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KYM Boss Raid

Last posted Feb 10, 2021 at 11:19PM EST. Added Feb 08, 2021 at 06:37PM EST
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Raises hand.

Can we be unfinished and buggy bosses that consequentially behave erratically and unpredictably in addition to crashing the game whenever defeated, forcing players to restart our battles or perform speedrunner exploits to skip us? Or is our Quality Assurance department actually worth the money that they should be but most likely are not being payed?

And if not can we be overpriced DLC bosses that nobody fought because nobody bought the overpriced DLC?

I will be that one very annoying boss that has a regeneration mechanic that can be countered by only one very specific build that nobody ever builds.

Note: An ability targeting an "adjacent ally" can also target the user.
Base HP: 150
Melee Weapons (Steel): Deals 8 damage to an adjacent target.
Bow (Normal): Deals 5 damage to a target within 10 squares.
Heal (Fairy): Adjacent ally regains 2 hp. Cooldown 1d4 rounds.
Ice Bolt (Ice): Deals 8 damage to a target within 8 squares.
Base HP: 205
Melee Weapons (Steel): Deals 10 damage to an adjacent target.
Base HP: 140
Fireball (Fire): Deals 12 damage to a target within 9 squares.
Call Lightning (Electric): Deals 10 damage to two adjacent targets. Each must be within 7 squares. Cooldown 1d4 rounds.
Base HP: 150
Staff (Fighting): Deals 5 damage to an adjacent target.
Heal (Fairy): Adjacent ally regains 5 hp.
Resurrection (Fairy): Targets an adjacent ally with max HP equal to or lower than their base HP – 10. Target regains 10 hp and their max HP increases by 10. Cooldown 1d6 rounds.
Base HP: 145
Bow (Normal): Deals 10 damage to a target within 10 squares.
Poison Arrow (Poison): Deals 12 damage to a target within 14 squares. Cooldown 1d6 rounds.
Arrow of Death (Ghost): Deals 50 damage to a target. Cooldown 1d12 rounds.
Base HP: 140
Ability: Nimble
All attack rolls count as being 2 lower against this squad. In addition, this squad can move 6 squares on its turn, instead of 5.
Knife (Steel): Deals 8 damage to an adjacent target.

1-10: Mixed
11-12: Martial
13-14: Mage
15-16: Medic
17-18: Archer
19-20: Rogue

Most of your attacks will need attack rolls. To make an attack roll, you roll a die, then roll another die. If the result of the second die is higher than that of the first, the attack hits. If the result of the first die is higher than that of the second, the attack misses. If both die results are the same, the attack is a critical hit and deals double damage. Generally, both dice are d6s, however if an attack is exceptionally accurate, you might replace the first die with a d4. If it is exceptionally inaccurate, you might replace the first die with a d10. Squads don't have to make attack rolls because there are so many attackers in them. Fortunately, they have relatively low health and attack damage.

Average boss hp is 600.

Raises hand and waves it frantically whilst making "Oooh, Oooh, Oooh" sounds.

Can I bring back my RNG-Based boss from the last game that has so far not survived past round three without blowing itself up and buffing the enemies a ridiculous amount?


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