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Old members reintroduce yourself

Last posted Mar 10, 2023 at 03:34PM EST. Added Jan 29, 2017 at 04:59AM EST
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People change with time, and if you have been here for at least 2 years most probably your old introduction no longer matches who you are now.
So, I made this thread, you can post your old introduction and talk about how you changed since then or just reintroduce yourself from 0.

Here's my old introduction
I was still in college when I joined KYM. At first I always acted seeking a reaction, I used to make a lot of user above you threads so people would interact with me and I made some forum posts and uploaded some images I'm not particullary proud of, in fact I would have gotten into trouble, and maybe even suspended, if it wasn't for a certain moderator that modified my posts and decided not to warn me.
Nowadays I just try to have as much fun as possible, and if I can be useful to the website or help someone, better.
Thanks to KYM I have RWBY and Kill la Kill a second chance, and I watched Attack on Titan. It also changed my views on polytics, back when I joined I thought that everyone should be able to do whatever they wanted as long as It didn't harm anybody else, now I realize that no society could work with such a weak basis. Even if it's not just because of KYM that I changed, I like to think this website played a role in my growth as a person.
Finally, it changed the way I interactuar with other people on the internet, back when I was active on youtube I used to insult and provoke people on the internet just for fun, and I still did at first when I joined, but not now. Now I just try to say what I think, that helped me forge new friendships here that I hope will last for years.
Overall, I would say my experience in KYM has been positive. I consider myself a better person than what I was when I first joined.

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Hi, this is Particle Mare.

Just coming back and (not) leaving to say that I apologize for bullying Bob, along with h4xxoring myself illegitimate admin powers on the IRC in my attempts to take over the site.


I'm Natsuru, everyone calls me Nats. I was crowned first community artist title because I caused the first major artist movement on Know Your Meme. I also used to be the second highest accumulated karma because of that, but BSoD surpassed me while I was absent. I'm also the official armpit maiden of the site because reasons.

I used to be the number one source of unconditional love for the website's community, but after a few unfortunate absences I came down with chronic "Who Are You People!?" syndrome. Regardless, I quietly watch over you all.

I wouldn't have dreamed of needing to reintroduce myself a year ago. Real life living alone is a real pain in the ass you know. Inspite everything that has transpired, I might as well still be the same person, just a bit more mellow and skilled.

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Uhh, my account is almost three years old, can I be considered old?
Anyways, I'm Max Burg. Joined to upload misplaced images and make invalid complaints, stayed to write entries, report images and upload even more images.
More or less left after I lost motivation for writing entries.

Hi, I'm Ric Tesla. I am no where near as active as I was back in the day but I still visit the site, I just mostly lurk.

I forgot what I even did back then that would be considered notable. But I got thousands of comments and forum posts. Which I most likely don't remember making 90% of them anymore.

I guess I am more or less the same, just bit more older and wiser.

Hello there! I'm Mr. Plankton! The most evil and daring genius you ever witness…though I'm on an evil break.

I have been in KYM for almost 4 years. I'm fairly active and mostly lurk and check on what's new in images and seeing some meme documentation. That's about it.

Hey, I'm Samekichi Kiseki. The user that may or may not suicide bomb your ass.
Been around for 3 years and you can regularly find me on the KYM iRC if you want to chat up with about stuff.
and the same as my introduction 3 years ago, i like boobs :)


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I'm le noob/LNH. I'm into music, games, movies, sports, and really anything. I'm pretty easy to talk to.

I used to be a frequent entry writer, and if you need help with an entry, feel free to message me. I still frequent the forums, if you need any help there as well.

You can find me most often on the IRC and the Discord.

I'm Armesi, it's not the best name but way better than the embarrassing one I used to have like a year ago, but it doesn't matter since I still do the same embarrassing things. I love video games and study in a vocational college for them in the hopes that I could make one myself someday. I'm not really relevant to this site or anything but I still come here like everyday to visit the forums, upload softcore porn or do less important things like read at the news.

Even though I give this site a lot of shit, I do really like it and I also do like the community a lot, it's the main reason why I visit this site so often and also maybe because I love getting my rocks off to kym's plentiful nsfw images, god bless this fetishistic mess

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I've been here for quite a while now. 2 years according to my profile, but the account is not as old as my time here.

