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Natrp: If I Ruled The World

Last posted Dec 14, 2017 at 03:14PM EST. Added Nov 03, 2017 at 04:52PM EDT
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The first natrp by dean blunt, rules, positions and country creation will be done later, for now i want to see who is interested. i will allow a maximum of 10 players to join.

The game will involve city states and will take up most of the classical era.

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James Blunt wrote:

then you are free to leave

Oh no man! You are the boss I am in! (Of course maybe I have a plan… maybe someday the empire of slut land will rise!)

In order to quickly increase the number of players i will now post the details of the game.

NATRP: If I Ruled The World

We will be playing on the beautiful islands of panau, with its many rivers and varied ecosystem it has become one of the first locations on earth where civilization started, with its beautiful mountains, deserts, swamplands and plains it offers a varied terrain for building a country.

Alll you need to do is place with a star the location where you want your city state to be, and post the following information.
City Name:

- There will be no victory conditions: but staying alive sure is important.
- Wars will last until you decide to make a peace treaty with your enemy: a casus belli is not required, but going to war without justification might bring negative effects.
- armies will be represented like units on the map: each city you control will give you one army, each battle won by that army will gran it a pip of xp that will incre
- Diplomacy will be strictly done on the thread: either with npsc or player nations.
- There will be four branches of tech:instead of inventions, tech advancement will be divided in Production, Maritime, Military and General which will level up with xp based on certain actions you do.

Production tech will be leveled up through actions that benefit the production base of your country, Maritime and military tech are very self-explanatory, and lastly general tech will represent the soft science skill of your country.

It is recommended you join the kym discord and ask for the natrp role as most of the discussion about the game will be done there, you will also get instant messaging to the GM just in case you need it.

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City Name:Holy City of Warsaw

History: A strong people driven by the Catholic Church, the Polish work hard to keep the country just the way they like it. Once part of a Holy Empire, Warsaw’s old architecture stays as a reminder of what once was, while it’s new building show a bright future for the land.

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City Name: Astica


Location on the Map:

Government Type:
Military Republic

The first traces of settlements near Astica date back to the Bronze Age, due to its favourable geographical position near the river estuary. After the fall of the short-lived civilization controlling and initially settling most of the region, Astica fell into stagnation, despite being a major trade centre. It wasn't until several centuries later that Astica woke up from its slumber due to an internal turmoil and installation of a republic in place of the old kingdom. Now governed by a military-oriented council, Astica has warred with their neighbors for decades. It maintains a strong naval presence, both on the river and on the sea, giving it the source of income that fuels its conquests.

Asticans are proud, ambitious people, heavily believing in the value of meritocracy and order. In their view, many other city-states and civilizations are decadent and doomed to fail. Women are seen as equals, as long as they can accomplish the same tasks as men, which lead to formation of several women-only regiments. Asticans primarily excel at warfare and trade, with a levy fleet system as merchants also receive naval combat training.


City Name: Cherri
Government: Administrative Republic
History: Cherri, having once been a Kingdom, overthrew the despotic ways of old generations ago, and Republic Tradition has ingrained itself into each aspect of administration. Cherrians have since focused on figuring out ways to track goods, and calculate the needed materials for the construction of buildings, as well as developing early Universities to further the education of the especially talented. Furthermore, Cherri has since adopted a rather open trade policy with nearby city states, also seeking trade of materials made only in far away lands. Wars with other City States, having been defensive, have proven costly for any that dare test the mettle of the First and Last lines of Defense, the Cherarii. Cherri strives to enforce its Trade Network, and hopefully expand beyond the Southern Delta.
Culture: Cherri people enjoy Chariot Races, which also carry political influence, based on which of the Chemes wins an event. This tradition carries to the battlefield, where the most elite soldiers take to Chariot to strike fear into the enemy, and outmaneuver wavering troops. Cherri people carry with them a craftsman spirit, and aim to understand the world, demanding for understanding backed by truth in accurate observation, ultimately in the goal of improving the City's ability to produce. Cherri is based on cooperative communities, with representation for most classes in both the local and core administrations. They belong strongly in many Gods, but none more prominent than Athe, Protector of the City, and of Prosperity.

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Symbol (created by the now extinct rebellion):

Government: Anarchy


History: Hentaila was conquered by the Hentaa empire 50 years ago, until a rebellion push them away unfortunately they failed at creating a new government, or any kind of order really. The place was in a state of poverty and war until a "saviour" appeared. With the invention of the papyrus and a pseudo printing press that uses stamps, small writing companies arised and among this was erotic drawings with a story (called hentai), the Hentaa empire censor them because they were considered indecent and immoral but with the government gone they are now the main export of hentaila, while this is rebooting their economy some worry these companies are actually getting to much power.
Technology: it sounds cyberpunk but their technology is still in the bronze age, they are just quite advanced in writing, swordsmith and horse transportation allowing for economic strengths, on the other hand their medicine is quite primitive and they haven't invented projectiles, shields and have primitive armor so they rely on speed and offense in wars.

