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What'cha been working on?

Last posted Nov 08, 2020 at 03:35PM EST. Added Oct 17, 2020 at 07:13PM EDT
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No new Creative threads in three months? Let's fix that.

Here's a slice of my overgrown Smash Brothers fanfic:

  • The Orphanage – They try to recruit a boy who has a special talent for swordfighting, but it turns into a sword-and-magic battle when his most powerful enemy appears. Will they help him fight, recruit the other guy instead, or just give up and go home? It's 19 pages, not too long.

Post anything you've been working on that doesn't fit in another thread. Writing, art, programming, whatever. Anything goes.

With all this solitude and free time, I've been working on getting half-decent at drawing things; slowly but possibly.

Here's a piece I was working on but scrapped because I had spent far too much time on it for the end result.
I wanted to use this to get my feet wet on simple backgrounds too _(:3」∠)_

And on a whim, I tried drawing this as quickly as I could the next day, to see if all the time I spent on the former was justified. I can conclude that the end of the road is still far over the horizon.

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Between the pandemic, personal issues, and an epiphany I had, I've been working on my life long secret dream of being an online content creator. I don't have anything to show for it yet because I'm still learning the basics, but I'm getting there and I'm planning on getting my start through streaming. I'm actually planning my first broadcast this week; I have a weekly schedule planned out, preparations for each stream, I even spent a few hundred on a good mic and webcam to get started. Heck, I might even branch out into full video production if I find that I really like doing this.

Again, nothing to show for it yet, but that's going to change soon.

P.S. Screw the north American restaurant industry.

Trying to learn how to paint minis.

Getting a craft on my mind has helped ease some of my stress, or at least channel it towards something more constructive. It's still a struggle to get over the "I have to get it right the first time or else I'm a failure" mindset but I'm getting there. When I get good enough painting with simple Space Marines I'll move on to 3d printing and painting my dream army of Krieg.

So I've kinda been working on a Novel-like thing that I've been writing bits and pieces for, for the last three years or so.

I've almost finished writing the third issue, but I just have trouble finding the time to just sit down and write without getting distracted by other things.

I'll post the first two issues here in case anyone's interested, but I don't think the third one will be ready for me to share anytime soon.

Issue 1

Issue 2

Its been hard for me to write ever since the lockdown started, there are too many distractions around.

I used to write whenever I was at work or school and could write whole pages in between whatever I was supposed to be doing. Now that I do everything from home its hard to put the pen to the paper.

I'm mostly working on my thesis. It's a rouge-like game about picking mushrooms. I'd say more, but apparently you aren't supposed to disclose the details until the thesis is released.

Ozzzim wrote:

I'm mostly working on my thesis. It's a rouge-like game about picking mushrooms. I'd say more, but apparently you aren't supposed to disclose the details until the thesis is released.

That sounds pretty interesting. Will you be publishing it once you're done with your thesis?

Got a fish tank in my bedroom. 80 litres (20 gallons) with 6 mountain minnows, 3 blue shrimp and some daphnia that didn't get eaten. Might have been a bad idea since the air pump is ~50db and the room is usually ~37db, so I've had to fill the room with more noise from an air purifier to drown out the annoying pump noise

Completed courses for Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) but too nervous to actually start teaching. I don't like the feeling of teaching online due to the lack of human interaction. I'd rather leave the UK and teach abroad but I don't know if that's an option right now

Also splitting some of my savings into bitcoin/celsius network, or as much as I can afford to since no job any more ;_;


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