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Old members reintroduce yourself

Last posted Mar 10, 2023 at 03:34PM EST. Added Jan 29, 2017 at 04:59AM EST
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You might know me as Trollanort. AKA The Darknessfucker. AKA The resident preacher of Susanoo and MUST DIE. (From BlazBlue)
I don't do much here anymore except occasionally just shitpost or summat.
Do not ask me about comics.
Also may lowkey be thirsty toward Sam Camilla.

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'Sup nerds, I'm Eris. Am I a boy? A girl? I'll let you decide. ;)

Just a high schooler (soon to be college student) uploading memes and collecting karma.

I'm not as active as I used to be, but I'm still willing to make friends. Just hmu and what not.

I'm Big Brother, I've been here for a few years, but I believe I never posted an introduction. I usually post dank political memes or voice my opinion in the comments, with the occasional forum post.

I'm interested in political ideologies, having touched both the left and right for the sake of knowledge and fun.

I am Yunpol. I was previously known as Lopunny for a while. I have been here for almost 2 years now, Even then, a lot has changed for me.

I am now port Pokemon models to Garry's Mod and Source Filmmaker. However, I still post Pokemon pictures to either the Pokemon Sun/Moon or the main Pokemon gallery, but not as much as before due to spending time porting models and school work.

I am not as active as before, but I am willing to talk to others.

I never did introduce myself but I joined the site some 4 years ago (I have lurked KYM for even longer).

I usually visit the site daily to find amusement in and scoping out new/interesting anime in the images section.

Originally first joined this site defact0, reverted to all caps a year later after finding out you can change your username at any given point in time.

I was still in the Army when I first joined KYM. Mostly came for the budding MLP:FiM boom that was happening at the time. Nowadays I have been honorably discharged and now have an AC separation tear in my left shoulder joint that occurred three days after getting out of military life. It doesn't hurt, but am currently waiting for a MRI scan appointment courtesy of the Veteran's Affair.

Other than that, Now I am mostly an absolute shut-in surviving on a substantial amount of cash saved over time serving and scouring for hentai, monster girls, and maybe college in the later day.

i never bothered introducing myself so might as well do it now
I first joined this site as I am bacon(silly name, i know), eventually changed it to Big Stupid Jellyfish as a Mass Effect reference. I joined the site because i was bored.
I stopped posting for a while though.

Hi I'm deltamelon. I'm the kind of user that vanishes for half a year and then randomly pops back up; half the people will go "oh shit it's delta" and the other half will go "who the fuck is delta."

I think I may be one of the oldest users still on this godforsaken site (if you can call my intermittent showings that).

I was a very large part of the community up until about three years ago now. I believe it was the beginning of college in fall of 2014 that I stopped coming on here on a daily basis.

Since then, I've created a Youtube channel for dumb humor that I enjoy, and I have a real life gf somehow.

Hello there. You can call me Sugary Salt, or Sugary, or just Sugar if you want, darling. I first came across this site back in 2013 and started lurking, but I didn't join until 2014 with the name Raidzen, which I then changed to Bio-nonHazard, and finally to Sugary Salt. I joined as a high school sophomore and am now almost a college sophomore.

I originally joined to have fun and look at arts and lewds, lewds and arts, and other entertaining stuff from my favourite fandoms; leaving comments here and there in hopes of getting recognition in the form of upvotes. I never visited the forums until a few months ago because I'm terrible at being in a conversation, but it turned out to be quite fun. I don't like being serious, so I avoid "real" stuff like politics. Subsequently, I like fictional stuff like anime and video games; not movies, though, never figured out why.

And I feel the need to emphasise how much I love video games. I love video games.
Anyways, I hope to get along with all of you.

I'm C_Mill24, resident Smashologist of KYM. I'm one of the few members of this site that mostly participated in Super Smash Bros. discussion who hasn't gotten banned or disappeared from the site. I joined this site because I was sick of seeing Pokemon in maid outfits in the Pokemon gallery, but stayed to sometimes research memes and shitpost on the KYM discord.

I'm also the resident Laura Bailey fanatic and have had an interest in voice acting since high school. I hope to one day meet Laura Bailey in real life, get starstruck by her and try to ask for some VA tips while trying not to faint. You'll find me more active on the KYM discord shitposting in the servers, playing Jackbox with the other members from time to time, and in voice chat being ADD as all heck.

If you have any Smash-related questions regarding casual or competitive play, I'm your guy to ask them to. I know way too much about the series for my own good. Soul Eater is my favorite anime/manga, although My Hero Academia is my latest obsession. I love Electronic music, with some of my favorite artists being Karma Fields, Loosid, Topi, Au5, Disclosure, Trivecta, Gareth Emery, and a myriad of other musicians and DJs that I enjoy listening to.