I've never really been a part of the "community" and I've just been around, checking the images. I guess I haven't changed too much, as I didn't exactly have a "face" to change anyway.

I can't believe I've been around longer than most active users now. I hardly know anybody now. Well anyways, I joined in 2010 to create an entry, which ended up being confirmed in like 2 months, and then I started to really get into the site. Despite all the time I've been here, I have yet to get mod status or any real form of recognition.

Adam DeLand wrote:

I can't believe I've been around longer than most active users now. I hardly know anybody now. Well anyways, I joined in 2010 to create an entry, which ended up being confirmed in like 2 months, and then I started to really get into the site. Despite all the time I've been here, I have yet to get mod status or any real form of recognition.

i've seen you around, you rarely post tho..
I am boshy, joined in 2013 to comment on the Doge Gallery. Eventually this site sucked me in like a vortex.
But now the only reason i stay is for the kym discord, other than that i dont give a fuck about this shit site.

i’ve seen you around, you rarely post tho..

Well there's hardly anything of my interest to talk about anymore, and whenever I try to start a forum, nobody posts and gets completely buried.

I'm elmashojaldra, I'm an ex-salty twitter user from 2012. At first I was here just for ponies and lulz but at end I liked the idea to contribute to this little corner of the internet with softcore MLP porn and stolen content, I also post in some treads every once in a while.

Hey I'm SweetAndDelicious.

I originally started 4 years ago as a brony, I feel like a large number of community members started of this way back in 2012.
I doubt people might remember me from my brony days but I used to post/roleplay as spike from mlp sometimes, hence this ridiculous username. I made my "debut" by posting on the mlp comment section and it was cringy af; I can't find it under all those comments.
Here's my debut on the Pony forum too.
I think I tried too hard to fit into this community in the beginning, but I did evidently make some friends, maybe some people might recognize me from time to time like most users here.

Anyways now I'm hardcore into nip cartoons and recently getting introduced to some JRPGs, let's discuss shows sometimes! I love talking about this hobby, I'm more into hiding my power level IRL though.Also the galleries are nice to browse every once and a while, I think I'll be frequenting this site as long as the meme market is around, I like to know my mei-meis.

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Hey im TripleA9000,

Been using the site since early 2013. I always use gundam avatars, always. Never changed my name. I've always been really active but i never really did anything special or anything that would make me stick out, i've really always just, been here.

I haven't been using the site as much as i used to, since i'm trying to focus more on college. But i'll probably never actually leave the site.

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I'm T-bone or Tche or whatever the fuck y'all want to call me cause no one can remember my name. I started on this site 3 years ago as theclassicrock1969. That was my username on memebase/cheezeburger and I thought this site would share a lot more users than it actually does. I used to make really cringey dumb posts and I still do but I don't know which ones they are yet. According to my post in the new users thread I lurked for a while before I joined but I don't really remember that. I used to be super fascinated with internet culture. I thought it would be great to have a sort of virtual nation but now I'm more interested in just finding cool communities that I enjoy. When I first joined the site all the weird meta memes were still popular, maybe just starting to die out. I made some pretty cringey circlejerky posts about goats and cheetos and shit. Now I just make dumb riff raff posts.

My nick is, and has always been Muumi. First gen Community Artist along with Natsuru. I've never been a very active poster, but I've been around and lurking since 2011. I'm pretty quiet and reserved with my posts, but catch me in a chat and I won't shut up.

People remember me from my drawing threads, first wave pony art, Hatsune Miku related avatars, and me complaining about people who misspell my five letter nick.

Aaron Husky wrote:

I'm Aaron. I joined 3 years ago as Captain Vespa, then left for a few months and came back as a dog. I don't do much but blab on the forums now

holy fuck i remember you now,
how are you?

Hi, my name is Necromagenvion and I've been here since May 21st, 2012.

After an extreme makeover in Gametrailers during 2011, I began lurking here shortly after, but ultimately joined on 2012 (ponies are the main cause; they still are), back during the ol' days of the rage comics (probably late years but, y'know).

