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KYM boss battle

Last posted Jan 03, 2021 at 12:31PM EST. Added Dec 12, 2020 at 01:58AM EST
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your avatar is your character.
link to your boss theme plz.
list your attacks and hp, but don't make yourself too OP
you can have one ability, which functions all the time
also list your type/s (i.e. pokemon type (this includes ? type))
you also get an ultimate ability that can be used once every 10 posts, your posts don't count towards this, neither do character posts (i.e. posts detailing a character)
Me, for example:
HP: 2000

Ability: Undertale reference
Channels the spirit of one of the following Undertale character, gaining a different effect for each one:
Undyne: Deals an extra 5% damage with all attacks
Alphys: Attacks made by anybody with an anime pfp deal 90% damage to Omega MISSINGNO
Sans: Projectile Spam deals 10% more damage
Gaster: Cancel Subprocesses deals 10% more damage
The Annoying Dog: Attacks made by anybody with an Undertale pfp or a pfp depicting bones deal 90% damage to Omega MISSINGNO
Papyrus: Attacks made by users without a pfp depicting spaghetti deal 90% damage to Omega MISSINGNO
Asriel: Attacks that aren't called and dramatically described deal 60% damage to Omega MISSINGNO
Muffet: All attacks deal 15% more damage against Bug-type bosses
Mettaton: All Normal-type attacks deal 80% damage against Omega MISSINGNO
Cancel Subprocesses (?); Ends target's subprocesses, dealing 175 damage. Breaks shields. Deals an extra 15 damage against ?-type users.
Projectile Spam (Normal); Guess what it does. Deals 200 damage.
Three Bars (?); Glitches in and out of reality due to bad WiFi. Gains a shield that reduces all damage dealt by non-?-type attacks by 30%. Lasts until broken or Omega MISSINGNO takes at least 120 damage in a single hit.
Ultimate: Data Goner. Imagine Hyper Goner with memory leakage. Summons a giant glitchy-looking elephant skull that corrupts the code of up to 4 targets, dealing 750 damage to each.

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Well, I do enjoy these old forum games. Reminds me of an old home I used to have. Here's my avatar's boss stats.


Chirpy Breakfast Companion?

Health Points: 2500 (550/850/1100)
Type: Toaster
Battle Theme: Phases 1/2, Phase 3

Main Ability:

  • Hotswitch: At 1950 HP remaining, the toaster transforms into its season 4/12 incarnation. At 1100 HP remaining, the toaster transforms into a combat robot similar in shape to Sir Killalot. Each phases increases the variety of attacks.

Attacks (Phase 1):

  • Toast Buster N: Shoots three slices of rock-hard burnt toast at extreme velocities for 45×3 damage.

  • Toast Buster C: Shoots a giant slice of rock-hard burnt toast at even more extreme velocities for 100 damage plus a moderate chance to Stun.
  • Would Anyone Like Any Toast?: Ask the enemy if they would like any toast as a taunt, debuffing their accuracy but increasing their attack power.

Attacks (Phase 2):

  • Toast Buster NC: Fires a piece of toast with Neo Cortex's face emblazoned on it, which then fires a giant N-shaped laser from his forehead, dealing 150 damage plus a defense debuff.

  • Coomer Subroutine: Using the power of non-uncanny-valley-inducing robot girls, the toaster's defense hardens and a shield is generated. The defense buff can be turned into a debuff by diving into what I consider the uncanny valley.

  • Summon Children: Spawns two toasty Team Fortress 2 sentry guns as minions. When this move is used while there is still an active sentry, the sentries upgrade and repair. Sentries can target individual opponents and deal 32/64/114 damage, and have 150/180/216 HP, both numbers depend on sentry level.

Attacks (Phase 3):

  • Toast Buster NoC: Fires a piece of toast emblazoned with Doug Walker's face, causing his toast form to scream at enemies. Deals 200 damage to an entire group and has a low chance to Stun.