Culture: Extremely hedonistic, they seem to be turning into a "hentai" themselves, the main religion worships the giant tentacle.

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Name: Estres


History: Estres was formed by a group of religious nomads who all worship a symbol they call "The Arch" which they believe can be found in everything. Estres started as a hub for their order to meet, but it soon attracted others who sought a place to settle. Those who seek Estres are all welcomed, but they are expected to conform to the rigid conduct of their religious fanaticism.

Also, very important, the main goal of the Estresian people is to build a giant Arch spanning across the island they live.

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City Name: Alkanvar

History: Alkanvar is a land whose area is rich in iron, the sand and mud along its river being a vibrant red color. This red coloration attracted people to settle here, providing a place that had a good soil to grow plants in along with a good amount of seclusion. Alkanvar believes in primordial deities of Fire, Air, Earth, and Water, and believes that these are gifts from the gods, as each requires a bit of each in order to be made. It was this belief that drew them to their current location, believing that The Fire God and Earth God made a safe haven within the red colored lands, and that the Water god provides food and water, and shields them from the harshness oft he Wind Gods Wrath. They have operated within this swampy area by Fortifying in the Summer, and expanding their lands, exploring, and conquering in the Winter. Their people value war and hunting, and the use of Hide Armor and Bone Weapons, has helped them survive in this land. Death is seen as common enough that the dead are resources to be used, as either bait for aniamls, or their skin and bone be used as building materials. In this way, Alkanvarians believe that nothing goes to waste, not even themselves.

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City Name: Beatimet
History: Constructed before the dawn of the Bronze Age, this city had recently been the target of a successful coup into a new form of citywide law. Promising to make Beatimet an utopia, the new rulers of the city agreed to do so, under a price. While having their citizens in a state of peace and happiness, they are controlling for everyone to be in a mandatory condition.

Despite this, most citizens live in peace, while some try to create new order within the city. It is noted that Beatimet attempts to be the "happiest" city in the series of islands, by all possible means.

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Hentaila hasn't broken the rules right? I am allowed to min max and have a fractured state at the beginning? I want to go for a commerce – cyberpunk/steampunk type of city filled with conspiracies. If it doesn't work I will change things though I can't edit my original comment.

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i can fit your state as a group of epicureanists so they can be in a perpetual state of anarchism (they will be kinda like pirates), but i wont let you get away with cyberpunk, inventing papyrus or even printing press when your nation hasnt even had a cohesive goverment in 50 years, so yeah i won't allow min maxing as everyone will start relatively the same power wise.

here is the map with my updated top-of-the-line desert pattern v2, lastly i would like to remind people there is one spot left

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James Blunt wrote:

i can fit your state as a group of epicureanists so they can be in a perpetual state of anarchism (they will be kinda like pirates), but i wont let you get away with cyberpunk, inventing papyrus or even printing press when your nation hasnt even had a cohesive goverment in 50 years, so yeah i won't allow min maxing as everyone will start relatively the same power wise.

here is the map with my updated top-of-the-line desert pattern v2, lastly i would like to remind people there is one spot left

Ok, but can they be (at least some inner factions) kind of evil? I feel like this world needs an antagonist. I am thinking a race of anarchist hedonists who spread entertainment around the plane but are willing to do anything to do so (partially out of necessity). They are known for stealing the technology, resources, and art of other states, the state is still an anarchy and split between those that want to restore a reformed epicurian version of the Hentaa empire (the new Hentai empire) which is a noble ideal but the Hentaa empire was an oppressive theocracy, a strange hedonistic religion that worships chaos and war causing trouble to hentaila, the corporate "party" which are somewhere between powerful corporations and pirates, and neutral epicurians who are just trying to live happily and are currently keeping a low profile.

(Basically hedonistic versions of Law, Chaos and Neutral like in Megaten, a bit messy but I think could be interesting. Instead of acting out each as separate countries it just influences events in the state and what actions I take, also diplomacy and war I was thinking other players could specify to which faction they are interacting with? Still I can stick to just 2 or 1 if you want)

Papyrus had been invented through the time of the Hentaa empire but was restricted to the government and until now it is used commercially, the printing press isn't yet invented so "hentai" is a rich person commodity, one highly sought out however.

What do you think?