Not quite a conversationalist guy but I try, definitive Turok fan around these lands, have had and will have plenty of chuckles at gold comment sections in the gallery and forums (sometimes making me enter in deep thoughts), fucking up like your average human being but learning from those mistakes… in the end, I'm just a chill dude who wants to have a good time.

Captian Winters here, formely General Granger. Things have changed much in this site, Back in the day, the MLP boom was baffling. Every second post was related to those ponies. And the other content… Well, mostly advice animals and rage comics. That stated, I think the site was better than now. Today the site is mostly Trump, controversies™, shitty twitter "memes", and soft-core porn. I personally think the site has decayed, starting to become a parody of itself, I may be wrong but that is my impression.

I have not changed much, although I post images much less often, I still aren't part of the POPULAR ACTIVE USERS® so I managed to avoid most of the drama until recently.

Last edited Jan 30, 2017 at 03:15PM EST

Hi, I'm Farm Zombie. I started lurking KYM in 2014 during breaks at work because I liked the funny pictures. Just short of two years ago, I joined in order to upload Hentai Quotes and make comments. Soon, I discovered that I could post other images too. It took a while before I started posting in the forums because I had bad experiences in such places before, but I decided I have opinions and needed somewhere to share them. Now you can find me writing needlessly long RWBY analyses and occasionally uploading seemingly random images.


I'm Blue Villager. I originally went by a different name which has thankfully been forgotten. I joined in 2013 and was a massive tumour for the site, until I came back last year after leaving sometime in 2015 and began contributing (albeit, a very tiny amount). Now I at least try not being a dipshit (but that IRC is fair-game).

If you find any of my old comments, I apologise in advance for the cringe you may get.

Sup, I'm Freakenstein, internet people who know me enough call me Frank even though that's not my real name. I have a distinguished feature of being a Biology graduate, so I know about a couple things. For the few times I'm funny, most of the time I get the "shut up Meg" treatment. I really like the Dragon Quest series.

Started off as Pyro in 2011. Left for a bit, came back as Sandstone. Left again now I'm Sunhammer. I like guns and movies.
Ric's an old buddy, glad to see he's still around.

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I'm the Man with the Plan, the Champ Who Runs the Camp, the Face Who Runs this Place, the Ayatollah of Rock 'n' Rolla, the Smark Who Mouths like a Mark, the Gangster of Love, Spaaaaace Cooooowboyyyy. You may also call me Maurice.

Crappy references aside, name's Cowboy. Lurked here probably since 2011 or 2012, but only made an account like late 2014. Honestly didn't do much in the site until 2016, when I got real active and did stuff like tagging images and what-not.

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I'm still as mysterious today as I was when I was in my most active, now be activity in this site is almost like a ghost; haunting the site while most are unaware that I still exist in these parts of the web.

I believe my title as the resident spooks is still known to the older users.

I don't even fucking remember when I joined the site. My profile says it was in 2013 apparently- like hell, really? Has it been that long? It feels like I've been here for less than that, but I can't remember a time when I haven't been on here. Like KYM has existed this whole time.

Anyways, I severely doubt I actually introduced myself back then- it took a few years for me to actually touch the forums- but now is better than never: the name's Thraximundar, amateur writer, commentator, metal music enthusiast of sorts- not much to say. I still mostly just stick to browsing image galleries like back when I first came by, now sometimes stopping by the forums for stuff. Still won't touch entries though, that ain't my business.

Ric Te$l@ wrote:

Hi, I'm Ric Tesla. I am no where near as active as I was back in the day but I still visit the site, I just mostly lurk.

I forgot what I even did back then that would be considered notable. But I got thousands of comments and forum posts. Which I most likely don't remember making 90% of them anymore.

I guess I am more or less the same, just bit more older and wiser.



My profile speaks for itself of th travesties that happen here.


Yeah im alex and been with this site for 5 years and still find it entertaining.

All the drama has gone (yeah right) .
I have a profile :^). Reintroducing is some bullshit by the way!!!!

For the past 2 years ive mainly just IRC'D because i find it works faster for me.