  • Toast Mobile-D: Charge at an enemy and gore them with the lance, dealing 300 damage plus bleed.

  • funy amungus joke xd: Fires a piece of toast shaped like a vent that must be (and can be) destroyed within the next turn. If failed, Dr. T vents into the battle screen and throws sand at an enemy, inflicting guaranteed Stun and 250 damage.

Ultimate Attack: Crashing This Ship With No Survivors! (Phase 3 only)
If the boss has not reached Phase 3 by the time they are first able to use this, the boss stores their attack until then.
Crashes the JMC mining ship Red Dwarf into the arena, dealing 400 damage to all opponents and igniting them, causing increasing damage over time until the flames are put out.

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(Well crap, my HTML went haywire.)

Mago Malvagio

A.K.A. Timothy Owen's alter-ego

HP: 3,500 (2,000 if in casual mode, 5,500 if in extreme mode)

Exhaustion Meter: 3,500

Type: Semi-evil Magician

Battle Theme (Casual/Serious): Manuel – GAS GAS GAS (CozyChicken Remix)

Battle Theme (Extreme): Gas Gas Gas || POWER METAL COVER by RichaadEB, Caleb Hyles, Jonathan Young, FamilyJules & 331erock

Main Ability:

  • Magic Attack:
    Has the ability to squeeze or crush things with up to 50 tons of force, dealing up to 1,500 HP of damage. However, one usage of magic immediately deals 3,000 exhaustion to Mago. If Mago's exhaustion meter is filled up, he experiences 1,500 HP of damage every time he uses the ability. His exhaustion meter will remain full until the battle is over or if he can find a 1UP mushroom (which will empty his exhaustion meter completely).

  • Attacks:

  • Punch:
    Deals 100 HP of damage and fills up exhaustion meter by 200 points. If fully exhausted, this attack deals 125 HP of damage to Mago.

  • Turbo Punch:
    Deals 250 HP of damage and fills up exhaustion meter by 400 points. Can only be used once every 3 turns. If fully exhausted, this attack deals 300 HP of damage to Mago.

  • Burst o' Magic:
    Opponent flips a coin. If the coin lands on heads, the attack deals 300 damage and doesn't fill up the exhaustion meter at all. If the coin lands on tails, the attack backfires and deals 300 damage to Mago.

  • Magic Spell:
    Opponent flips two coins. If both land on heads, the attack deals 750 HP of damage and fills up exhaustion meter by 250 points. If one coin is heads and one coin is tails, the attack deals 500 HP of damage and fills up exhaustion meter by 500 points. If both coins are tails, the attack deals no damage and fills up exhaustion meter by 750 points. This attack can not be used when the exhaustion meter is full.

  • Defenses:

  • Magic Shield:
    Will defend Mago for two turns and lowers the damage of each attack by 50%. However, this shield may only be used once every five turns.

  • Magic 1-UP:
    If a 1-UP mushroom doesn't randomly show up out of the blue in a boss battle, this defense allows Mago to add 75% of his remaining HP to his HP bar and to empty his exhaustion meter. However, this defense may only be used after 10 turns, and may only be used once.

  • Ultimate Ability:

  • Death Attack:
    This attack can only be used after each player has had 20 turns. If the game is still going, this attack allows Mago to instantly kill one player, no matter how well-defended they are. However, the attack instantly fills up Mago's exhaustion meter and depletes him of 2,500 HP. If his exhaustion meter is already full, or if he is at 2,500 HP or lower, he will be instantly killed by the attack as well.

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    The Alpha Prototype

    "The Chaos Engine"



    Base HP:


    Theme Song during battle:

    Theme Song during ultimate:


    CQC Protocols: The Chaos Engine lashes out wildly with it's arms, dealing 150HP dmg to a single enemy player.

    Repair Protocols: The Chaos Engine activates it's automatic repair functions, healing 300HP, but gives it the slowed debuff until next turn.

