "Good work, son" Mr. Beast is the father you never had. "What more can I do?" You ask, knowing that Mr. Beast always has more ideas. Karl and Chandler are there for some reason now. "Go to https://teamseas.org/ and give us money" You're unsure if the money is going towards anything. It doesn't matter. You must free the ocean from its Plastic Prison. You donate all the money you can (within reason, as you wish to not be poor) and then you see a turtle outside your window. It is crying from tears of joy. "Shaka brah" the turtle says, as it jumps out the window. Just like that Finding Nemo movie.
Me donating to Me donating to #teamtrees in #teamseas in 2019 2021 ! Phew, that's one. What are you guys doing? Come, save the seas! #TeamSeas

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