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Serious question: why do people seem to be against the idea of Komi rule 34? (probably the stupidest serious question I've asked on this site)

Last posted Aug 18, 2019 at 03:47PM EDT. Added Aug 17, 2019 at 09:48PM EDT
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I have to say right now that no I haven't read Komi Can't Communicate yet, but I am at least aware the basic premise is an attractive but extremely shy high school girl is trying to break her shyness by making friends.

Thing is though I am at least somewhat baffled by why some people, especially on this site, seem to find the idea of rule 34 of the manga, especially of the title character, to be a "horrifying" idea. In particular check the comments to this image (where the top image comes from a porn comic but adds a new panel below it to instead give a SFW alternate), and this image which asks if people would be okay with a 24 episode anime adaption existing even if it meant a lot of porn happens

It's just so rare I ever see people on the internet actually be against the idea of rule 34 of something existing, that I'm actually very genuinely curious why Komi Can't Communicate seems to get this sort of "special treatment."

digital_m3m3 wrote:

Same reason behind "Don't lewd the [dragon/platelet/earth/hat] loli" posts.

Eh that doesn't really help. In that situation I just assume it's because the character in question is a loli and thus lewding them means "I'm calling the police." Komi may be a high schooler but that sure as shit has never stopped people from lewding just about every other high school protagonist in manga and anime.

My guess is that it's a combination of "muh purity" and the fact that it's the current popular series where it's more mainstream than the usual anime/manga so it weirds out "normal" people.

That's just my guess thought.

I see the similarity in this with the others being lewded similar because of how popular they became for a short period. Mostly people not used to the sexualization in anime/manga or as the weebs like to call them "normies".

My guess is that there's just certain things people don't want to think about in a sexual manner for whatever reason, thus causing them to have an aversion to rule 34 of it.

I personally am disgusted by any lewds (as in, not even full on explicit-NSFW R34) of Disney, DC, Marvel, Star Wars and any sort of pre-2012-ish Western Animation characters. My guess is I have some weird association with those franchises and my early childhood, making it just incredibly disgusting and unpleasant to come into contact with any NSFW of those franchises.

I think people who don't like NSFW (once again, not even full on R34) of Komi probably have made some sort of association between her and something they don't want to sexualize.

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