meme of the month october 2020

See The Winner Of October 2020's Meme Of The Month!

And the meme of October 2020 goes to. . . .

袦袝袦袝 OF THE MONTH Upon recommendation of our research community and by the virute of the authority vested in them, Know Your Meme hereby confers upon Deflated Gorfield this certificate of memeship in recognition of its outstanding reception during the month of Oetaber 2020 CERTIFIED Deflated Garfield No 0519

Deflated Garfield is the winner with 30% of the total votes. The meme originates from a trend where users replace or remove the last panel of Garfield comics. One of the most popular versions of the trend sees users change the last panel to an image of Jon holding a deflated Garfield. From there, the image exploded across the web in October, seeing a ton of creative variations. Congratulations, Deflated Garfield!


2. He Didn't Say That / Movie Titles in Movie Lines

He Didn't Say That / Movie Titles in Movie Lines comes in second, with 23% of the total votes. This ironic meme imagines non-existent scenes from popular movies where a character says the name of the film. It started on 4chan's /tv/ board, and exploded across Reddit, Twitter, and Facebook throughout October.

Shit, Tony. I guess Im Iron Man 2 now.

3. How It Started vs. How It's Going

How It Started vs. Hot It's Going takes third, with 15% of the total votes. Originating on Twitter, this meme sees users post two photos under the text "how it started" and "how it's going." While it started as a genuine relationship trend, users quickly began making more comedic and ironic versions of the meme as October went on.

Bear @TheRetroBearDen How it started. How it's going. BPS5. B PS3. * Playstation.Network gRand stheFt auto gRand stheft sauto M R. MATURE R 9:38 AM 路 Oct 11, 2020 路 Twitter for Android 9.3K Retweets 1.4K Quote Tweets 64.4K Likes 27

4. Trump Getting COVID

Donald and Melania Trump Positive COVID-19 Test comes in fourth, with 14% of the total votes. At the beginning of the month, Trump and Melania's positive COVID-19 tests sparked a ton of memes online, including many people doubting the president's insistence on being okay.

Donald Trump's lifeless body being puppeteered onstage to announce he's made a full recovery

5. Mike Pence Fly

Mike Pence Fly came in at fifth place this month, with 9% of the total votes. When a fly landed on Vice President Mike Pence's head during a debate, it became the talk of the memeverse, with users across platforms reacting and making memes out of the event.

Seinfeld Current Day @Seinfeld2000 10:20 PM 路 Oct 7, 2020 路 TweetDeck

6. Doggface208 Skateboarding

Doggface208 skateboards came in sixth just a few votes shy of Mike Pence Fly, also with 9% of the total votes. Doggface208 blew up on TikTok and across the web this October with an extremely chill video in which he skateboards down the road drinking cranberry juice and listening to Fleetwood Mac's "Dreams." People just couldn't get enough of his good vibes, leading to a ton of recreations of the video, including one by Mick Fleetwood himself!

DrewFrog @DrewFrogger I don't use this verbiage often but this is a whole vibe. simple as that 0:25 20.8M views 9:34 AM 路 Sep 25, 2020 路 Twitter Web App

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