    Energy Blast: The Chaos Engine vents a blast of energy at the enemy, dealing 250HP dmg, but renders the Chaos Engine unable to move that turn.

    Grapple: The Chaos Engine grabs hold of a player and throws them up to three positions away. Deals no dmg.

    Ability: Chaotic Fallout

    The Chaos engine suffers a power surge. Roll 1d20 to determine the effects.

    1: The Chaos Engine's ultimate ability activates, regardless if it is on cooldown or not.

    2: The player controlling the Chaos Engine may choose a result from the table that is not 1 or 20.

    3: The player controlling the Chaos Engine rolls twice on the table. If the player rolls another 3, they may roll a further two dice. Stacks up to three times.

    4: The Chaos Engine switches HP with a random player.

    5: The Chaos Engine switches position with a random player. Transported player is stunned.

    6: The Chaos Engine heals by 500HP, random enemy player is also healed for a 100HP

    7: A small hole tears into the Chaos Engine's home dimension, causing artillery shells to strike a random target for 500HP, whilst also dealing 250HP damage to any players next to them. This also includes the Chaos Engine.

    8: A small hole tears into the Chaos Engine's home dimension, causing a cloud of poisonous gas to flood onto the battle field. All effected players loose 100HP for the next five turns. Mechanical type units are immune to it's effects.

    9: A medium hole into the Chaos Engine's home dimension tears open, allowing a squad of five soldiers to enter the battle. There is a 50% chance that these soldiers will be hostile to the Chaos Engine.

    The squad contains 3 riflemen, 1 Grenadier and 1 Light Machine Gunner.

    Riflemen: Fires a burst of assault rifle fire. Deals 100HP damage. Has 150HP.

    Grenadier: Throws high-explosive or smoke grenades. High Explosive grenades deal 150HP dmg with a small chance to stun and can hit multiple targets that are close together. Smoke grenades obscure the target from other players and vice-versa, causing any player firing in or out of the smoke to have a 50% chance to miss. Has 100HP.

    Light Machine Gunner: Can either fire in spread or concentrated burst. Spread fire deals 100HP to up to three separate targets. Concentrated fire deals 300HP to a single target. Has 250HP.

    10 A distortion wave bursts from the Chaos Engine's chest. Stunning all players in close proximity and with a 50% chance of stunning the Chaos Engine as well.

    11 A large hole briefly tears open to the Chaos Engine's home dimension, allowing a tank to rumble through. This tank has a 50% chance to be hostile to the Chaos Engine.

    Tank: The tank has access to Main Cannon and Flamethrower. The main cannon deals 500HP for a direct hit and dmgs nearby players for 250HP; must be reloaded after each use, which uses up a turn. The Flamethrower deals 100HP for three turns and can hit multiple targets that are close together, Mechanical creatures take 50% dmg from the Flamethrower.

    12: The Chaos Engine briefly phases out of reality, making him immune to any enemy attack, but also leaves him unable to do anything to effect them either. Lasts until next turn.

    13: A temporal anomaly causes the Chaos Engine and all within close proximity to revert back to the state they were in three turns ago. This change is permanent and will not revert back to it's previous state naturally.

    14 The Chaos Engine bursts into flames, igniting all players within close proximity to it. This deals 100HP dmg for the next three turns to the Chaos Engine and 200HP for the next three turns to any player caught in the blast.

    15: The Chaos Engine starts to spasm and vibrate violently, causing 200HP dmg to itself, but making any next attack aimed at it only having a 20% chance to hit.

    16: The Chaos Engine heals for a 100HP, but a random enemy player is healed for 500HP

    17: A burst of lightning shoots out of the Chaos Engine and strikes the nearest target, dealing 150HP. The lightning bolt will then chain to the next closest player, this also includes the Chaos Engine. This attack deals 300HP dmg to any Mechanical creatures.