YouTube Poops are my favorite meme, Soul X Maka is my OTP, Pan's Labyrinth is my favorite film alongside Citizen Kane and I have Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones almost completely memorized word for word.

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I think 5 years is considered old…..I never even did a normal introduction, so it's a first.

Seki108 here. I used to post quite a lot of images….a lot of them on the Tumblr gallery. I even earned 2 custom titles. Can't say I'm proud of all of it, since I barely ever bothered to tag anything. Now, I could barely find anything in the mess of 7000+ images I've posted. There is even a satirical tag someone made when they were re-tagging some of my older stuff "Seki never tags"…..I deserve that.

Anyway, I left for about a year and a half because I needed to re-focus on classes. I came back a year or so ago after avoiding this place, and now I'm here to stay. I missed quite a bit during that time(the most telling of which is the rise and fall of Palpitoad).

I mostly just comment now, though I have uploaded a few (full tagged and sourced) pictures and videos since my return. I'll mostly be seen in anime-related galleries, as well as RWBY. I definitely come back to check on the two Pokemon galleries everyday, since I got back into Pokemon (not through that shitty game Go, but through the Pokemon Reborn community).

Not sure if this was really an intro, or just my site story. Either way, I'll stop rambling. Feel free to talk to me, since even after all these years on here I still don't take the initiative often.

I never introduced myself the first time but whatever.

I used to be Nojical, but ever since I made a ton of chao icons photoshopped to look like different characters, I became Cosplaying Chao. My favorite of the bunch was Simon the Digger (#22), so I usually use that. I even made a special sprite for it (which you see now).

If you are curious, I made 40 chao edits, 5 chao sprites, and I make a fuckton of emotes for discord.

I don't even use the forums so I don't know why I'm posting this here. I'm usually on discord or youtube. I may be in the comments of the trending images if I think of something witty to say or what have you. I still go by Nojical, but I don't mind being called either ("Noj" or "Chao" are the usual nicknames I get).

I'm Espurr, who first joined the forums back when X/Y was brand new. I remember when I first created this account it originally called "Sylveon" but I accidentally deactivated it since I never used it. Years later, I made one called "Espurr" that is dedicated to Espurr. However I even used to have an avatar that was an Espurr with a crown. The full image can still be found on my profile that features to Sylveons.

I remember when I created this account. I briefly changed my password and had trouble logging back in until I contacted RandomMan to help get back my account and made a back up account called "King Espurr".

I later changed my avatar to a Brionne blowing a kiss by Alfa995 when I was hyped for Sun and Moon last year.

RedNine standing by! (Not actually named from star wars)

I found out about this site after I saw that auto tune video with Weird Al on YouTube back in 2010. Since then I've been lurking off and on. Back in my day the majority of the memes were related to rage comic reaction faces like forever alone, troll face, me gusta and that fuuuuuu face, oh and caption images, caption images freaken EVERY-WHERE. My faves were my body is ready, gary oak, troll physics, lol didn't read, creepypasta, and of course, krystal eating a sandwich.

then came mlp

I had a few other usernames I forgot the passwords to which were used to shitpost low quality jpegs. I never got involved with anything or knew what was going on with the site in general so I never got any memes meta related. Only started using the forums after that whole anti-adblock message came up which almost killed this site for me. Nothing wrong with ads, everything wrong with malware. I've been most active with this username posting borderline pedopornographic weeb art, >shadman memes, and body inflation.

I'll always go on here to see what's trending in pop culture even though I still use other sites like reddit.

and on a side note apparently I still don't know how to use Textile right

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Hello, my name is Roarshack. You may know me as "the guy who made an alt account and pretended to be particle mare's grand dad" or "the guy who made 6 threads about what he ate for dinner".

I'm very much into western comic books, such as Watchmen, by Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons, and Superior Foes of Spider-Man, by Nick Spencer and Steve Lieber.

I almost exclusively post on the Riff Raff section of the Know Your Meme forums, which is a known for it's raunchy humor and magnetic attraction of chronic masturbators and anime fans. It's here where I show off my trademark humor by mistaking wild arachnids for household pets and arranging random photos into a recreation of a four panel comic strip about miscarriage.

I'm hoping after reading this, me and you could be great friends one day!

Hello everyone, it's been awhile.
Name's Rylade475, and you might remember me from when I made some posts that try to defend Pokemon Sword and Shield. I do wanna apologize for that, I definitely acted stupid by letting my emotions get the best of me. After 4-month hiatus from here, I felt it'd be great to browse this website for fun again which a much more level-headed attitude.

