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Know Your Meme Store Suggestions

Last posted Dec 11, 2019 at 01:56PM EST. Added Oct 21, 2019 at 04:51PM EDT
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As many of you probably already know, we just launched the official Know Your Meme Store! This has been something we've been getting a lot of requests for over the years, so it's pretty exciting to see this become a reality.

I wanted to start a forum thread for suggestions about what kind of stuff you'd like to see on the store, as we will be frequently adding products as new ideas come in. Additionally, we will be adding a lot more Know Your Meme-specific items, including KYM-tan products as well.

Also, if you're noticing any bugs with the site, chime in here and I'll have them looked into.

Last edited Oct 21, 2019 at 04:52PM EDT

Here's some stuff appropriate for shirts, mugs, towels, etc.

This would be good for a mug:
And this version good for a shirt:
It'd be cool to have a design with the two versions of xok side-by-side:
A shirt that says "Big dick is back in town", like the one Konata's wearing here:
Finally, Me and the boys. I think this would look good with just the text "Me and the Boys" printed below it:

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They can't (legally, at least) sell any designs with copyrighted art, so any suggestions with such things won't be possible unless its redrawn in a different art style.

I still have my shirt from when icanhascheezburger opened their store many many years ago

Shirts like that would be cool. I bet Fruity could draw some designs.

Not gonna lie, much of this reads to me like satire. I honestly thought it was a joke at first.
If we're suggesting ideas though, remember this?

blanisquid has been a fantastic source of OC for this site for a while now. It might not be a bad idea to talk to her.

This Cheeto:

Ideally make it so the text corresponds to the item it is on:

Same for Trapped Doge (different text can be used, but here's an example)

KYM-Tan's Button. Also lab coat. And maybe her Epic Smiley tie I need materials for cosplay

Deadpool-kun isn't nearly as popular, but maybe his NSFW pin could be made? I could see that being used even if people have no idea about him.

Alternatively you could make it a square button. Might make it more comfortable if wearing it on underwear.

Then of course Super Robo Jesus on most anything.

Last edited Oct 21, 2019 at 07:46PM EDT

I'm curious about the copyright status of a bunch of this stuff. Are the stock photo ones like Harold and Distracted Boyfriend free game? I don't even think it's known where the Expanding Brain images originate. I also noticed the careful use of a generic non-Joker face for the "WLiaS" graphic.

Make a t-shirt of the trending images page. And when I mean the trending images page, I mean most of the photos of are anime and anime tiddies, and 1 actual meme. 20 images in total. 1/20 is a meme. The rest is hentai.

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