    18: The Chaos Engine is teleported to a random position and is stunned in the process.

    19: The enemy player may choose a result from this table, with the only exception being number 20.

    20: The Chaos Engine short circuits and deals 500HP dmg to the Chaos Engine and stunning it for three turns.

    Ultimate Ability: Blowout

    The Chaos Engine overloads and drags every player to a random dimension determined by rolling a D6.

    1: Disjuncture:

    Every player except the Chaos Engine get's shunted two positions to their left. If there is an object, minion or player in the space they have been moved too, both entities take a 1000HP dmg and becomes stunned for a turn.

    This effect lasts three turns and every player except the Chaos Engine shunts back two positions to the right once it has ended.

    The Chaos Engine has a 50% penalty to hit any other player during this time.

    2: Arctic Wasteland:

    Every player is transported to a frozen wasteland in the middle of a fierce blizzard.

    All players have a 50% chance to miss and all Non-Mechanical creatures take 100HP dmg each turn. All players are slowed during this time.

    Effect lasts three turns before returning to normal.

    3: The Zone

    Every player is teleported into the Zone from S.T.A.L.K.E.R.

    Whilst here, all Non-Mechanical creatures suffer 150HP dmg from radiation and has a 50% chance of drawing the attention of a Bloodsucker, which has 400HP and deals 250HP dmg with each attack.

    The local Stalkers may or may not join in the battle on either side. If they do, they have the same stats as a Riflemen.

    Anomalies may or may not be present and deal full dmg to any entity that triggers them.

    Effect ends after five turns or upon activation of a Clockwork Anomaly.

    4: Lavaland

    Every player is transported to a lava drenched hellscape.

    Any Non-Mechanical creature is immediately set on fire and receives 150HP dmg for the next three turns. All Mechanical creatures gain the Slowed debuff.

    Any player that ends up in the lave takes an immediate 500HP dmg and looses a further 250HP for the next three turns.

    Effect ends after three turns.

    5: Home

    Every player is teleported to the Chaos Engine's home dimension, a blasted network of half-demolished trenches and crater fields.

    All players, with the exception of the Chaos Engine, suffer the slowed debuff.

    Whilst here, players must contend with the following hazards:

    Quagmire: A pool of mud deep enough to drown in, players are unable to attack whilst trapped in the mud and must roll a 4-6 to escape (2-6 if it's the Chaos Engine). All Non-Mechanical creatures suffer 150HP dmg for every turn they are trapped in the quagmire.

    Mortar Barrage: On either the second, third or forth turn, a mortar barrage blankets to surrounding area with a 75% chance of hitting any player caught in the open, dealing 750HP dmg. The Chaos Engine is notified at the the start of the turn when the mortar barrage is coming, and may choose to take cover instead of attacking.

    Poison Gas: Roaming clouds of poison gas traverse the battle-scarred land. All Non-Mechanical creatures suffer 250HP dmg upon contact and a further 100HP dmg for the next five turns.

    Platoon: A platoon of soldiers come across the players and open fire. They have a 75% chance of being allied to the Chaos Engine. The platoon consists of 15 Riflemen, 3 Grenadiers and 2 Light Machine Gunners.

    Any Player that rises above the parapet immediately comes under heavy weapons fire, suffering 750HP dmg for every turn they are visible.

    This effect lasts for five turns.

    6: Dungeon Dimension

    Every player is dragged screaming into a realm of pure chaos and madness.

    Every player, with the exception of the Chaos Engine, must roll a 1d6.

    If the players roll a 6, they immediately take 2000HP dmg which cannot be mitigated.

    If they roll a 5 or below, they become Marked.

    Every time a Marked player is pulled back into the Dungeon Dimension, they suffer a -1 to the pass window, which caps out at (2-6).

    This effect lasts one turn.