As far as re-introductions go, I first found this site back in 2011 when MLP/bronies were a thing, wasn't until 2013 that I made an account. I'm obviously into Pokemon, and there's also Smash, Fire Emblem, Zelda, Shantae, and other gaming series (not to mention I've recently been getting into Sakura Wars). I'm also into some anime and lots of movies, especially the Avengers and Harry Potter which I've been reading the books as of late.

Oh I didn't realize we had this thread. I'm Wisehowl, I deactivated quietly a couple years back for reasons I don't remember and rejoined for reasons I don't remember. I think I first got into the site around the time Kill La Kill was dominating the trending tab. Mostly I just enjoy the fanart and funny memes of properties I like.

I like (with specific faves in parenthesis) tabletop gaming (wh40k), anime (Girls Und Panzer), military history (WWII), and various video games (Metroid Prime 2). If I'm on KYM it means I'm procrastinating something else, so feel free to tell me to get back to work.

I mostly just comment/complain but I hope I can at least contribute to the overall dialogue. Pleased to meet y'all.

Hello, I'm Saber the Totodile, resident PMD enthusiast. I've been known for my 'unique' way of talking and was fairly popular back in the good ol' days of KYM.

But now, I simply observe most goings on and comment/post regularly without the whole 'Totodile' shtick for the most part, except for now and maybe some other times when it's fits.

You probably won't find a friendlier person on this site aside from a select few, as I still tend to bask in the glory days of 2006-2012 of memes, before they went all 'ironic' and such.

I really don't get half of these newer memes as most of the time they're aren't funny and just perpetuates the 'fifteen layers of meta' the net has become known for.

But ignoring that, I'm actually a aspiring writer and still active 'roleplayer' as the title is so often thrown up over. I find 'co-operative writing' is less offensive and does sound a bit more interesting. So if you ever find the need to just talk to someone or do some writing, My DMs are ALWAYS open! Have a fantastic day.

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I joined the site on when I was a sophomore in undergrad after I got tired of using Facebook comments. I joined during the My Little Pony craze and was a fan of the show, so figured I'd create a brony-related name. I went with BulletproofBrony just because it was an alliteration and have stuck with it since. Occasionally, I change up the latter half of my name and the head of the underlying pony art to reflect my current kick.

Some of my favorite prior iterations where when Verbose suspended an old user named Advance for posting an NSFW picture of Rarity (of whom he was a big fan), and the site was flooded with Rarity/Advance-themed avatars during his suspension. Here's a fun snapshot of what us knuckleheads were up to back then (and even Verbose joined in):

I also shipped Advance with Joe Amethyst, as they had a major bromance, and declared myself captain of that ship.

I visited the site less frequently during the latter part of law school and my first few years practicing law, but I picked it back up recently. In general, if I haven't posted an image in a while, it's probably because work's got me busy.

Last, and fun fact, my wife and I bonded over KYM prior to us dating. We met each other through undergrad first, but you can track the history of us bickering at each other prior to dating pretty extensively through our profiles. (And also the art on her profile of her pony harassing mine.) She doesn't get on as much as I do, but I usually let her know when something interesting happens.

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I am some kid that came here because of trending images. I decided to look at all images after that September spam. I met many kids here and became a friend with them.

A bit late on the thread, but oh well.

My name's Yangy, and I've been on this for nearly 8 years now. I originally went by other accounts "temmiy" first and then "Assriel Dreamer" second (I was a kid back then, so there's a bit of cringe in those accounts). Unlike the other two usernames, I got the name "Yangy" from my last name: Yang. The reason why I have a third account is because I forgot what my previous accounts' passwords and emails were after taking year long breaks from here.

I used to come an unhealthy amount of times for fnaf memes when I was in middle school, but now days I've been taking breaks more often because of school and how mostly stale this place has become. I only come here whenever there's something interesting going on, or interesting to talk about like video games (ESPECIALLY deltarune) and real events. I also still like the memes posted on here somewhat, and there's still some users I like on this site.

Outside of KnowYourMeme, I enjoy playing games, listening to music and making them, reading seinen manga, writing stories, and watching youtube. I am currently looking for a job right now so that I can make enough money to buy a gaming pc and become a game developer like toby fox one day!

tl;dr name's yangy, been on KYM for awhile, love playing games and other stuff, and I want to make games like toby fox one day. Apologies for the long essay above.

Ann Hiro wrote:

I'm a Brand New Member

welcome to kym, everybody's favorite internet culture compendium held together by spit and duct tape that somehow is reasonably usable

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Damn, it really has been almost 11 years since I joined? Crazy that I still don't have any achievements lmao guess I need to interact more.

