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Everyone gets something by somebody, like... Anybody

Last posted Mar 31, 2021 at 11:23PM EDT. Added Mar 21, 2021 at 03:06PM EDT
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As Squibblyskadew best put it

But of course if everyone is going to get memed then we have to start somewhere… And i considered that the best place to start was here and now with me and a certain…. someone.

Oh of course, how could i be so forgetful? You'll need context for this comic and here it is

That's all i have, this is the point when i ran out of ideas.
So what do ya'll think?
I would try to continue this story but since it includes characters and events who are not mine i think it would be better to invite everyone who's interested in finishing this up and maybe even make your own comics or memes of other users. I can't meme everyone on my own so all are welcome to join this erm… Cause of having every active user in this site memed or parodied, just keep it friendly and in good spirit we are here to meme and make fun of each other, not to be at each other's throaths.

Omega MISSINGNO wrote:

First of all, it's spelled "y'all."
Second of all, I might do some work on this sometime soon since why not.

Good to learn how it's spelled. I hope you liked it because this idea was rotting in my brain for a few days already, it's good to let it out in a visual way rather than just making a cringy fanfic.

Consider yourselves lucky I'm currently bogged down drawing busty, muscular brutish waifus because as soon as I've got a couple drawings of my avatar OC done (probably awhile), I'm going nuts here.

I'm wanted to go insane like this for a while now, so as soon as I can in the way I want to, I will and you all will know when that is. I'm getting fucking barrier-between-worlds-unraveling, end-of-days, total-annihilation-of-all-mater-in-the-universe, Biblical Revelations-levels of in-fucking-sane up in this bitch-ass of a thread.

You may shit your pants in advance at the Meme Hellscape I will unleash upon your screens- yawns, stretches and lays down in bed. -when I feel like getting around to it…


Just a heads up, I'm just going to get shit-faced later once I wake up sometime in the afternoon and create a continuation for this.

I already know what I want to do, but Drunk Me often comes up with zanier ideas and more ecstatic drawings? Animations? Collages?

Whatever it is that I do.

Will Quiet Boi escape from Stalag Uno?

Will 96 grumble about posting himself back home?

Does Soup King actually speak like that IRL?


Only at home though, because I am nigh incomprehensible to non-family members when I talk with my natural dialect.

For the other questions and more, you'll need to wait for whoever picks this up next to continue the story.


The song at the start is an ancient club song that was popular when I was a kid.

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