    User info and errata
    Gaster Blaster--Used in Stage 2 for Taste the Rainbow, Muthaf███!
    Gatling Blaster--Used for the attack Light 'em Up! Looks like a Gaster Blaster with a Gatling gun in the "mouth." Fires .30-40 Krag at 1070 rpm.
    Friendliness Packet--A data packet that's used like a friendliness pellet. Used for the Projectile Spam attack.
    KARMA received: +7
    KARMA given: +4
    Main Contribution: Comments (80.1%)
    Stage 2: Triggers after using Data Goner
    Stage 2 main theme:

    Stage 2 theme after using Will to Live:

    Ability: Determination
    Omega MISSINGNO has a Determination meter. If at 5% or more, it automatically drains by 5% on Omega MISSINGNO's turn. If it is at 100% and would be filled, Omega MISSINGNO crashes. Upon crashing, Omega MISSINGNO is instantly reduced to 0 hp and cannot use Will to Live.
    Determination meter: 0%
    Heal (Normal); Regains 100 hp and fills the determination meter by 10%.
    File Corruption (???); The improved version of Cancel Subprocesses. Corrupts target's files, dealing 170 damage. Breaks shields.
    Light 'em Up! (Normal); The improved version of Projectile Spam. Deals 200 damage.
    Will to Live (Normal); Can only be used if Omega MISSINGNO is at 0 hp and less than 8 people have had their turns since Omega MISSINGNO was reduced to 0 hp. Omega MISSINGNO is restored to full health, however the Determination meter fills by 10% when it would drain by 5%. As such, Omega MISSINGNO will crash within the span of a few turns.
    Ultimate: Taste the Rainbow, Muthaf███! Fires a rainbow laser, dealing 1000 damage. Breaks shields.

    Errata: Your turn can be taken when you post. You cannot take two turns in a row. You can only attack, etc. on your turn. Shields reduce all incoming damage by 20%, unless otherwise stated.

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    Alright boys and girls, let's go!

    Chaotic Fallout activates

    Oh, we're off to a spicy start with a three, let's see what happens next.

    Well that's not good. Not bad, but not good. So that's a 100 HP to me and because there's only four of us, I'll just quickly roll a 1d4 to see who get's the 500HP.

    1= Missing No



    4= re-roll

    So Missing No get's the extra 500HP. Good for him/her.

    Now let's role the second die.

    Oh…that's not good. So because we haven't got a grid set-up, I may need to rethink the positioning mechanics; so we'll just have to go by posts for now.

    So, because the one who posted before Missing No was him/herself, the lighting can't jump that way, so it's coming back to me. Yay.

    So the results of my first turn is that I have given Missing No 350HP (2350 total) and I have caused 200 dmg to myself, bringing me down to (2800).

    I fine first go, I think we can all agree.

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    LIFE: 2280
    ULT: 2/10

    The toaster slowly rotates to face MissingNo. and activates its vocal circuits, seemingly ignoring the considerable damage dealt to its chassis.

    "Would you like some toast?"


    Accuracy Debuff Strength: RAND = 15.
    (Accuracy debuffs require the affected player to roll 1d20 before attacking. If the roll is less than or equal to the debuff strength, the attack fails. However, if the attack succeeds, debuff strength*4 damage is added to the attack. Wears off after one attack. Accuracy debuffs are determined via a random number between 1 and 15.)

    MissingNo. has been hit with an Accuracy Debuff of strength 15.

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    Mago looked angrily at MISSINGNO and Toaster. "Hey, why the hell are you two fighting?" Unfortunately, they couldn't hear him, so he decided to give Toaster a quick right to the jaw to get its attention.

    HP: 2,000/2,000
    ULT: 1/20
    EXHAUSTION: 3,300/3,500

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    Damage Detected***

    Attention: Power Surge Imminent***

    Eldritch energy bursts forth from the Chaos Engine and envelopes Mago, who can feel his strength surging.

    Warning: Structural Integrity Weakened***

    Crunch Notes:

    I have a feeling I'm going to be dead by turn 4 at this rate, for RNGsus has forsaken me in this game.