I doubt any of you remember me but I was really active back from 2012-2014 I used be known by another name which I've kinda disowned, but I was in charge of doing a couple forum adventures, as well as mostly documenting Homestuck and TF2 content. Actually, I originally joined the day that [S] Cascade came out specifically to contribute to the HSG thread. One of these days I'll get the Homestuck Achievement, I'm not even sure if anyone has it.

Sugary Salt wrote:

Hello there. You can call me Sugary Salt, or Sugary, or just Sugar if you want, darling. I first came across this site back in 2013 and started lurking, but I didn't join until 2014 with the name Raidzen, which I then changed to Bio-nonHazard, and finally to Sugary Salt. I joined as a high school sophomore and am now almost a college sophomore.

I originally joined to have fun and look at arts and lewds, lewds and arts, and other entertaining stuff from my favourite fandoms; leaving comments here and there in hopes of getting recognition in the form of upvotes. I never visited the forums until a few months ago because I'm terrible at being in a conversation, but it turned out to be quite fun. I don't like being serious, so I avoid "real" stuff like politics. Subsequently, I like fictional stuff like anime and video games; not movies, though, never figured out why.

And I feel the need to emphasise how much I love video games. I love video games.
Anyways, I hope to get along with all of you.

Cripes, is that really what I sounded like back in 2017? How times change, and people along with them. I guess 3-5 years of cursing fate and college does a number on one's psyche. This just won't do; people might see this and get the impression that I'm some kind of wholesome Samaritan with a healthy affection for video games who just wants to spread happiness for all in any humble way he can. It is time for a re-introduction, that I may express myself, my tastes, my outlook on life, my general dispositions on subjects unspecified, everything that I am now, in a concise yet eloquent manner.

Greetings. I am Sugary Salt.

Get constipated.

Thank you very much indeed.

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"Reintroduce myself," it seems so weird to do because, looking back, I never introduced myself in the first place. I've been on this site since 2011, I'd say. I lurked for years until I made an account, but I wound up deleting it in a matter of months. Exact reason, I can't even remember,

Nostalgia would keep me coming back. While to most this place is just a site for cataloguing memes and dumb shit, or a quasi-news site and pseudo-NSFW booru to others, to me it holds somewhat of a more personal significance, as well as probably my favorite site for general public discussion for over a decade. The lax posting culture and general vibe means that while discussion never seems to go completely off the rails, it's incredibly diverse and you always find something at least interesting, nobody's really afraid of being made fun of for being weird or seeming silly.

Also believe it or not, this place is probably the best art site on the internet.
People can laugh or disagree all they want, but as someone who has used DeviantArt consistently since 2007, and in a world where the competition are the likes of FA and Twitter, I can comfortably say this to be the case. Found way more of my biggest inspirations and some of the coolest artists in-general through Know Your Meme than I did, naturally and on my own, through each of their respective sites themselves.

I thought I posted here some time ago but I guess not. I guess now is a good time for a post then.

I came around to this website some time in 2014 (sometime around when smash bros for 3ds/wii u came out). I can't remember much of the early days here but I typically visited this site daily. I'm actually not sure if many people here recognize me from posts in those days, but I see atleast a few regulars online. I only fairly recently started making posts on the forums, even though I've been leaving comments on pictures since I started here.

I've stayed here for as long as I have because the image search function here is actually pretty decent and the daily feed is usually good. It's a cool place to spend some time on every now and again.

Name’s Cold Hard Crash, after the Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back level of the same name. I like women, memes, and video games. Been around since 2014 a little before a certain movement happened and stuck around in the comments for Smash Bros related discussion before branching out into image uploads and tagging. If you see an unusual amount of reds in the gallery, it may or may not be my doing. With my apologies, heh heh…

Beyond that, I’m pretty supportive of progressive movements as an autistic black man myself. If you want to talk with me, feel free to do so. Just be careful with bantering about my interests as I’m pretty defensive over them.

Let’s be good to each other.

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Been a while since i've posted. According to my profile roughly 6 years. Man, it feels like opening an old chest reading the stuff i've posted. A nice mix of nostalgia and cringe reading/looking the stuff i've posted.

Really hard to imagine myself making some of those posts again. Kinda neat to see how we change with time.

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So old I can't remember my old password anymore and had to make a new account. I started here like 12 years ago and have either forgotten or repressed half the cringe stuff I did. I guess I signed up when I was 18 or something and this month I'm turning 30. I don't recognize anyone on here and randomly remembered the site today and decided to go on a nostalgia trip and saw this thread.

So yeah. Time flies at you fast.

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