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Oh yeah the corporate pirates and the anarchy cult are to a point working together as the corporate pirates are known to hire them because of their "efficiency". So they are both different troops of the "Chaos" faction (So there are 3 factions not 4 forgot to clarify and cant edit my comment sorry).

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yes i can work with that, epicureanists believes all body capabilities should be used at max in a moderate fashion to have an inner fashion (they were hedonists who believed moderation was sometimes for the best but avoiding pain was a goal) so they could create an anarchist commune of pirates that raid. About your factions, i think i can do something for you.

these three city states are all technically one nation, however each one houses a different faction within the civilization, you can choose whichever of these internal factions you mentioned you want, obviously this won't allow you to expand or colonize the same way other players do due to anarchistic culture, you will be controlling a group of people that dont really have a state mandate so actions will be a wee different, but the other city states are similarly cultured and thus more susceptible to diplomacy and even have the same customs as you. i guess i can include papyrus as unique bonus to your civ (which i will give one to each civ)

the only compromise is the termination of all anime references :)

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City Name: Camarilla

Government: Merchant Republic



History: The people that would form Camarilla were people who were forced to flee from their lands by marauding bands of bandits and mercenaries who sacked and pillaged villages for their own sadistic pleasure along with stealing what the locals owned and one fishing village and trading post that accepted in the refugees.

As more people began to flood into the small village it quickly grow into the mighty city it is now as more people began to flee from their homes now from differences of faiths and ideals that would later benefit the city. Eventually powerful and wealthy families and clans who have massive influence within the city would form a Grand Council and with an elective Doge acting as the physical representation of the city and the council as a republic was born.

However since many of the families became powerful through trading and commence the republic became a merchant minded nation as trading become a major source of its economic life blood along with naval travel and dominance in it's island and the shores close to the islands. The government has a strong hand in mercantile operations and the productions of goods to create better efficient and superior quality of all of it's goods and to carefully monitor for corruption within the halls of guilds.

The money generated by their trade lead to the funding of their army and navy along with the constructions of new homes, universities, and the commissions of artists and philosophies to engage in great cultural and intellectual works

Culture: Camarilites are honest, industrious, and ambitious people, heavily believing in the values of their republican tradition and of their own merits. In Camarilite culture women are given the same rights as men to engage in most fields and crafts should they be the best fit in that particular role. The position of governments can be given to any citizen of the state should they be well educated for the job and once a council member can be delegated to more specific administrative tasks within the government.

Camarilities enjoy music and one can find many street corners musicians playing to the masses. Along with these street musicians one can find philosophers teaching their ideas out on the streets along within the schools and homes of rich families that pay for them for their service. Camarilities also have many theaters to play a variety of plays ranging from dramatic epics and tragedies to more humorous comedies and satires. There also exist a deeply entrench scholar culture within Camarilla as the many philosophers can attest too and any citizen that can afford to pay the fee for entrance can be enrolled into the nation's schools and universities.

Camarilities are believers of magic, amulets, fetishes, and traditional medicines. Having a tradition of venerating deceased ancestors, the creation of many totems and effigies for different spirits and gods along with a strong mask culture and having an animistic point of view of the physical and spiritual world are also present as are many legends and folklore.

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You know the drill…

World Events

- The bronze age has just started, giving birth to many new city states
- Jua Kingdom has defeated Peng in battle and gained almost total control of the river, crowning itself the Juapeng Kingdom to celebreate the victory
- A coalition led by Jemeli and Osario led by Cacique to wrestle river control away from the Osali tribe has proven succesful to stop the advance of the horde, but raiding parties have started crossing the borders and harassed patrols near the stream.
- Fever pirates have risen on the western islands and have started raiding any trade crossing the region, which has made the pitheos strait neccesary for any trade to pass

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Kabal accepts the trade deal and non aggresion pact with camarilla, they however refuse vassalization as they prefer their current standing with the city state. Cacique accepts the trade agreement and non aggresion pact, while castos and jemeli refuse both due to lack of interest.


Wal and Zar accept trade agreements with hentaila if they can protect them from the fever pirate menace.


Licos is outraged at the proposal of Astica and promply refuses, seeking zetas as ally to protect its independence, Juapeng accepts the non aggresion pact.

Juapeng and Dox accept the trade agreements while berri finds the distance between city states detrimental for trade routes and refuses.


kajul accepts to enter a trade agreement with Estres

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Chaos! Hentaila attempts to make a trade deal with the pirates due to the fact they are pirates too, with the threat that if not accepted they will retaliate and assimilate them.

Law! Hentaila troops wish to create a trade and peace agreement with Beatinet due to having similar ideals while Chaos! Hentaila is distracted.