    So just like before, I used my Chaotic Fallout and rolled a 4.

    This means I switch health with a random player, so I rolled the 1d4 and got…

    …which is for Tim, who has 2000HP. I had 2800HP.

    So, Tim now has 2800HP and I now have 2000HP.

    Curse me and my desire to have fun instead of being vaguely practical! (Shakes fist at the spider watching me judgmentally from the ceiling.)

    Life: 2350/2000
    Ultimate: 4/10
    Channeling: Sans
    MISSINGNO attacks the Chaos Engine with Projectile Spam. However, I rolled a 13, so the attack missed. MISSINGNO takes the opportunity to reflect on how unlucky 13 is.
    Chaos Engine life: 2000

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    An item spawns every 1d6 turns. An item's effects last until another item spawns.
    Possible items (1d20):
    1-5: ATTACK↑: Gives a random user +1d6×30 damage on all of their attacks. (Roll once for all attacks.)
    6-10: DEFENSE↑: As ATTACK↑, however the user instead subtracts the bonus from any damage dealt to them. This bonus acts as a shield.
    11: Chaos Gate: Acts as if a 9 has been rolled for the Chaos Engine's Chaotic Fallout ability. The soldiers are friendly to a random user, and hostile to all other users.
    12: Health Potion: A random user gains 1d4×20 life.
    13: Ultra Ring: A random player's Ultimate charges fully. This effect lasts until the Ultimate is used.
    14: DEFENSE↓: All damage dealt to a random user acts as if the attacker was under the effect of an ATTACK↑.
    15: ATTACK↓: All of the attacks of a random user deal -1d6×30 damage.
    16: Greater ATTACK↑: As an ATTACK↑, however the bonus damage is +1d8×50.
    17: Greater DEFENSE↑: As a Greater ATTACK↑, however the bonus is subtracted from damage dealt to a random user. This bonus acts as a shield.
    20: Pandora's Box: Gives the benefit of 1d4 random items to a random user. Ignore results of 20 when rolling for items from a Pandora's Box. Bonuses, including negative bonuses, stack.
    [Server] A Pandora's Box has spawned, targeting Soup King! Items: DEFENSE↑ x3
    [Server] All damage dealt to Soup King for the next 6 rounds is reduced by 240!

    Name: olors64
    HP: 4000
    PP: 3000
    Type: Psychic/Grass

    Theme (Stage 1-2), (Stage 3), and (Stage 4).

    Ability: Meditate: Attempts to unlock new abilities by focusing on something for long enough. Because of this, my moves are very much dependent on the game, so take this post with a grain of salt.

    Phase 1 [olors64]:

    There is a 5 percent chance that [psychic] Concentrate will be available. Odds increase for each successful attempt, or if the character is secluded for long enough.

    [grass] LifeUp: recovers HP for someone.
    [psychic] PK Punch (aka rockin/love) ß: deals 170-270 damage to all enemies, but has a chance of missing.
    [electric] PK Thunder ß: summons two bolts of lightning. They usually miss, but can be intimidating.
    [grass] Healing: removes status ailments.

    Phase 2 [olors64^2 = olors4096]:

    There is a 15 percent chance that [psychic] Concentrate will be available. Odds increase for each successful attempt, or if the character is secluded for long enough.

    [psychic] Cultivate: restores PP by a tiny amount.
    [light] PK Flash: Shines a pulse of light. Roll dice to discern the effects.

    Phase 3 ["Choose the force, olors64^3 = olors262144."]

    (by this point, because the attacks will be more dependent on the game itself, it becomes harder to figure out which abilites are gained in which places.)

    Ability: The Strong Force: Summons gluons which decay into weaker kinds of energy.

    Ultimate Ability [olors Variable near capacity. Expanding byte limit… ]:

    Ability: Pervading Peace: Opponents are temporarily blinded.

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