I like to be involved just Pm me or Come up with a GOOD WAY to have gudtimes

Name's Rylade475, and I've lurked this site since 2011 mostly because of MLP, but I didn't join KYM until 2013. I'm half-American, half-Filipino, almost 21 years old, and currently in college going for Computer Science.
My name is a combination of my irl name Ryan, my favorite Pokemon Gallade, and Gallade's Pokedex number 475. I enjoy many things--video games, anime, movies, you name it.

As for site contributions, I actually created the Shantae page, to which I'm actually glad it got confirmed which I didn't expect to happen tbh.
At first I wasn't really that social on here and just felt like uploading random images I made and/or found funny, so I didn't really post much in the forums. Now I've been posting on forums on occasion to express thoughts on random stuff.

Overall, I actually enjoy this site a lot. Makes me check out stuff that's trending and some pretty cool users all around.

'Sup, jumpy here. Came to the site for the videos, stayed for the memes. Former lurker, joined the site in the highlight of le GamerGate crisis. I knew it would be my holy duty to keep folks up to date. After half a year i got bored so i went to do my usual business. Highlights of the past 2 years where the tag-o-thon, the entry-a-thon and the annual NFS-contest where i was playing the evil NFS-villain (in which i took a HUGE risk of getting banned if the mods ever know what i dared to send to the contestants).

If i weren't so lazy all the times, i could contribute more to this site. I suck at writing entries but i am unrivaled in finding useless stuff on the interwebs.

Jumpy out.

Hello, my fellow putangs. Before I officially started my own account, I used to watch KYM videos when they were still producing them from more than half a decade ago. When MLP was still a thing, I used to be a brony until the end of season 2. By the time the image page was flooded with pony shitposts, I took a long ass break for around half a year. Once the "remove fewer ponies" was implemented, I became active again.

When I started my account, my username is tronerman. It is a portmanteau of Tron, Bomber, and Megaman. I actually don't have any interest of the Megaman series so I had to come up something original, kek. I remember my first comment was "not letting my kids play vidya" and boy it was super retarded [like jesus fucking christ, fucking end me!!!]

Today, I'm still fucking around in KYM as some nobody that anyone won't give a shit, which is fine of course because I'm mostly an introvert. But still learnin'

I…exist? I guess? I just kinda hang around here and make references (and puns) on pictures or videos. Don't really go on the forums much, but here is one of my rare sightings.

(Holy shit, this is when Emperor Palpitoad existed)

Hi! My name is TheQuackSavior, but you can call me Quackie Smalls. I joined this site in late 2011 under the name Recon-7.

Don't be afraid to post on my wall or talk to me on Discord. Also, Fujiwara no Mokou is the best 2hu.

Hi, I'm aje_gile, the guy with a weird name (for my own standard), I was a lurker since 2012 and became a member around late 2013 if I'm not mistaken. I don't contribute much because I made account just to make shitposts comments and post on the forum.

Man this forum sure makes me feel nostalgic.

I never posted in the "new members introduce yourself" thread, so should I post there first?

This is Jacob. I have that name because when I first joined the site, I thought the "user name" was going to be the username, and the name was supposed to be your IRL name. Never bothered to fix it. Lurked on the site stating in 2011 after getting links from main Cheezburger sites (which I lurked on but never joined, between at 2009- 2013-ish). The reason I came on KYM at the time was the same as many users back them, ponies. I made my account in January 2012. In fact, the main reason I finally made an account was so I could favorite pone images so I could find them again (keep in mind, this was before tagging was common place, and image scrapbooker was certainly not a thing.)

Notable-ish things on the site I've done:

  • Have 24,000 recorded image edits, meaning I've edited around 2% of all images on the site at the time of this writing.
  • Helped push for mandatory tagging to be a thing

Other things to know:

I showed my face on a video chat we had with people on the site once. RanodomMan thought I looked amish and (combined with the fact I have a "reputation" as a lewd remover/hater) which is where the Amish jokes came from

Also have minor reputation with getting into arguments with the admins

While I like many different things, Bionicle and Kantai Collection are the two I have a reputation for on the site.

I have a "meme list" of over two hundred potential entries

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