Neutral! Hentaila attempts to sell papyri and other goods to Estres, In an extremely questionable move they also make it clear they sell pornographic material.

Last edited Nov 07, 2017 at 02:57PM EST

Oh okay sorry. I will play as the chaos faction.

Chaos Hentaila attempts to make a trade deal with the pirates due to the fact they are pirates too, with the threat that if not accepted they will retaliate and assimilate them. They also try to establish a trade agreement with Fillu.

Chaos Hentaila spies in Law Hentaila and Neutral Hentaila to know what they are doing and planning.

(Edit: could you please if you can, make Law Hentaila represent in some way order though they are at least currently an anarchy? That is where I was going with the "story" thanks!)

Last edited Nov 07, 2017 at 03:28PM EST

(law faction will play a sort of anarco capitalist association, trying to bring more power to porn companies and centralizing power from the rest of the factions)

The law faction accepts to protect wal and zar from fever pirates in exchange for a protection fee so any future "accidents" don't occur.

The fever pirates don't see much point in trading as hentaila is not a true established state, but agree to work together with the chaos faction and loot trade routes together.

(espionage actions are not diplomacy and thus go in the GM actions)

Law and Neutral strengthen defenses as they hear news of espionage by the chaos faction

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trade agreement machine broke.

I'm also closing any edits and diplomatic actions for now, you can still send your turn if you havent yet but hurry up

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Turn 1


Important Events

-The Li Horde has advanced towards Juapeng domains, the horde manages to advance with some hefty losses towards the other side of the river capturing An in its wake, ransacking the city for valuables and tearing it down, the king has ordered its units to fall back and fortify the river while units advance through the west side.
- The city of Mvy has been invaded by Qsul

MILITARY will be divided in three types of units, main infantry, support units and ranged support for each city-state, with infantry units being the most important for the backbone of any army.
ACTIONS will be limited to 5 actions, try not to cram each action too much as it will increase the difficulty of the performed action and probably not go the way you want it. I am also forbidding "if" and "or" actions because they can be used to take advantage of logic loops.
TERRAIN will play an important part in the game, from deciding how easy will expansion of your city state be in the area to the outcome of battles, so make sure to keep it in mind.
CULTURE are certain traits that diferentiate your people from others, your culture can affect how other city-states perceive you, integration of other cultures etc, religion is also an important part of your culture and you can spread it to increase your influence. Culture will evolve with the game and unlike doctrine you cannot change it at will.
TECH is represented on P= production T=Maritime M=Military G= General

Cherri (Pon3)
Government Type: Administrative Republic
Economy: Production-based
Military: Phalanx, Chariot Archers
Navy: War Galleys
Doctrines: Egalitarianism
Culture: Traders, Scholars
Tributaries: Berri
Tech Levels: P:III T:II M:II G:II
War Exhaustion (Medium)

- The 1st Drupe regiment is introduced consisting of Spearmen and chariot archers, as the navy is expanded with new ships powered by oars.
- Two-Fields Crop Rotation is introduced to the agriculture, doubling the cherry production of the city state as well as other foods in general.
- Academies are built across the city with the research in mathematics and discoveries in philosophy as their main goals, book keeping houses are constructed and scribes are hired from all social classes and put in the job of teaching the peasants the writing system
- Production efficiency is increased through the use of primitive workshops, the increase of processed goods and the need of the government to properly move and tax the commodities has moved the economy to a production-based one
- Leather-crafted fiat currency is introduced with its worth backed by silver, similarly to Astica but with more success
- A spy association is created, its first mission is to infiltrate the city state of Berri while diplomatic talks hope to increase relations between the cities. Unfortunately several spies are caught snooping around military academies and promptly arrested by soldiers of the purple regiment and the failure of the mission forces cherrian diplomats to leave the country as relations between both fall greatly
- The diplomatic crisis has made the council declare war on the berry city state, the first engagement between the 1st drupe regiment and the 1st purple regiment proves costly for the cherrins, who suffer great loses in the battle. Dispite this the purple regiment is almost completely wiped out.

Alkanvar (Black Graphic T)
Government Type: Hereditary Monarchy
Economy: Fishing
Military: None
Navy: None
Doctrines: Egalitarianism, Elemential (Religion)
Culture: Fishers, Seafarers
Diplomacy: none
Tech Levels: P:I T:II M:I G:I

- Farming tools such as gillnets and setnets are introduced along with aquaculture which quickly increases the supply of fish obtained daily, leading to plentiful trade of fish that quickly stimulates the economy
- Efforts are made to expand south which is done with ease, after inspecting the kingdom of pan, scouts report to the head of state that while pan might not match the strength of the Alkanvar empire, they are well defended thanks to the jungle that sorrounds their city.

