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Manga suggestions?

Last posted Mar 20, 2016 at 07:11AM EDT. Added Feb 21, 2016 at 08:18PM EST
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In vain hopes of finally corrupting somebody else; Negima.

All seriousness, Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles and anything else done by Clamp.

Or Fruits Basket. Or Higurashi. Or play it safe and go with Death Note if you haven't read/watched it yet.

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The manga adaptation of Neon Genesis Evangelion is actually pretty solid. If you've already seen the show, the manga has additional character development and even alters plot points and the course of events. Unfortunately, it has yet to be completed (despite starting twenty-one years ago).

If you're interested in shonen, Boku no Hero Academia is very solid and new, with an Anime coming in two weeks. It's a superhero manga that has a lot of interesting powers and character designs, and an interesting main character. It's also fast paced, it seems like they it has gotten
200 chapters worth of story in 80 chapters (it's on going) so there is no arc fatigue like other shonens.

I just finished Berserk myself (what's out at least) and would recommend it if you like darker, more gory and mature stuff. It has a great story, but it does get gory (entrails gallore) and has nudity (not standard anime nudity, I mean Pussies and erect dicks in full view) if you can handle that stuff.

Azumanga Daioh is a bit short, but good if you like light-hearted, quirky slice of life comics. It doesn't really have a story per say, but that works to it's advantage.

Cage of Eden is pretty good despite being a fanservicey manga. It's about a bunch of kids who end up on an island that doesn't exist full of prehistoric monsters from the mammal era, who are trying to solve a mystery of what the island is and how to get off. It does have cliches and too many panty shots, but it does have an interesting story.

If you want something to read for a very long time, One Piece is fantastic, but takes a little bit to get going and is currently 820 chapters long. If that's too daunting, many people recommend starting at chapter 490 because that's when the events that steer the rest of the story start and afterwards, past characters and plot points get recapped.


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