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chibi style fanart of goat tan


Goat-tan is a character created for the database styled website, Know Your Meme. The character is known for her love of both the NES[1] coop platformer Battletoads[2] and anything that comes off as being lewd in nature. Initially founded within Know Your Meme's Hentai Quotes image gallery, the character eventually moved onto the rest of the site via fanmade images which placed the character in other settings. After sometime the character along with two deadpooled entries on the site known as Super Robo Jesus and The Cheeto all of which were deified into a collective known as The KYMtheon.


Originally created as a character in the h-manga, Yotsunoha Legs, she would come to later fame when an edited version of the manga was uploaded to 4chan's /V/[3] board which replaced all sexual situations with images of both an NES and a cartridge of Battletoads. On August 14, 2013, the first page of the edited manga was posted in Know Your Meme's Hentai Quotes gallery by user Habanero-tan. In the following days the rest of the manga would be uploaded by users synge (formerly ImmaHeMan) and Baron O Beefdip (formerly SirBrownBear). Each new post garnered comments which generally expressed shock and disgust with the manga, yet at the same time, excitement over the idea of a community adventure that all had been able to take a part in. Approximately one month later user ImmaHeMan tried to garner the same response by posting an image from an Attack on Titan doujin. This caught the attention of several users, most notably Deustodo and That Glaceon (formerly Deltamelon).

The Goat-tan We Know Today

Both Deustodo and Deltamelon both made fanmade images placing Goat-tan in several different situations. It was during this time that the character was named Goat-tan, in honor of Know Your Meme's mascot, KYM-tan. Using the former two users as inspiration, a slew of new images were created involving Goat-tan. It was then that user ImmaHeMan decided to create the immagoat tag for images in order to have a collective banner for all images to be posted under. Also around this time Goat-tan, Super Robo Jesus, and The Cheeto were grouped together into the KYMtheon, a fictional spiritual trinity.


Hundreds of posts involving both Goat-tan and the KYMtheon were uploaded onto the site in the span of only a few weeks. Many Know Your Meme users were caught up in the hype that Goat-tan had created, but others felt distinctly the polar opposite, that Goat-tan was nothing more than another cancerous forced entry, and that it had no real place on the site. In October of 2013 Know Your Meme user, Shrekette created the Goat-tan article in which they express their hatred for Goat-tan and everything that involves it on the site.

Notable Developments

In October 2013 Know Your Meme user, Blue Screen of Death created the This Goat forum entry in the Know Your Meme forums, which became a place for fans of Goat-tan to post Goat-tan related images and discuss Goat-tan in general. The forum entry was later locked by mods in May of 2014. In early to mid 2014, Know Your Meme mods relocated many posts involving Goat-tan to the Goat-tan entry, which was then Deadpooled.


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