Beatimet (Deblod 100)
Government Type: Father Knows Best State
Economy: Debaucherist
Military: None
Navy: None
Doctrines: Mandatory Happiness, Indocrination
Culture: Hedonists, Utopia
Diplomacy: None
Tech Levels: P:I T:I M:I G:I
- Mandatory happiness laws are passed and all citizens must be forced to smile at all times, aside from complaints of people having their face frozen in a permanent smile state all goes well in Beatimet
- Due to miscalculations done at the mines recently constructed by the state they have collapsed causing several miners to be trapped with them, mining operations had to be stopped to rescue the doomed workers and most mines become useless to get resources out of.
- Tree leaves are used to craft a book with happiness propaganda, but the project fails completely as leaves prove to be an inefective material to write in.
- Orgies are made legal in certain establishments the government allows, much to the joice of citizens. Due to the inability to construct any new buildings city leaders have looked upon refurnished basements in taverns and other debauchery hubs, soon after all taverns in the city state have an orgy room where many of the important and rich of the city meet and the goverment has taken advantage of this to fuel their economy.

Estres (Roarshack)
Government Type: Theocracy
Economy: Maritime Trade
Military: None
Navy: Merchant Ships
Doctrines: Arch Finding
Culture: Seafarers, The Arch(religion)
Diplomacy: none
Trade Agreeements: Kajul
Tech Levels: P:II T:I M:II G:I
- Missionaries are sent to Kajul in order to spread the word of the arch and recruit soldiers for the Estresian army, the missionaries from Kajul come back home empty-handed while those from Llet found themselves violently thrown out from the city, with about half of the group dead.
- All available workforce is instructed to construct a giant bridge that can go across islands, while the project was way out of what could be done at the time, a bridge was still built in the arch river on certain key points, improving mobility between both sides in Kajul.
- Merchant ships are built, which quickly increase trade speed for the city state.

Trevor (Taryn)
Government Type: Psychotic Theocratic Dictatorship
Economy: None
Military: none
Navy: none
Doctrines: Nuclear Ban, Eyebrow Ban
Culture: Trevor (Religion), Cultist
Diplomacy: None
Tech Levels: P:II- T:II M:II G:II-
- Trevor has consulted upon the great god of legislation, after receiving enlightenment from his deity he process to speak up from his throne made of trevor’s bones, he proclaims that from now on all nuclear weapon inventions will be forever banned, whatever these mad ramblings mean doesn’t interest the peasants, who make a new holiday to celebrate no nukes day.
- Elections are held on Trevor, with the current king trevor being elected on all seats of all districts, all seats of the congress are piled on the throne made of the first trevor's bones.
- seeing the current corpse of Trevor it has been decided all citizens must follow him and strip themselves of their flesh, a safer compromise has been created by priests, who proceed to make eyebrows illegal and demand everyone to shave them, ALL HAIL TREVOR.

Camarilla (CrowTheMagician)
Government Type: Merchant Republic
Economy: Fishing
Military: Assassin warriors, Chariot archers.
Navy: None
Doctrines: none
Culture: mystics, Musicians, Egalitarianism
Trade Deal: Kabal, Cacique
Non-Aggresion Pact: Kabal, Cacique
Tech Levels: P:I T:I M:II G:I
- An army unit consisting of Assasin Warriors and Charioteer soldiers with archer units is created, relying on speed mobility and stealth the unit proves useful for hit and run and raid attacks, but ultimately powerless in direct confrontations
- The city starts construction of a grand canal connecting their shipyards and armories to have space for an assembly line of new ships, with the end goal being a great harbor, however due to the magnitude of the proyect and the lack of resources the proyect is scrapped halfway, with only some shipyards being built in the city.
- Palaces and amplius homes are constructed in the city as multi-use locations, with temples, workshops, Universities and even parliaments on the same building, due to lack of space for each institution and the lack of focus on each of these causes the proyect to be a failure, with not much being achieved compared to the spenditures the city puts everyday, the palaces are quickly abandoned and soon turn into broken down slums for the homeless of the city to live in.
- A road system between Camarilla and Kabal is constructed as there is no other city state that can be connected through a land route, several inns and horse tables are made through the route along with watchtowers to protect the road, but due to lack of general travel most of these go to waste, canals and aqueducts
- Aqueducts, sewers and toilets are built as part of a government system to increase hygiene around the city state, once opened many locals start using the free service, which quickly deteriorates the quality of bathrooms and sewer system causing a rather swift collapse of it

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